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Despite all these looming cuts hovering over us it really does seem like a cultural re-birth of sorts is taking place as attitudes and thoughts have been changed and it looks like the cash cows of established acts are on a crash weight loss diet as people are actually now weighing up the pros and cons before making a buying decision. The once aloof players of the entertainment industry have now reverted to sounding like market traders hawking fake goods for only £5 (oh! sorry actually it's ...£6 well you're not gonna start anything because we changed the original advertised price by a whole extra pound...are you??? Erm yes we are it's called false advertising. There may well be situations where a thirtysomething might feel completely at ease being in the same venue shall we put it “someone just out of nappies”.... a workplace would be an acceptable environment as I'm sure most of us have served time under the roof of a blue-chip corporation at some stage, but a licensed festival? where it's very blatantly obvious that there's more than sherbet on offer to accelerate your experience. It was more enthralling watching the tide of tweets and slew of status updates turning from nervous excitement and banter to utter disbelief and disgust at the whole brass-neck atmosphere of the event than actually being there (needless to say that the lovely people must have misplaced our media passes this year) shouldn't be hard to recreate the environment though, we could just camp outside a high school and play 'yoof' music from our car and flog day-glo drinks from the boot, but only to those who have a valid I.D and have absolutely no intent of passing said alcohol onto those younger participants...hmm can you spell J-A-I-L B-A-I-T and speaking of such terms how do you REALLY know who or what you are chatting to and indeed lolling with online, an avatar can only say so much.. after that it's up to your instincts and a fair bit of wit. Although being brought up in Norn Iron we've been told to not trust anyone so the transition has been relatively painless until it's time to fill in your profile page. This is where you can find a plethora of information which is akin to that of being handed a naïve VIP pass to mug. steal and pillage whateva you want lol..!?! But having an open-source utopian society is all the rage these days and no-one would ever commit suicide, threaten violence, intimidate or even brag about causing some or all of the above... except they have and do and now it seems it's on a scale that the government is going to do 'something' about it. Quite exactly what that something is going to be still remains to be seen. Going online is the choice for many to have some form of escapism from drudgery and dreary work-lives, and what better way to escape the land of the dull than with fashion, and yes you may laugh at some of the high fashion concepts and the 're-mortgage your house' price tags of the catwalk elite but after the trickle down effect has happened then the Highstreet bursts into a hive of activity with their take on the seasons sought after styles. As for me well I like to bling it up with my pipe and slippers but I'm too much of a pioneering trendsetter for my peers to like... get

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Contributors NOTICE: In our previous issue of crave magazine(issue 3 august 2010) we carried a review of the 'heavenly hell' night by evoke. Which had Miss Mynx on the bill. Since going to publication we have received information that has stated that the 'shaky start' was actually not due to Miss Mynx in person or her capabilities as an artist to mix digital music but moreso to do with a technical error that was beyond her control at the time of performing. WWW.CRAVEMAGAZINE.CO.UK


William Mc Connell

Saz Mc Connell

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The integration of online lives and offline lives is a relatively new mainstream concept. With every man and his dog (and in some cases cats) now joining social networking sites, online and offline culture have been mish-mashed haphazardly with rough guidelines on etiquette and behaviour. So why do people engage in socially unacceptable behaviour online and how is the culture of that behaviour created in the first place? (lol) The Evolution of Culture is a long and drawn out process. Theorists have debated exactly what culture is, how it arises, how it evolves, and how it is transmitted. First in the spirit of this issues online theme let's check wikipedia: Culture can have several meanings, including High culture – sophisticated taste in fine arts or humanities. 2) an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behaviour that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning or 3) the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group. How culture is established is a multifaceted and deeply involved process. Some factors in establishing culture include the speed at which cultural norms are set, and whether or not there is a clear leader or dissenter, and how exactly outside visitors perceive the culture. Take for example how rules are set in a micro-culture. A biological specimen collector (think CSI), has to work with many children, most of whom are throwing a tantrum

>>> and crying. When the children got beyond a mild annoyance, they were told directly in an assertive yet calm tone, “There’s no crying allowed here.” This was done with lots of children between the ages of six months old to five years old, and the method had a 95% success rate. Many parents had stared in awe and asked, “How did you do that?” It was actually quite simple. The rules for the laboratory (setting the boundaries) had been clearly established and the children simply followed suit.

There are several social psychology concepts that can help to shed light on human behaviour online as well as raise additional questions. On the Internet, no one knows who you are, you are deindividualized until you choose to disclose your identity and not necessarily your true identity. It has become fairly common practice to use a fake identity online, usually the identity of the person you would like to be rather than that of who you are. However, even when identities are disclosed, people still behave in ways that they wouldn’t in person because they feel like nobody knows their identity. When people are de-individualized with masks or within a mob, they do things that they normally wouldn’t. Take for example the Ku Klux Klan. Do you think that KKK members would have engaged in the brutal behaviours (many illegal and horrific) that they did without wearing those costumes and masks? I think not. It's very easy to put the boot in when you're caught up in the adrenaline-fuelled rush and action of violence but it's altogether a different story entirely when you are pitched toe-to-toe with the same person in question. One of the defining factors related to the rapid growth of social media, is that remaining anonymous on the internet is incredibly difficult and this is a task that Google has risen to enforce with their pathological attitude and approach to scanning, recording and cataloguing as much as they possibly can “for future reference”. Once information is on the Internet, it’s always on the Internet. Users can be found, for better or worse. Take for example the recent rise over the past few years of ex-boy/girlfriend sites and scathing revenge postings on You tube. So, unless you want most of your town or city or indeed your current squeeze to know where you have a 'mole, tattoo, or in some cases who really taught you that thing that drives your partner wild', be very mindful with what you post online. Remember if it's digital it's transmittable, the new currency is data and hacking is the new hot-wiring...this is the information age You are an identifiable individual despite what you may think your avatar says about you. >>>

Many social networks employ some method of dialogue. Facebook has walls and comments. Twitter has @replies so you can follow conversations. Many blogs allow comments on postings. Some Blogs have so many regular readers that they have their own micro-culture. Even Yelp has talk threads. With these methods of communication, we can see a series of social psychology concepts in play. Humans are subject to confirmation bias, which is the tendency to only seek information that conforms to our beliefs system We tend to glaze over and disregard information that isn’t consistent with our own attitudes, similar to a pushy sales rep. and we have a very difficult time being objective. This is a concept we should keep in mind when engaging in social media it leads us to search for articles we want to find, and leads us to discount information we simply just don’t want to see. Following that same vein, there is no hard data on what is exactly going on in social media. There is a plethora of quantitative data on how many views a page or post receives and from where the traffic originated, but there is no data on HOW content is perceived. Little to no accurate or complete qualitative data exists. Comments on wall posts or blog posts are qualitative, but it represents a very small portion of the readers. There is no data on how the other users who chose not to comment actually FEEL about the post. So while there is data on the number of viewers and when they viewed, there is little indication of their reaction to online content. Threads commonly used in various forums tend to be filled with light-hearted banter and fun topics, although over time, and as numbers of forums grew a few users became known as being snarky, rude and condescending. Some believed that if you ignored those users (often called trolls), they would go away. That is a very common technique in dog training using operant conditioning , i.e. not rewarding unwanted behaviours. >>>

However, the other issue is that if those users repeatedly violated the “be cool” guidelines in the terms of service without any one calling them out, then saying nothing is in some sense establishing that behaviour as the norm. While users can flag rude and snarky posts for removal, most users simply quit using the forums threads because the culture had changed and opted to chat oneon-one rather than collectively to a group. One might think that people would be unlikely to conform to behaviour just because they observed it on the Internet or in person. The popular opinion is that humans are free from influence when it comes to making their own decisions or controlling their own behaviours. Nothing could be further than the truth. Many social psychology studies show that when the situation is ambiguous, people look to others and model other people’s behaviours. Even in situations where a norm is already established, others behaving in another fashion can entice people to change their own behaviours. Take for example a single clap turning into a rapturous applause or a mexican wave taking place in a stadium setting. A recent advert from Budweiser highlighting the importance of having a designated driver is a good example of how a faux pas might become the norm for behaviour. One issue that doesn’t have a name yet and has not been studied is users’ feelings after posting something on the Internet. It appears that there is a certain sense of self-worth or accomplishment because one’s own opinion is posted on the Internet. In a sense it's in 'writing' ,and the user feels that because he or she has a right to post things online, his or her opinion is valued, trusted, or even validated. While I highly value my Freedom of Speech, I do not think that just because certain information can be posted that it should be posted or that it is correct. A good rule of thumb is:

If You won’t say it to someone’s face, You shouldn’t post it online.

When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do? Rub the sleep out of your eyes? Stick the kettle on? Hop in the shower? Or maybe check your phone for messages, emails, new tweets, facebook updates…? I don’t know about you but I’m definitely someone who does the latter in this list.

Projections of Reality It seems technology moves us into the zone of the unknown. We are no longer producing things we can feel and see and experience such as the published word in printed form. We are creating ideas which exist in a floating cyberspace. They do exist in a coded form as binary codes on microchips but this is a maze of technicality which only specialists have knowledge of. Technology has moved knowledge away from the ordinary man, and knowledge is power. Our world is becoming increasingly dominated and immersed in technology. We see this in a generation of children to whom technological objects are as close as parents and we exist in a world where these objects may even become as crucial to our lives as artificial limbs when the cyber-world (cyberia) is more ‘real’ than physical reality. An individuals existence in cyberspace is the sum of the output of their ideas to the world. In cyberspace we communicate using our brains to project an image of ourselves. This has allowed us to project our image to a wider audience of people. Jenny Wilson is an Illustrator, Songwriter and

By Jenny Wilson

Author based in Northern Ireland. She holds a degree in Anthropology from Queens University.


IRL V's URL When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do? Rub the sleep out of your eyes? Stick the kettle on? Hop in the shower? Or maybe check your phone for messages, emails, new tweets, facebook updates…? I don’t know about you but I’m definitely someone who does the latter in this list. The increase in availability and accessibility of the internet brings an increased sense of connection and community through social networks like facebook, twitter, blogs, dailybooth and youtube just to name a few. It’s now becoming more common to have IRL friends and URL friends – that is “In Real Life” friends and Online friends. However most IRL people won’t have URL friends or understand what URL life is like and so when these two worlds meet or crossover there can be complications and misunderstandings. For example referencing trending topics from twitter with IRL friends and expecting them to know what you’re talking about, or perhaps talking with someone about news they heard on the grapevine and then you say “yeah I read that on facebook!” However as strange as all this may make you seem to IRL people, what is stranger is when you meet someone IRL who you’ve never met before, not even online, and they recognise you from some tweet, blog, youtube video, tumblr pic or another post somewhere. I really don’t mind about my IRL friends finding out about my URL life, but it highlights for me how strange URL life can seem to some of my IRL friends. Whatever you do in your URL life stay safe, guard your personal info and try not to freak out your IRL friends, unless of course your IRL friends are people you’ve met URL!

By Ruth Elkin







They're cute, clever and clued-up. They'll trash you at Tetris and make you howl at Halo...and maybe dress-up for you

Geeks in general are often characterized as the archetypal introvert glasses, shy and clutching a folder or pile of books. it’s thnaks to the power of the internet that you can now find geeky girls out there with the prom queen physique and the mind of Charles Xavier. Don’t try to change yourself to go for the popular chick. Have confidence in who you are and land yourself a hot Orion slave girl who knows just how to press your “Konami code.” >>>

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geeky Girl 1. Geek girls come in all shapes and sizes from pixie to Willendorf goddess. Their hair is spikey, bobbed, down to their waist, or in braids. They are not slaves to fashion, but march to the beat of their own drummer, even if that drummer demands they wear shirts with jokes about counting in binary. 2.She won’t look at you like you have two heads when you complain about bandwidth throttling or when you scream at your computer, when you’ve taken apart your Xbox, when you start sewing a costume to wear at the next midnight release party… 3.. She’s smart, maybe even smarter than you. When she sees the string of acronyms after your name in your sig file, she gets excited. Conversely, she’ll taunt you when her string is longer. 4.If she doesn’t share your obsession with Star Wars, she at least understands it. The idea of a room wallpapered with figurines intrigues her and she’ll pick up a lightsaber to battle you to determine who makes the tea. 5.She loves to learn about anything and everything, so life and love are never vanilla...birthdays are green lights for fantasy character dress-ups. 6. She understands your nutritional needs. She bakes cookies and orders pizza for D&D nights. When you’re playing WoW, she’ll cut your dinner into bite-sized pieces so you can eat and heal the main tank simultaneously. 7. Her friends are other geek girls, who you can set up with your geek friends. Not only will you be a hero, all those geeks would make a great WoW guild or D&D group! 8. She’ll love you for your smarts, and if those smarts net you a lot of cash, that’s just the icing on the cake. (Everyone knows a really good cake doesn’t need icing!) Her intentions are to find a lifemate, not a lifeline. Besides, she’s smart enough to make her own fortune. 9.. If you’re a geek guy, she’ll trust you. If you’re a regular guy, she has eyes and ears everywhere and when she dumps you, you’ll know why. You won’t be sure of how she figured it out. 10.She has traumatic memories from her education, Your irrational fear of public bathrooms is not so irrational to her

“how I learned to stop worrying and love the status update”. As a man who spends much of his professional and recreational time writing material for the consideration and amusement of others, the foibles and intricacies of language are topics which interest me very much. Obviously, language in its many forms can be phenomenally powerful. The pen is mightier than the sword, and all that. This can be as simple as the raw personal emotion elicited from reading a cherished novel or the glee that comes from the moment a witty punchline or a delightfully terrible pun hits home. It can also be as all encompassing as the global ramifications that can come from an inspirational speech by an enigmatic leader or (if the message from films such as “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” is to be believed) the key to interstellar harmony. I could wax lyrical about the birth and rise to power of so called ‘txt spk’ and whether or not it’s a sign o’ the dumbed down times, but it’s soooooo 1990s, and frankly there is a much more interesting use of language which has now come to the fore. A cyber-soapbox for the masses. I am of course talking about Facebook (other social networking sites are available). Facebook is a lot of things. Call it Legion, for it is many. For some, it’s a neat way to stay in touch with friends they might not see in ‘real life’ that often, for some a bizarre competitive meta-game where you ‘collect friends’. For others, it’s a powerful and free online PR machine. Others still might see it as a haven to escape real life, and inevitably some see it as another step in the downfall of mankind. The latest beat in a mechanical drum leading an unstoppable robotic march towards a dystopian future where everyone would rather hotwire their own nerve endings directly into mainframes than go outside and fly a kite. >>>

If you ask me, there’s probably a bit of truth to all those viewpoints, but one thing is certain. Facebook is undeniably a fantastic place to share your viewpoints, anecdotes and musings, through ‘status update’. For the uninitiated, this is a box where you are encouraged to let your Facebook friends know in a few sentences ‘what’s on your mind’. And it can be fantastically interesting, hilarious and insightful to read these. Not to mention pretty addictive, and probably relatively harmless. If it is a step towards the cyborg apocalypse, it’s a very, very small one, and I don’t buy into a lot of the media scaremongering regarding social networking dumbing down children. No, it seems to me that Facebook is best viewed as an interesting online distraction for sharing information and yet another curious way to play with words and their many uses.

But let me leave you with this. A little status update of my own. If you find yourself typing endless streams of puke about how awesome/terrible your boyfriend/girlfriend/cat is, remember that some things are best not shared. Nobody, NOBODY, gives a shit. Excuse my language .

Hotrod Mc Caughan

Who is Team Unicorn? It's unfair to say that Team Unicorn doesn't represent geek girls because of their looks, we have to let their actual geek credentials stand for themselves. Michele Boyd has a degree in Neurobiology, which definitely makes her smart. The geekiest thing Clare Grant has ever done is Seth Green (she’s married to him). Besides that she’s a model and actress, which means that she may or may not be soulless. Milynn Sarley was in Street Fighter High: The Musical and hosts Electronic Arts TV, however, these are more or less simply parts she plays. Rileah Vanderbilt is married to Adam Green (director of the Hatchet movies and no relation to Seth), which maybe qualifies you for something… maybe? However, a lot of people have come out of the woodwork saying that they all are maybe, sorta, okay at playing video games. At the very least, Team Unicorn has played Halo, which is more than can be said for most girl's so we'll Give them some cred.

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Chav/Spide/Millie is the name given to the younger female generation of today who have little or no respect for authority. the term chav itself, means "council housing associated violence" The chav look consists of.. day-glo heavy make-up (preferably put on in the dark whilst drunk) fake tan and lots of it...the more orange the better! (use a colour swatch from B&Q to get your perfect shade.) Tracksuits, and hairstyle where the hair is drawn back into a tight ponytail aka "the council face lift", lots of gold accessories and big hooped earrings, that sea-lions could practice jumping through for their circus act. To finish the look go with fake ugg boots tore to shreds or simply wear your bedroom slippers! Also its customary to walk around with your mobile phone in your hand playing high pitched music that no one can hear (except dogs) which is probably why they attract pitbulls. Of course clothing is just the beginning. to really achieve the look you have to act like one and preferably obtain the latest must have... An Anti social behaviour order ( otherwise known as an ASBO)-little education is required: Hang out in bus shelters, drinking cheap alcohol (Fortified wine and flouro alcopops is the elixir of choice in these elite circles) and smoking pot. Vandalise your own neighbourhood (give it a status!) harrass any law abiding person, break into as many houses, cars etc as possible and join a gang. And the icing on the cake ‌.a pram or buggy child is optional as they tend to ruin your chances of a 30 sec fumble behind the KFC.

Goin down tha...

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"O. M. G ca n you beliee ee Ok, so were not a sav vy vv e what she is weari verbalised ng?'" "Oh, I text talk, bu as the OC am erican teens when know! ! Lol" t are we rea I was stood it comes to lly that far outside a ba behind? the phrase r the other "laughing my night when I actually hea In an age wh f**king ass off "! rd a guy us ere am beginning Facebook and mo e bile to see a shi enough to ft in the En internet is taking ov er see it ev olv gli our lives I sh lan guage. We e before ou for us? Does are r ve lucky it make us ry eyes! Bu progression appear mo re dumbed t what does that mean in down or is paced world order to shorten the it a natural expression ? of em otion I know I'v e s in a faster ne nev er felt so ver been more conn ected alienated fro Although it m society an in my life, but realist all ica as adjusting seem s very dramatic d I'm one of the sociab lly I've to suggest our language that som eth le ones! don't think could spark it's ing as sim the loss of ple Have you ev that out of spec. the human er been sa touch, I t in the same them throu gh room as som daily basis! chat on Facebook? Yu eo ne an d 'lol' Em barra p, chatted to or am I? ssing I know I do that with my bo yfriend on , but I'm pre a Anyways I'm tty sure I'm not alone… pretty freak the energy ed ou t by the fact tha or time to rea t pe sim ply say lly ople don't ev physically "lo en have y'know! So l". W hat the hell is tha laugh out loud anym ore... they shouldn't we t? Laughin g is use it in ver jus bal make sur t laugh! ?Anyways my actually good for yo u don't just po e it's for fun point is, if ke someon you HAVE , if you fan e, why not to cy som e ph In fact let's giv e ysical conta pra ct someone we ctice the art of conve them a hug! rsation now haven't sp , lets all go peeps! Ke ok en to in ph ep talkin'… person in one/m eet . no ages! Sp rea hahaha, an d the love yways have t me thoug h, I've to be qu iet no really… lat a great we ers, much w… ek! I'm sto love! Goin' pp ing now… NOW! Byee ok no eeeeee xxx x Jilly St Jo hn.

It is said that eyelashes are the windows to the soul, if this is so then you want them to look perfect. There are hundreds of mascaras available today. The question is which one is for you?


Ok first up, if you aren’t a mermaid, or manic depressive, then waterproof mascara is not necessary. It is hard to remove and can damage and break your lashes when you are removing it! Next, look at the brush that comes with it. If you have short lashes then opt for a smaller brush, a fuller brush on short lashes will cause smudging. Not a good look. If you want to thicken your lashes then go for a product with a big brush. I like Mac Fibre Rich Lash, it does what it says on the tin and adds fibres to each lash therefore thickening them. Eyelash tinting can also help thicken your lashes as each hair absorbs the tint it becomes thicker. Now we can buy any amount of mascaras, but unless you were born with luscious lashes you will need falsies to give nature a helping hand. And here you have two options, temporary or permanent. Permanent lash extensions whilst being very realistic need regular maintenance and are quite costly. Temporary lashes are affordable, re-usable and come in many varieties. Ok so you may need a (sober) mate to apply them but they are fabulous and if applied properly will most definitely last all night! The question is‌ Will you?

Elaine Bellingham Make-Up Artist


5. Richard Darell — Founder of Minervity & BitRebels Born:07/18/1976 Location:Stockholm, Sweden Profession: Web/Graphic Designer Into his thoughts: “Ok, where to start. I have been fumbling around with computers since the stone age it seems. I was around them before the Internet. I have always been fascinated by graphics and it’s structured behavior… I am purely self taught and I sometimes get a bit jealous when I hear someone have studied the art of computer in some fancy school or whatever. But at the same time I sometimes feel that my knowledge in Graphic Design and Programming is exactly what I want to know and develop

4. Ryan Block — Former Editor of Engadget, Founder of Gdgt The broody eyes, the dirty look, the badboy vibes — ah, hotness incarnate. Ryan Block is the cofounder of gdgt, and the former editor popular gadget blog Engadget. We’re not the only ones crushing on him, Block was named one of Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People in 2006. Beautiful indeed!

3.Stan Schroeder - Mashable Stan has been writing for Mashable since 2007, and having the benefit (or the curse) of working in a European time zone, he’s taken the post of European Editor. He’s been a pro IT journalist in Croatia for over 6 years, having written, among numerous other publications, for the biggest local IT paper magazine Bug as well as one of the biggest local web portals, in writing in English,.Visit Stan Schroeder’s page on Mashable.

2.Jeremy Gutsche — Founder Jeremy Gutsche, this hotty, is the co-host of Trend Hunter TV and founder of Wait, a geek who also has excellent taste? Oh, my, we must be in Heaven. Visit Jeremy Gutsche’s Wikipedia Page

Who's gonna be No.1?

1.Pete Cashmore — Mashable CEO

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BELFAST COMEDY Big Laughs Belfast is a stand-up comedy collective based in Northern Ireland. We run a number of different comedy clubs and open mike nights throughout Belfast.Currently, we run three regular stand-up comedy events in Belfast: the fortnightly ‘Big Laughs’ Comedy Open Mic Night’ at the Pavilion Bar on the Ormeau Road; Big Laughs at the Black Box runs every month; and the last sunday of every month sees Sunday Night at the Grin Palace in Laverys.


Yes, it exists! For those of you into the more “unusual” side of comedy, you can try Marcus Keeley’s “Voicebox Comedy Night” at The Safehouse Art Gallery where just about anything goes. Really. Past nights have featured such performers as Edna Muldoon all the way from Dublin, Joe Lindsay from BBC Radio here in Belfast, Scott and Stacey from Austin, Texas and Gary Croft

from Larne! At the same location as the Voicebox, we also hosting a monthly film night at the Safehouse Arts Gallery that showcases the best in classic exploitation movies, forgotten art films, and lost classics. We hope to be screening home grown Belfastian movies soon.

OPEN MIKE COMEDY IN BELFAST Think you might be the next Peter Kay? Then why not try your hand at one of our open mike nights? Just fill out our handy online form and we’ll get right back to you with details about your world comedy premiere!

A big thanks to all those who came to the Monster Energy Portrush Open, especially all the competitors. The CCSC would also like to thank their sponsors, Coleraine Borough Council, Monster Energy, Circle One, Portrush Playhouse, Ocean Warriors, Portrush Surf School, Troggs, Antrim Billabong, Two Seasons, New Society Cafe and Portrush Holiday Hostel. We couldn’t have done it without you! The final results from the contest were as follows: Men's 1st Cillian Ryan .2nd Gearoid McDaid 3rd Aaron Reid 4th Ronan Oertzen Women's Open 1st Ione Byrne 2nd Elaine Rice 3rd Amy May Garvey 4th Tahlia Britton Longboard 1st John McCurry 2nd Stevie Burns 3rd Donal O'Reilly 4th Amy May Garvey Bodyboard 1st Martin Kelly 2nd Bosco McAuley 3rd Alan Conway Masters 1st Stevie Burns 2nd Chris Lyttle 3rd John Bustard SUP 1st John McCurry 2nd Oliver Boyd 3rd John Bustard 4th Carl Russell


Check out the reviews in AU mag and on the ATL Website Photos by Ciara Mc Mullan

Belfast’s newest nightclub definitely has something a little different to offer. Two glam floors including a seating area and dance floor and an ubercool VIP area, also a fab outdoor heated smoking terrace. You could almost forget you were in Belfast. A great mix of music, from hip hop to R&B and a good mix of dance tunes in between all that. Eivissa is definitely the place for good looking 20 something’s to be and if you aren’t dressed in your best, or if the door staff don’t like the cut of your jib, well, you wont be getting in! £5.00 entry fee can’t complain about that, however the 25 minute wait at the bar did not impress me. I was assured this is down to teething problems as the club is so new. The bar and floor staff were friendly, the club was clean and there were no ridiculous waiting times at the toilets. Great promotion nights throughout the week and special entry fees for students. Best thing for me was the music, worst thing was the bar queue. I give it 7 / 10 Pics : Max Rossie Words: Elaine Barbie Bellingham

www.hav To be honest i went to havana not expecting too much, just another normal night. But the club LOL team put alot of effort in to make it a great night for everyone. It was a slow start but by half 11 the place was buzzin! The new lighting and decor deffinatly brightened the place up. It may have been ÂŁ5 in but the drink promos certainly made up for that! With drinks and shots going for a quid each. The atmosphere was great, music was your usual chart toppers. Mixed age group but mostly tech/uni students (unlike kellys were your more likely to run in to a 14 year old). Everyone i talked to had a great night and im sure the club LOL nights will go on to do well!

Pics by Ciara Mc Mullan

A potent mixture of your funnybone and skittles... Matthew Knight was born in Cambridge (England), raised in Lahore (Pakistan) from 4 years old until he was 13, suffered growing pains as a teenager in Belfast (Northern Ireland) throughout his 20s he kept traveling all over Europe and has now ended up back in sunny Belfast. Travelling so much has left him feeling more settled when somewhere foreign. Over the years he met the oddest and most interesting characters, seen and experienced some bizarre sights, been bombarded with way too many different beliefs and ideals, and to end it all eaten and smelt God knows what.

Frankly its confusing, chaotic and complicated trying to make sense of it all. All of these experiences go into his paintings. His characters and scenes are bursting with crazy colours and complicated detail drawing influences from all sorts of artistic disciplines, Islamic, Celtic, Aboriginal, Pointillism, Lowbrow, Comics, etc... He works mostly in Acrylic with collage on all sorts of found surfaces. Matthew is an up and coming artist to watch out for. He has a degree in Fine Applied Arts and has exhibited in Belfast. Presently Matthew has work on display at the Outland Gallery in Amsterdam and Gallery Number One in Dublin. website is or

Matthew Knight

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