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OIL & GAS Geographic Information System Prepared Environmental Management of a Site (eDAT) Natural Gas Refining Facility, UK




Project Summary

Geographic Information System Prepared to Assist the Environmental Management of a Site Natural Gas Refining Facility, UK

Key Project Elements • Environmental Management Support • Management of Soil, Groundwater Data • Management of Asbestos

CRA is providing a range of consultancy services to a gas refining installation in the UK, including assisting the client with environmental management support. The client had commissioned over twenty environmental and geotechnical investigations at the installation since 1983. Numerous data existed from these investigations, and the client required a system to contain the data that could be easily accessed and managed, and that could also easily be updated with any future information. CRA used their user-friendly, GIS-based software program, e:DAT™, to provide the client with a straightforward system to assist in the environmental management of the site. The e:DAT™ software provides the user with an integrated document and data management tool that allows all environmental information to be contained in one easily accessible system. The data held in the eDAT™ can also be queried (e.g. to create a spreadsheet of all locations at the site where Chrysotile asbestos is present), charted (e.g. to show the concentrations of benzene recorded over time in site wells), and contoured (e.g. to show the distribution of contaminants found at the site). The e:DAT™ software integrates site information such as site maps, photographs, reports, laboratory data, etc. The e:DAT™ was provided to the client on CD; any future changes to the e:DAT™ will be updated automatically via the internet. CRA provided training in the use of the software and produced an internal procedure for the client documenting how the software should be used to assist the environmental management of the client’s installation. CRA is currently working to produce e:DAT™ systems for the client’s offshore platforms to allow the enhanced management of asbestos.

Ref: PS0023

0023 Geographic Information System eDAT