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MANUFACTURING REACH Regulations Support Global Aerospace Manufacturer

Project Summary

REACH Regulations Support Global Aerospace Manufacturer

Key Project Elements  Aerospace Engineering and

CRA supported a major global aerospace manufacturer preparing for registration of key process raw materials under the European Registration, Evaluation Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation EC/1907/2006. The project involved the secondment of a CRA consultant to work with the in-house team.


 European Legislation  REACH Regulation EC/1907/2006

 Regulation of Chemicals  Regulation of Articles Bearing Chemicals

 REACH Registration and Compliance

 Data Collation and Analysis  Generation of Exposure Scenarios

 Registration Dossier Development

 Downstream User Compliance

 Provision of Seconded Support Staff

The REACH Regulation is a European Union (EU) regulation (EC/1907/2006) concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals which came into force on 1st June 2007. The REACH Regulation is based on the premise that industry should be responsible for demonstrating that all chemicals put on the market do not have an adverse affect on human health or the wider environment. Aerospace engineering produces a range of products and by-products which are affected by the REACH Regulation including articles containing super alloys. The REACH Regulation requires manufacturers and suppliers of affected substances and articles to provide downstream users with adequate information to ensure the safe use and disposal of the product with respect to the affected substances within the product. Manufacturers must also ensure that any raw materials used in manufacture of their product ranges are compliant with the REACH Regulation and must therefore manage information exchange both up and down the supply chain to ensure compliance and continuity of supply. The manufacturer or supplier must therefore assess the environmental, health and safety risks of their manufacturing processes and products, taking into account the activities and exposure scenarios likely to be encountered in their own activities and those of their downstream supply chain. In order to safeguard the continued availability of key raw materials, the company initiated a comprehensive REACH project to ensure that these materials were registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). CRA’s role involved providing consultancy support to the in-house REACH project team responsible for preparing the registration dossier. The work comprised the collation of data from available occupation hygiene sources and information from the various technological and supply chain institutes, for the subsequent generation of exposure scenarios for super alloys.

Ref: PS0075

0075 REACH Regulations Support  

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