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LAND & PROPERTY Preparing for ISO 14001:2015 – Gap Analysis Commercial Property Company, UK

Project Summary

Preparing for ISO 14001:2015 – Gap Analysis Commercial Property Company, UK

Project Value: £5,000

Key Project Elements  ISO14001:2015  Implications for EMSs  New Requirements for Business Strategy and Process Integration  Commitments to Environmental Sustainability  Increased Responsibilities for Senior Management

 New Approach to Risk and Opportunities

 Managing the Value Chain

 Demonstrating Compliance Status

 New Clause Structure and Common Text

 Timescales

CRA is helping a FTSE100 commercial property company appreciate the potential implications of the revision of ISO 14001, which is due to be published in 2015. The drafting of the revised standard is at a sufficiently advanced stage for there to be reasonable confidence in its ultimate requirements. This allows forward thinking organisations to start now to consider how they will modify their management systems to conform to ISO 14001:2015. CRA is well-equipped to provide guidance to organisations regarding the forthcoming ISO 14001:2015, as one of its EMS specialists is actively participating in the ISO working group producing the revised standard. This equips CRA with a unique appreciation of not only the latest format and text but also the underlying intent of the changes to ISO 14001. CRA has developed a gap analysis tool that allows us to compare current management systems, business practices and culture with the new requirements. It is important that the gap analysis adopts a holistic approach, as the new text includes requirements for greater integration of environmental management into broader strategic and operational management processes. The gap analysis also engages senior management, as there will be more stringent requirements for leadership and commitment in the revised standard. Other areas of focus for the analysis include:  Commitment to environmental sustainability,  Managing business risks and opportunities,  Control and influence in the value chain, and  Demonstrating compliance status. This project is also assessing the potential for integrating energy management and the requirements of ISO 50001 into the EMS. The outcome of the gap analysis is an ISO 14001:2015 transition plan that the organisation will use to work towards the new requirements of the standard, so that its EMS can retain its certified status.

Ref: PS0107

Preparing for ISO 14001 2015 - Gap Analysis (0107)  
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