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Sometimes the struggles in life can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to find a place where you can get help. We work with a wide collaboration of providers in a community setting to assist the disabled, reduce substance abuse, alleviate poverty and homelessness, provide help in recovery, health, and independence for those in need. The New Horizons Community Service Board is a public nonprofit organization of community-based behavioral health care, offering a full range of mental health services, addictive diseases treatment and developmental disabilities programs. Our staff of physicians, nurses, clinicians and support personnel is dedicated to helping our consumers and their families recover from these debilitating disabilities and resume productive lives.

The population of focus for BetterLife is adults with MH and SU* conditions that have or are at risk for one or more chronic conditions (i.e, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, etc.) or have one serious and persistanct mental health condition (i.e, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

Adult Population Mix 28%

who have are affected by substance use


who have a severe mental illness

26.4% who are dually diagnosed.

*New Horizons serves youth and adults who are at risk for substance use (SU) addictions, mental health (MH) disorder and/or co-occurring disorders.

What is BetterLife at New Horizons? The purpose of BetterLife is to provide coordinated and integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services to improve the physical health of adults with serious mental illnesses who have or are at risk for co-occurring primary care conditions and chronic diseases.

To improve access to primary care services by increasing the number of individuals who are served through a person-centered behavioral healthcare home To reduce the incidences of serious physical illness, including chronic disease among participants through prevention, early identification and intervention care services To improve accessibility to continuum of care services providing facilitated care management for other supportive services to consumers served To improve the overall health status of consumers by availability of quality integrated primary and behavioral health care and wellness services To reduce the per capita cost of care by implementing a strategic sustainability plan that will continue services beyond the projected period.


Provided Activities On-Site Primary Care Services Comprehensive Care Management Care Coordination Wellness and Health Promotion Comprehensive Transitional Care Individual and Family Support Referral to Community and Social Services Care Advisory Board

Who is eligible for services? The population of focus is New Horizon’s CSB adult’s consumers with mental health or substance use disorders that have or are at risk for one or more chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, or have one serious and persistent mental health condition like bi-polar disorder or depression.

Health Promotions BetterLIfe offers a variety of Wellness Programs which utilize methods and materials developed for engaging individual in managing their physical and mental health conditions with peers in a group setting led by Certified Peer Specialists as facilitators. Wellness Group is offered two days per week and focuses on life skills training, managing mental health and increasing understanding of warning signs and triggers. Peer Support Whole Health and Wellness is offered daily. These services are offered to promote stability and build towards functioning in one’s daily environment. Stability is measured by a decreased number of hospitalizations, by decreased frequency and duration of crisis episodes and by increased and/or stable participation in community /work activities. Grief Support Group is offered one a week with the sole purpose of helping individuals to get to the point where they can live with the loss of someone healthily, after having made the necessary changes to do so. This group is led by an LPC who works actively with the group to help them recognize that their loved one is gone and then assist them with making the necessary internal (psychological) and external (social) changes to accommodate this reality.



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