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* based on previous quotes for djing at events based on venue capacity

After the dust settled from our last issue and well by judging from the page views and time spent the most extreme article of interest was surprise, surprise The 'lovely' financial one... but y'know what they say swings and roundabouts. And so the Oldskool arena has been magically restored with a line-up that has even made me glance away from my latest IKEA brochure....mmmm silent drawers... Xray and Sci back to back on a decent sound system reminiscent of thon days of ye Olde Portrush and that's your ticket price justified..kinda, well you try building a f**king TARDIS from a flatback instruction leaflet (in korean) or better still trying to hotwire a pimped out De Lorean and flooring it to 88 mph to find out that the bright flash and flames from the wheels is not time travel but actually a speed trap and a stinger line shredding the shit clean outta your tyres...So from that viewpoint coughing up for the ticket is in theory a lot less painful, painful yes, but not as much. Speaking of pain imagine being on the receiving end of a roundhouse chop from Barry 'the Blender' Henderson himself...not exactly something you'd relish the thought of but the trip to the portrush playhouse to see Colin Geddis and his comedic mates for Iam Fighter Round 6 (final) was worth the fanatical mobile flashing photo-ops and jostling to get yer man from youtube to say 'thon' or some other especially funny Ulster Scoots quip like 'pish' which moves us along nicely to a more lowkey night out in the long defunct paedo palace aka chaines but now under the banner of 'havana' and judging by the state of the entertainer for the evening '18th birthday announcer extraordanaire Damien Devenney' they were havana fucking laugh and charging ÂŁ4 for the privilge to listen to DJ software..I mean there is so many local up an coming DJ's honing their mixing looking for a break locally and here Mr ÂŁ250* a night managed to even brutally, thump, bang, crash and finally drag the next track in kicking and screaming until a vaguely recognisable lyric or hook was recognised, I swear I'm nearly sure I heard msn chat running in the background ah well at least the drink was cheap...unlike the cost of cigarettes in the all-night garage which are like stupid pounds and no-pence. Which is probably a lot less than what I would even try to take a wild attempt at guessing the cost of Katy Perry's new album cover artwork for 'Teenage Dream' which was created by Mr real-life photoshop skills' Will Cotton which is pretty much all Katy has to cover her bits n pieces. Teenage dreams and summertime normally go hand in hand so this theme plays strongly in Katy's album It's not exactly a crumpled packet of Ronson, 2ltrs of Lazer cider own brand blackcurrant with a few torn pages from the lingerie section of a 1996 Littlewoods catalogue but hey you have to start from somewhere...

All enquiries to

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That was the summer that was... Well to be honest with you a lot of the feedback we got from our request for halcyon days or summer memories 2010 seemed to be broadly based around slagging off England and France in the worldcup and then scrimping and saving to go to a festival or maybe the cinema. So with that we have compiled our chart based on ALL the feedback from our readers to have the 'Fly 5 of Summer 2010.

Top five festivals 1.oxyegen 2.glasgowbury 3.Belsonic 4.rathfest 5.trans

Top five movies 1.Toystory 3 2.inception 3.Knight and Day 4.When In Rome 5.A team

Top five drinks 1.Smirnoff 2.Johnnie Walker 3.Bacardi 4.Martini Vermouth 5.Hennessy Top five letdowns 1.the weather 2.the government 3.the football shadow gig 5.Shrek forever after

The one that you heard in the shops 1.Katy Perry California Gurls Yes, before you start we know she's this month's cover star but this song had nearly every shop assistant we met across the province over the summer from Belfast to Derry all quietly humming along to the fact that they would be “wearing daisy dukes with bikini on top”. Well nearly everywhere except for Ballymena they were wearing “Kappa tracky bottoms with Henleys on top”

The one that you heard on the radio... 2.We No Speak Americano Scott Mills was the champion of this cheese fest with many genres all remixing it and multiple retarded dances being made. A bit like being in a special needs strip joint in a pinstripe suit. The one that you heard on mobiles... 4.Swedish House Mafia One (Your Name) feat Pharrell Slow-burner plugn-play chugging house anthem getting recognition and firmly flying the flag for half decent house music...finally

The one that you heard on the telly... 3.Two Door Cinema Club: Something Good Can Work Instant feel-good romp of a summer sing-along which done heavy time on bbc three. Was very chilled and easy to put on repeat and have playing in the background as well. A bit like those water features except it didn't make you need to scurry off for a pee every 5 sec The one that you heard at the end of the night... 5. Eminem ft. Rihanna Love The Way You Lie There's Something of an atmosphere about this song which makes you feel that anything you say will get you in trouble, maybe that's why it's wildly popular with the girls all singing (hollaring) “I love the way you lie” and the lads trying to respond like Eminem does but ending up looking like they are coughing and making pizza dough at the same time..

We caught up with the man himself, after his gig at the playhouse to talk all things, family guy, fame and making it onto the BBC

So how did it all start? well basically I was making videos for university anyway and found it sorta to be the most open media there was, you could write your own stuff you could do it whatever way you wanted and you basically posted it anywhere once youre done with it so I was making videos before the I AM FIGHTER stuff. The original IAF video was just done as, just out of boredom basically we just had some spare time and decided to write something. It was just another video as far as we were concerned. we didn't write it we did like a treatment of about 10 points that we wanted to film and we just did it and put it online and it sat there for about 6 months before anyone really watched it and then I nearly got a heart attack as soon as it got a 1000 hits.

How fast did it change your life. what did you remember as a turning point? We made one, and it got like a thousand hits and I decided we should make a second one if that many people had watched it because at the time I thought like a thousand was like 'What!?' a thousand people had seen this so we made another one and then none of the sorta recognition was happening and then we made a third and one time I was shopping in Belfast and one guy stopped me and I was like wow that's crazy and you'know the whole facebook thing happenned when you started adding people and I was kinda flattered that they'd watched my video and I was just accepting them and it was cool, then it just got crazy and people were like when's the fourth one out, when's the fourth one out. And then you start to feel the pressure and then it's kinda like there is a bit of pressure but you're sorta like thinking if there into it anyway we can make whatever sorta video we want really so we just went ahead and made the fourth one and after the fourth one that was when it went crazy like just from youtube you were getting 250,000 hits.>>>

What about worldwide, how well has the humour travelled becuase take for example Patrick Kielty has got a bit of distinct market he's exported himself quite well, what about yourself? Well he's done well becuase he's kinda clean and well middle of the road and he is very funny but he appeals to everyone whereas the reason I think people like this video is becuase it's the first time in a long time people have heard uncensored northern irish humour Yh it's straight off the cuff, or should I say straight off the bat. Yh it's straight off the bat, blunt, rude no censorship at all the way people talk you know day-to-day life that you'd normally overlook but when you see it put together on a short film So the names? how did you come up with them? The names of the characters, I think what happened was I was watching an actual UFC fight and I think I was watching Banner de Silva and it was just the way he was punching he does'nt really strike he just moves toward them throwing fists blending them up. And I thought well 'blender' is quite a weird name, and then I was trying to get something that rolls off the tongue quite well and 'blender henderson', kinda ryhmes a wee bit and I thought that seems pretty cool.

Yh it ryhmes but has a disticnt northern ireland big blunt surname thrown in at the end which feels like a breeze block to the side of the head. Well we tried to write inside jokes into the names of the characters and I think it might be the second one, the other 'Dan' who plays Thomas the tanker said that everyone used to think you were called Blender when they were saying Bender and then it's like so what's your name and then and he's like 'Thomas the tanker smythe' which is obviously 'wanker' which was just all just y'know. So what happenes now after the craziness and the dust settles of the I am fighter ? Well there's a couple of things that are happening, well basically we did a sketch show for BBC and it's gonna be I am Fighter sketches which we had to sorta reproduce as a new thing. It's a sketch show called LOL for the BBC it's the same sorta material except we've had to present it to a new crowd now. there's obviously a lot of people who havn't seen it before. Would that not be like taking the venom out of a snake, having to have everything censored for the BBC or will it be uncensored? hmm it will be pretty censored... Well in the words of Quagmire from Family Guy. when you take the venom out of a cobra, what do you have left... a you think it will lose it's piff because it won't be as blunt and full-on when it transfers across to the silver screen. No, because of the way it's being done is that all the sketeches we've done have been, well it's almost like life after youtube fame so they're fully aware that theyre on proper television cameras and are peforming for a TV crowd so it's kinda we'll manage to work around that but then the jokes are stronger than you've seen than the online stuff definately. >>>

They're stronger, So what about the comedy community. what has been their take on it, what do they think of know the hole-in-the-wall gang and the likes of the stand up clubs in Belfast. have they given you a nod or is there more sneering remarks? Some of them are pretty cool and then some of them are probably a bit, I don't want to say jealous because I don't feel like we've done that much. but doing something that a lot of people relate to and your'e getting recognition for it Youve had a meteorotic rise to success so people are going to be envious. Yh It is I hate fame but it's kinda you know, you go to these really obscure places and people recognise you and it's just like 'What?! it's crazy and then there's guys that...dont' get me wrong there is some serious comedians going about that just don't get the recognition because the Northern Irish stand up scene is'nt that lively, but there are a lot of really good guys and there sorta like stand-offish, so even if I turn up to watch comedy cause I'm obviously a big comedy fan, some people are like what's he doing here, I think they are always under the impression that I'm just out for the people to recognise me, which I'm not into that at all I don't know it's a weird one. What was it like for you when people started to really point and stare and flash cameras.?. it's weird, really weird because it all happened so quickly. You could make a video, lots of people could watch it and they know your face but your'e still a nobody if you know what I mean if you do a video on you tube you could be walking around skint and have four quid to your name and eveyone's going aw look that 's yerman and it's weird that way but it's the oppurtunities that it opens up are pretty good.

So real-life then what does the future hold for you. spare time hobby and get a job in a bank? Ah no way, no way's weird because comdey has always been something in the back of my mind but it takes a while before you realize that you actually want to do that so it's kinda like the first time I got an oppurtunity to make a video in university I was like.. what will I do, will I try and make something serious but then I was like nah, try and do something funny, try and write someting funny and people watched it and laughed and I done some more and then I started hanging about with people who are actually stand-ups and they're like you should try it an all and then I've always wanted to try stand-up but I was like I don't know if I will be any good at it. It's such a hard business I think now that after doing those sort of videos I would like to break away from them almost and just be if people could get to know me as Colin Geddis - Comedian possibly then they might be just into what I do generally instead of them just going, 'just say whatabout ye'. Well see that's the many times now have you bene asked to do your catchphrases? That's the thing very little of them are catchphrases all the stuff people say most of it apart from 'what about ye' which is just the way I say it which is not even a catchphrase everyone says that but most of the things that the people came out with were only ever said once y'know what I mean. Becoming Europe’s most successful and respected big-wave surfer is one thing. Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland to do so is another. This is Alastair Mennie’s story ... Surfing looks like fun. And it is. But in recent years, the world’s so-called ‘big wave surfers’ have raised the bar to insane new heights. Put aside the Beach Boys and carefree, sunny California - a new breed of surfer is travelling to the ends of the earth in pursuit of waves the size of buildings. And among them, an unassuming 6ft 6’ Irishman. Slater; Hamilton; Parsons; and Gerlach and now Mennie. For all of these men, the consequences are severe. The decisions in the water are life and death: “... the wave exploded on me, splitting my glass fibre helmet and ragdolling me for what seemed like an eternity in complete darkness ...” Alastair, when things went wrong,

Sligo, Ireland Dec 2009. This generation has witnessed a quiet revolution in Irish surf. Al Mennie personifies that picture. His is an honest and ego-free account of what it takes to surf waves that are big enough to sink ships. Before Mennie, Northern Ireland had no history of big wave surfing. He was the pioneer. The fact that he would become the first European to compete at the World Tow-In Surfing Championships in Chile makes his story all the more remarkable. This book tells of his big wave exploits at Half Moon Bay, Madeira, Nelscott in Oregon and Alastair’s now infamous life-threatening encounter with 60 foot waves off the Sligo coast in the winter of 2009. Surf talk is cheap. In this book the waves do the talking. Full Name: John McCurry AKA "Long John" Born: 19th September 1984 Lives: Portrush, Northern Ireland Favorite Breaks: East Strand Portrush, The Barmouth on a good day, and a selection of reefs down West Ireland. Results: Irish National Longboard Champion 2006, 2008, 2009. Runner-up 2005, 2007. 16th ISA World Surfing Games (Ecuador, 2004). 17th European Surf Championships (France, 2007). 3 time National Student Longboard Champion. West Coast Surf Club 2009 Champion. 8 caps for Irish National Surf Team. Loves: Travelling, trying to cook, getting empty waves, music of any description, various sports such as skiing, snowboarding, football and rugby.

Graduated from Uni with a degree in Travel and Tourism Management. Plans for now are just travel, enjoy my surfing and compete at as many events possible .I competed for the first time on the British Longboard Union this year so I'll be aiming to do this next year along with the Irish and European events. This all will be incorporated around my travel plans. Easkey has surfing in her blood. She comes from Ireland’s first surfing family and grew up in Rossnowlagh surfing with her sister Becky-Finn. Her Dad, Barry Britton, and his brothers were the pioneers of Irish surfing and it all began when Easkey’s Grandmother returned from California in the 60’s with two malibu boards for her hotel. Fortunately her boys had other ideas & rescued the board & learned to surf! Barry and Willie both like to charge big surf and Easkey is following in their footsteps. Her Mum and Dad taught her to surf when she was 5 years old and her life has revolved around surfing ever since. Easkey lives up to her namesake wave, the famous west coast break which can be translated to ‘fish’ in Irish. She got her first taste for travel when she went to Tahiti

and became the first Irish person to surf the infamous hell-wave Teahupoo aged just 16 and hasn’t looked back since! Ireland’s 4 time National Champion and current British Universities champ, she is leading the charge of the next generation of Ireland’s surfers taking on the International surf scene.

Katy Perry A rare interview with the pop star from her Christian music phase... it's 2001 and she's 16 years old. She's also wired! She's the new kid on a new Christian record label, Red Hill, and her publicist Beth Blinn is making a fuss about her, telling me that I am going to enjoy the interview later in the week. In the hustle and bustle of the "meet'n'greet", she seems a little overawed by what is happening but she also strikes me as being a little cheeky. Of course, back then she was plain old Katy Hudson with a self-titled debut album, blonde hair and a collection of Christian songs. These days, of course, she's got a reputation for being more than cheeky. Her debut mainstream single "UR So Gay" was released in November 2007 and was a calculated attempt to give her a controversial image. Both church groups and gay rights organisations objected to the song. In her defence, Perry said the song was about a specific ex-boyfriend and seems indifferent to the fuss saying, "I'm not the type of person who walks around calling everything gay. That song is about a specific guy that I used to date and specific issues that he had. The song is about my ex wearing guyliner and taking emo pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror. People have to read the context of the song and decide for themselves." That other queen of controversy, Madonna, gave Perry an early piece of publicity when she name dropped Katy on some high profile talk shows on American TV and radio. The buzz about Perry built in the early months and the summer release of her huge breakthrough single "I Kissed A Girl" happened in May 2008. Ultimately the song became a smash hit across the world topping the UK charts for what seemed like most of the summer.

Again, the song was controversial and she was accused of promoting homosexuality and toying with lesbianism simply to shock and gain publicity. It was definitely a far cry from the teenager I met when her debut album was released. Back then Kate Hudson hadn't yet changed her name to avoid confusion with the actress and was a fairly typical teenage Christian artist with a precocious personality and plenty of talent. But also, back then her faith was obviously important to her. She began our interview by telling me, "I was one of those kids going to camp and every time there was an alter call I was there. I'm a pastor's kid so I grew up knowing about Christ and Christianity and stuff like that. I didn't actually make it my own until I was going through a process when I was 13. It's becoming a more personalised faith to me daily because I actually realised that my parents weren't my salvation and they weren't the ones that were going to be judged and just because they're Christians and pastors doesn't make me shiny and new. Salvation is for everyone but you have to make it a personal choice. I came to a realisation that I'm believing because I'm believing not because it's been thrown in my face all of these years. So basically I just have adopted it as my own faith and grown out of the mode of letting it be a family tradition. I knew that God had been knocking on the door for quite awhile and God was the only one that truly understands me completely because I'm such an outcast and a kooky little, funky person." >>>

The Katy Perry I'm watching on Later With Jools Holland in 2008 is a very different person to the Kate Hudson I met in America. Obviously she's older and it's more than just the change in hair colour! She is self assured and backed by a young, tight band. The Daily Mail carries a report that her parents don't approve of the music she is now making and the content of her worldwide hit single. There are many Christians who would also agree with the sentiment expressed in the news story. Perry's mother was supposed to have called her music "shameful and disgusting." But then, perhaps you can't believe everything you read in the papers! Perry later told MTV her mother was misquoted. Her parents continue to support her pop career. Katy Perry Real Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson Profile: US-American singer-songwriter and musician. She was born 25 October 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Sites:,, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Aliases: Katy Hudson Albums Year Title 2008 One of the Boys 2010 Teenage Dream Singles 2007 Ur So Gay 2008 Hot N Cold 2008 I Kissed a Girl 2009 Thinking of You 2009 Waking Up in Vegas 2010 California Gurls 2010 Teenage Dream 2010 Not Like the Movie 2010 Circle the Drain 2010 E.T. EPs 2009 The Hello Katy Australian Tour EP Live Release 2009 MTV Unplugged

Back in 2001, we talk about the pressures of being a preacher's kid. She laughs and says, "You mean being polished, shiny and new with a little red ribbon on your head? I'm not really into the whole pastor's kids thing. I think a lot of pastor's kids, my age especially, use that, twist it and make an excuse so they can be brats. I think it's just lame, I think they just need to stand and be who they are. I heard a saying that 'people will influence a person daily, hundreds of times' and that made me think wow! I could influence a person by just doing something, being aware of something or being somewhere. Being a pastor's kid isn't hard, it'll be hard if I get into trouble. I never really went through a rebellious phase like taking a lot of drugs or anything like that. I never went out and got drunk, messed around with guys. Your testimony can just be 'Thank you God that I've never been there.'" For those who have followed Katy since her debut album, it seems that her rebellion perhaps came later as she fell in with the mainstream rock crowd as she tried to get her music career off the ground. There are Christian artists who cross over into the mainstream like Switchfoot, P.O.D. and Amy Grant who don't compromise their behaviour for the sake of fame or a career. Their creative choices fall in line with their faith. For Perry, it seems that she has been willing to make compromises with her image and song content in order to create CD sales and create a notorious image. As I've watched from a distance the choices she's made, I have sometimes been disappointed. Like many young artists in the volatile music scene of the 21st century, nothing is ever simple when it comes to pursuing music. Shortly after Katy's CCM launch the independent label Red Hill went out of business leaving her debut album dead in the water. Leaving Christian music behind, Perry moved to Los Angeles and began working on an album >>>

for Island Def Jam with producer/writer Glen Ballard who had been responsible for the worldwide success of Alanis Morisette. However, as is the way of such things, the album was never released and Perry was dropped. Columbia Records teamed her up with the production team The Matrix and she recorded an album's worth of songs with them, acting as their lead singer. Once again the album was shelved although it was later released after Perry had broken through with her solo success. The partnership did mean that she began to get more attention and led to her current deal with Capitol Music. Hearing interviews with Perry, she has always had the ability to surprise and shock. She is entertaining, makes you laugh and tells stories. But there is always the feeling that her publicists are hovering close by, hoping that Perry doesn't "go off on one." In 2001 when talking about getting into music when she was younger, she says, "Nobody in my family can hold a pitch really it's so funny, they really try but they really can't. I don't really know where it came from, I think it was just because I was bored and wanted to get into something. Plus because I'm an only child I needed to get attention, but I just love where it's grown to, the whole music side of everything where it's going and developing."

Perry isn't an only child and has a brother and a sister though it's probably easy to observe when considering the antics surrounding her pop career that she is definitely still trying to get attention and a lot of the songs and performances that have followed come from that. She sums herself up by saying, "I'm basically an honest, normal, person going through life, going through my relationship with Christ. I'm just trying to be honest and blatant with who I am and letting God take control. People will see that through me. I think a lot of people my age, we're looking for something real. I think everyone's tired of everyone slapping a bow on Christianity and saying, 'Hey I've got a new cool band,' and then they say, 'This is actually just about Jesus,' and they whisper it. They don't want any of that anymore, they want somebody to step in their face and say, 'Hey what's up, don't be stupid, Jesus Christ is the only way.' My whole deal is I don't know much, I can't quote Scripture off the wall. I don't know references but I've grown up knowing that God gives this great gift called salvation which we all need because we can't breathe on our own, we need hope in our lives and God is basically it. Everyone says, 'That's kind of cheese-bally' and it is, but you know what? I don't care."Ironically, when you think of what is to come in the years that follow our conversation, she concludes by saying,

"I am who I am and I'm not really going to let anybody change me." But in the end she did and a triple platinum album might have followed but is Katy Perry gaining the world and losing her soul? Only time will tell.

If Willy Wonka ever made a music video, this would be it...

It’s no coincidence artist Will Cotton created the painting for Katy Perry’s new album cover. It’s been a perfect storm of timing as Katy Perry’s latest video “California Gurls” reaches almost 23 million views on youtube and is the number one video in itunes. According to Katy Perry first heard about Will Cotton when a friend sent a link to his website. It wasn’t long before the two were collaborating on her new album cover; Cotton painted a nude Perry in a cotton candy cloud that also shows up in the video. Which by the way, art director for the video was Will Cotton. There you see Cotton’s brightly colored confectionary landscapes a la live action. It’s all a mix of perfect ingredients as “The artist explained how he had long admired Perry from afar, clipping images of her from magazines as a source of inspiration for his paintings.” Will Cotton has had a few notable figures in his paintings, such as Tom Ford and Marie-Chantal of Greece. My collaboration with Katy started out as a mutual admiration society,” Will Cotton echoed Katy Perry. “I’m delighted that my paintings are the inspiration for this video. My work is about creating a utopia where all desire is fulfilled all the time, but where pleasure and delight can turn dark and dystopic. Katy embodies the archetypes that I look for in a subject. It was thrilling to work with her and to see her inhabit my landscapes.”

Risque, tongue-in-cheek and very, very sensual.

Trevor Currie is a fine art painter based in, and from, Portrush, Northern Ireland. Currently specialising in fine art oil on canvas paintings and commissions. Creating figurative paintings often dealing with sexuality, human behavior of both sexes and our wider relationship with nature. Paintings celebrate the human figure, the sexuality it embodies and the potential it represents, physically and emotionally.

Very smooth and very considered combinations

It's hard to not be taken by Marty Rice Artwork . It exhibits an almost photo-realist way of handling paint, that is very smooth, very considered and nestles nicely between blurred and slightly harder edges. All the while containing an almost pop-artesque sense of perspective and a beautiful sense of color blending and carefully chosen combinations of texture subject matter and inspiration..

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Picking up groceries, lounging by the boardwalk and drinking ice coffee were my main activities in Santa Cruz. Now we're off to sunny LA and it's gonna be good! leather biker jacket: zara blouse with longer back: h&m trend shoes: h&m

At the Monki store we bumped in to a lot of other bloggers - some you have already seen in my previous post but I also got to meet Ilanka from Fashion-Nerdic! And let's not forget about Yara from This Chick's Got Style! I was wearing my Supertrash jacket, khaki pants from ZARA, STEVE MADDEN platform heels, TOPSHOP top and my leather zipper bag from ZARA. (and in most pictures a hat from MONKI which I wanted to take home with me s贸 bad).

Ok. It's now official! This fall is going to be GREAT! And for the first time for me it's actually going to be quite warm! I always wear my thin leather jackets through winter, I don't care how cold it is, but thick coats is just not me. BĂşt these shearling (sheepskin) jackets - especially the Rick Owens one - is definitely me! Unfortunately I don't have 1400 euros put away in a sock or something (bummer!) but that's why we love brands like Muubaa and TOPSHOP so much, right? They are offering a more affordable edition of these gorgeous jackets! Is this a piece you would add into your warderobe or not?

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Like being in Manhattan except your'e...actually in Coleraine

The first thing that struck me on entrance to Charco was the decor, there is only one word to describe it and that is "stunning". You would be forgiven for thinking you were in Manhattan instead of Coleraine. It’s luxuriously modern with glitzy mosaic tiles, mirrored walls, white marble tables, black chandeliers and even a few swinging seats! We were seated at the bar for a few moments while we waited for our table to be prepared and were able to get a good feel for the atmosphere, upbeat and funky but unfortunately as the restaurant was packed it was also very loud. Thankfully once we were seated at our table the noise levels didn't seem quite so bad. The waitress immediately brought us a decanter of water (other restaurants take is nice not to have to ask for water) then left us alone to peruse the menu.....and oh what a menu it is! It is hard to know where to start. With a contemporary collection ranging from italian to traditional irish dishes with modern twist we decied to settle on a steak for the benchmarking score and pasta and mussells for the seafood angle. The steak was cooked to order and delivered in good time, the mussells also looked, tasted as if they had been prepared by someone with a real passion for food. For Bookings Telephone:028 703 54716

School of rawk ? Jilly St John shares her diary with us as No Mean City wrap up their summer So as we sit anxiously awaiting the judges choice of the final 3 for this years 'Red Bull Bedroom Jam', we hazily remember our summer of rawk! It seems like a million miles away now, hangin' out with 'Comeback Kid', sharing a lense with Corey Taylor, usin' the same dressin' room as Taylor Hawkins... jus to mention a few! Who'd have thought when we first hooked up 10 months ago to write a few tunes for fun, that by the summer we'd be makin' our debut on the mainland at 'Download', 'T in the Park', 'Sonisphere', 'Underage' and 'Hevy' festivals?! We can't thank 'Red Bull' enough for these opportunities and whether we get chosen or not as the final 3, just bein' a part of this competition has done so much for our profile already! Some our fanbases have doubled in a matter of weeks, we've recieved publicity through 'RockSound' and numerous radio stations, made so many contacts and are awaiting the official confirmations of full endorsements and possible sponsorships! We really feel we are all winners at this stage. When you consider that maybe 150 bands will be selected to play each festival and that alot of those bands are coming from all over the world, it makes you feel kinda special and honoured to be there with the elite few. To be given the chance to stand alongside them! It's done so much for our profile at home too, since returning home we are now playin' gigs to full crowds. Crowds that know our songs! And THAT is the best feelin' in the world! We played a gig last week in Derry called the 'Playlist Festival'. I felt ecstatic to hear the kids sing our songs back at us, they were

crowdsurfin' and pullin' down barriers, dancin'' and havin a great time! I remember standin' up at one point thinkin' about how happy they all were, and then realisin' that was us. That's where my buzz is in all of this! Spreadin the 'NMC' love! The plans for the immediate future are to write a whole new load of material in the next number of weeks and we'll be back with a bang at the start of October for our 'My Passion' support dates around Ireland (see our facebook for details) and then get back to the nitty gritty, get recording and giggin' and then spread our wings more onto the mainland! As for the rest, well I guess we'll find out on the 6th Sept when the judges announce their final 3. IF we make it through it'll be back to public vote for the one winner of 2010 and the tour with 'Kids In Glass Houses'! so tune in to ' ' or simply "Red Bull Bedroom Jam' on 'Facebook' to find out the results as our future really could lie in your hands! Finally we just' wanna thank everyone for their support, its been a long gruelling process and we definitley couldn't have done it without all of you. No matter what the outcome, we will continue to work hard and provide y'all with some happy times and fun music! It's all about you guys! Also thank you soo much to 'Red Bull' and the judges for givin' us the time of our lives and to 'QuePasa for your amazin' organisational skills and for makin' me look good on camera even without a shower! Last but not least for anyone considerin' entering next year's Redbull Bedroom Jam Competition, its simple... DO IT!

Out of touch, out of style and out of options..

One good thing I'll say about Bar7 and Havana is that if your female you'll get served almost instantly at the bar even if there was a queue of 7 males waiting an average of 10mins each...And that's just downstairs, so from leering barmen downstairs to grubby uncomfortable, dirty furniture and toilets upstairs you're in for a real treat after paying £4 to walk around an empty room hearing a Q97 playlist sprinkled with Birthday announcements. and UV lighting glowing EVERYTHING even if you don't want it to or notice (tip don't wear anything vaguely light floaty ,feminine or sheer including floral skirts) as you can see in quite graphic detail your full bottom Hello Kitty briefs.. even you're not aware of it the rest of the bar staff will be. The drink promos were on an hour timer so if you didn't get your round in as soon as you arrived you got a nasty shock at the bar when the price more than doubled.It wasn't all bad though the toilets were all right the males only had 1 semi-permanent blocked toilet a smashed mirror no hot water and if you went to the ladies thenas long as you wore heels then the river of piss and god knows what else was only a niggly thing. What was a bit of a annoyance was the gruff nature of the floor staff I'm not too sure they “speak Americano” but they sure knew how to move half-empty bottles and drinks if you were to inebriated to stop them.which we noticed happening more than once. It was comforting to know that we wern't the only one's not overtly impressed with the marked and dirty furniture, some girls had invested heavily in dresses and they were being ruined by stinking, sweat-filled sticky seating areas obviously not cleaned since the dawn of time. As for the music there was few brave souls who danced in the podium to pop hits but it really wasn't until the last hour of the night when bar 7 closed and the crowd moved upstairs and made the dancefloor peak with around ....50 people the rest were outside having a smoke. Or playing pool

When the queue finally subsided and we made our way into the playhouse for the screening of I am Fighter round 6. We were greeted by Mr Colin Geddis himself happily getting photos taken by fans eagerly daring each other to ask him to say 'What a bout ye' and then onto our evenings entertainment First up was the stand-up comedians who helped to set the tone with their own distinct local slang, impersonations and quips about Northern Irish viewpoints and culturess they even managed to hold their own against some hecklers. And even went as far as to pick out random members of the audience who were easy prey to their cunning and skills no-doubt carefully honed after many slagging matches in their own home towns. There was an air of organised chaos about the event that made the Playhouses's facility of drinks service to your chair all the more appreciated and so after a few intervals sandwiched with the comedians the final screening of IAM FIGHTER ROUND 6 was up and so as the logo for GEDZILLA films flashed up on the cinema screen up went the cheers and chants. And off we went on our final journey of barry the blender henderson's and Thomas the tanker Smythe youtube fame.


Photos: ciara mc mullan



BELFAST COMEDY Big Laughs Belfast is a stand-up comedy collective based in Northern Ireland. We run a number of different comedy clubs and open mike nights throughout Belfast.Currently, we run three regular stand-up comedy events in Belfast: the fortnightly ‘Big Laughs’ Comedy Open Mic Night’ at the Pavilion Bar on the Ormeau Road; Big Laughs at the Black Box runs every month; and the last sunday of every month sees Sunday Night at the Grin Palace in Laverys.


Yes, it exists! For those of you into the more “unusual” side of comedy, you can try Marcus Keeley’s “Voicebox Comedy Night” at The Safehouse Art Gallery where just about anything goes. Really. Past nights have featured such performers as Edna Muldoon all the way from Dublin, Joe Lindsay from BBC Radio here in Belfast, Scott and Stacey from Austin, Texas and Gary Croft

from Larne! At the same location as the Voicebox, we also hosting a monthly film night at the Safehouse Arts Gallery that showcases the best in classic exploitation movies, forgotten art films, and lost classics. We hope to be screening home grown Belfastian movies soon.

OPEN MIKE COMEDY IN BELFAST Think you might be the next Peter Kay? Then why not try your hand at one of our open mike nights? Just fill out our handy online form and we’ll get right back to you with details about your world comedy premiere!

Evoke presents: Heavenly Hell Venue: the castle bar, ballycastle Lineup: Miss Mynx, Ryval Doors: ÂŁ5 The opening night of evokes first foray into the cut throat world of dance music was never more truer to it's flyer description as indeed a Heavenly Hell it was. After some rib-rattling soundchecks the castlebar was assaulted with a 10k soundsystem that rocked the castlebar in ballycastle to it's very foundations despite the low numbers of clubbers turning out for this new promoter known as evoke. Everyone was bouncing around from the very start of the night and grinning ear to ear from the sheer intensity of the towering bass bins strapped menacingly at the front of the stage. There was no-time for a warm-up... this soundsystem was going straight for the throat and Ryval was leading the charge with just the right amount of vocal trance destroyers like 'Big Sky' and a blinding remix of Skydive 'freefall' this was the 'Heavenly' part of the night and was forming a steady atmosphere getting more edgier and building the pace before we began the descent into 'Hell' as Miss Mynx took over admittedly sounding a little shaky at first before finally getting into her stride and beginning the Hardstyle Hellish beats, lifting the tempo along with the bpm's with a selection of Hardstyle sounds just begging to be played on a system of this size and quality. Mr and Mrs DJ made a surprise guest appearance teasing the crowd for around 30 mins back to back and giving the night a fitting send off with everyone singing along to Gostosa Never Say Never with the lyrics ' I Might like you better if we slept together. Mr and Mrs DJ are having a Hardstyle Free Bar 18 th September (yes really it's free) with a ÂŁ25 door charge. @ Club Chill Frames Complex Belfast

crave issue 3  

katy perry before she kissed a girl... and colin geddis on how I AM FIGHTER all began

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