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CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICALS Land Divestiture and Development Services Chemical Manufacturer, Liverpool

Project Summary

Land Divestiture and Development Services Confidential Client, Liverpool

Key Project Elements • Phase II Site Investigation • Third Party Environmental Consultant Liaison • Remedial Costs Negotiation • Environmental Insurance Solutions

CRA was commissioned by a worldwide chemical manufacturer to carry out an environmental assessment for the purpose of divesting one of its facilities in Liverpool. To facilitate the transaction of the property, CRA assisted its client to assess risks to human health and controlled waters and the liabilities associated with the site. The environmental assessment was designed by the purchaser’s environmental consultant, who had reviewed historic site investigation data for the site and identified areas of potential concern that it wished to investigate further. CRA conducted the environmental assessment, which was supervised by the purchaser’s environmental consultant. The environmental assessment comprised as follows: • • • • •

Excavation of 141 trial pits; 66 shallow direct-push and shell and auger boreholes; 37 shallow monitoring wells; Four deep monitoring wells; and Collection of representative soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis.

Throughout the site works: • •

CRA provided the purchaser’s environmental consultant with updates on the ground conditions that were being encountered; and CRA negotiated the selection of suitable monitoring well locations stipulated by the purchaser’s environmental consultant to ensure adequate assessment of the site, whilst ensuring that CRA’s client did not have to pay excessive costs for the environmental assessment.

Following the environmental assessment, CRA provided support to its client during negotiation of remedial costs for the site, which had been provided by the purchaser’s environmental consultant. Following successful negation of the remedial costs, CRA assisted its client to obtain an insurance solution, which enabled successful divestiture of the site.

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