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Welcome back my friends. I am so glad to be back talking to all of you wonderful beautiful people. Knowing that you beautiful people are reading the glorious words that I am lucky enough to have flowing from my pen truly brings a smile to my face and brightens my day. All you lovely ladies ….and don’t think I have forgotten about you men out there…. We do it for you guys. This is what it is all about. It’s about you. I put my all into my work knowing that I may be bringing a message to you. So, here you have it….as always, we are coming at you straight. We are giving it to you real….it’s the only way we know how to do it. So grab yourself a bottle of champagne and sit back and embrace the knowledge that we are dropping for you right here. Enjoy!

~Crash Override

Getting started at a young age is critical when it comes to grasping one’s attention in mathematics and not allowing them to slip through the cracks and give up before ever having really gotten started. Cryptography can make mathematics fun and exciting for children; math will be an adventure which will encourage them to get involved. By capitalizing on their fascinations you can grab a child’s interest quite quickly and keep their focus. By utilizing the cryptography a scenario can be developed which can encompass both reading and mathematics in which a story is posed that involves a spy and many decoded messages. As the students read the story they must continue to decode the ciphers causing them to use their newly acquired math skills to continue through the story. They will be excited that reading is more interactive, and they will see the math as an important quest that they must complete. “More is at stake than a grade on a test: if you make a mistake, your agent will be betrayed.” This will also give students unlimited possibilities of discovery through cipher decoding. By the use of fairly simplistic Caesar shifts, the students can experiment with the brute-force attack method and hone their skills more with the use of their own trial and error. This gives them much freedom in their education experience and gives encouragement to get take part in the activities. As they discover their own techniques, they will have a much higher appreciation for mathematics. Students far too frequently look for a quick fix or easy answer when computing math; this will also help in that area as it will put them in a situation that cannot be computed quite simply and quickly with a calculator or computer. They will have to put in some effort, but the effort will be well warranted and embraced by them as it is still part of the adventure. There is a website called the Crypto Club which offers children the ability to encrypt and decrypt ciphers among many other things. It has a message board, math tools, and a joke board which is quite useful as all the answers are encrypted. To get the solution they will have to decrypt the answers which gives ample motivation for fun computations. This is definitely a website that needs to be utilized in elementary schools as an incentive for children to enjoy math and continue expanding their minds. Allowing students on an elementary level to begin to experiment with the idea of creating their own ciphers will stimulate their creativity and highly enhance their experience. This will encourage further exploration into mathematics as well as venture into other areas. These concepts should begin being used at a young age, yet are not limited to the young; these can continue to be exercised by all ages. The joke pages can be utilized as brain teasers that parents can do with their children. These concepts of cryptology may be utilized with slightly more complex ciphers for the older children in middle school and high school as well as the more advanced children. Continuing to challenge them and stimulate their minds will definitely pay off. The use of cryptology at the high school level along with the use of the TI-83 will give students much needed practice with a graphing calculator. This is important when thinking of the continuing success of the student and the need of a basic understanding of the graphing calculator. The more practice and understanding one has, the further along they may go with much more ease in their mathematical development. A graphing calculator will become vital as one’s mathematics level continues to rise.

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nest e o h and On th n e : p be o ong too ise, on s y alwa n be wr omprom moral l l ’ o y wh t you ca about c in an im when u g f d o ow tha ing ved olitics, me l n e i o b k v s n p e e i n m th ave to k of politic r being e about to mak se ’ I w o h t h No you the idea of hero f assiona is enoug nd becau our o s you xes, on e kind you’re p aren’t, ews. A be y . I h e t i i m w on ta eing somact that neration similar v eral, let y issues , r a w d b , the f our ge a e dis social lib ign polic d how d v r a t u n h e u i o y c. B people hat we ready a and fore erstan pressiv t e , war of the e fact t , and al nomic u to und th an op oral t ll m i o mos erlook th ssionate e on ec d for yo hand w pe, and xy as he pa ov r sid d be har hand in joy, ho look se o e s h t e e l r o you’ to the k it wou ialism go you th nk you’d st. i w e guid on’t thin d imper me sho ism. I th 20 prote ast, e l t n A d t G h a lot. ut; the ism olicy. Le in anarc gas at a l a a n gue care abo etter. natio mestic p hat lies m tear r a y t do babl ctually for the b each ess ning fro o n r s p u l n l e’ eo ru g I a anged ngs at t n w i h h n g i t e r e ch ow thi th m and ut , e o u b q s o a n r t y r I a h u , t abo na way ing abo things c ll, and u a s o c i t y r ’ e n u ere th ye If I ca I’ll be arg and how m, and , Pax Am rgue wi ship wh ok ce, e world n screa ic policy ather a relation h or co n o r fo f th y we ca conom ad. I’d r nother the tras riends. o e t sta veryda ut our e t your d have a ke out x-boyf So, e her abo nd abou , than to as to ta t your e le to b u y w a ot tan, a o a t i e ery d se turn ut up ab is en b lless v n v e a e h s t h Afg e thing ut who on’t s migh h of sou I , w o s m b the rgue a ow you y ar h a bunc love. m a h n n it, we ner, or o ss o oom wit , that’s a e y m , x w r din ur na t in bed) ur se e same you kno o o y y d h with reakfas ano 073 n i If I ha eing in t ans. Now n Xic Baku (and b d b public f n o a t y s Re cop a t o I’ ve g


from the cradle to the grave shorty wanna be a thug i be runnin tha streetz just to save cuz it aint easy gettin outta this hole i dug thats just the way it is and will always stay in this life i lead you aint got to lie to kick it all eyez on me but its all bout u loyal to the game but can u get away dont get it twisted just turn around and quit better dayz if you only knew we finally got our black president but changes still unsung only fear of death is that its violent too bad the good die young i shout my last wordz of redemption its me against the world for all these years never b peace but whatcha gonna do pour out a little liquor cuz life goes on keep ya head up behind so many tears until the end of time you stay true


MA’AM, PUT YOUR BREASTS AWAY AND STEP BACK FROM THE TODDLER By Xicano 073 Recently, Sesame Street pulled a clip featuring Elmo and Katy Perry because parents were upset that she was showing too much skin. As a parent myself, I understand the idea that there are certain places that we should consider safe havens for our kids. Sesame Street has always been one of them. I didn’t get offended when some got a scheduled appearance by Snoop Dogg cancelled, because as much as I believe in his right to be the most famous pothead in the world, it’s not exactly an easy discussion to have with a toddler. Then again, I’m pretty sure Snoop and Snuffy weren’t buying Zig Zags at Mr. Hooper’s store, but I digress. This Katy Perry story is annoying because I hate to even think about these no talent pop stars, but I must defend her by proxy and scold the offended parents. Let me simplify my argument to one sentence: They are just breasts. Every woman has them and many of Sesame Street’s key demographic were, until fairly recently, feeding off of them. A quick walk through any art or history museum will reveal many exposed breasts and it’s all in the name of education. Perry wasn’t even nude. Okay, okay, I’m being very flippant about her poor sense of taste on a children’s show. My suggestion, then, would have been to take advantage of what is a readymade teachable moment. “Kids, do you know what self-esteem is? It’s a way of describing your own self-worth. What does Ms. Perry’s need to constantly show off her cleavage say about her selfesteem?” I personally don’t know if Perry suffers from the need to be the center of attention. I’d say her revealing outfits probably conceal deeper truths about who she is. While it’s up to the philosophical, at this and other literary forums, to delve deeper into the psyche of attention-starved pop stars, parents nationwide can slam her mental status and teach their kids a lesson about narcissism. Don’t worry about looking self-righteous or judgmental. It beats how you look right now: simply jealous.

ONE...TWO….ELMO LOVES YOU, KATY I have to say that Xicano makes a valid point. The reality is that although some may have found her outfit to be inappropriate, it is nothing to find quite so offensive nor is it serious enough for the show to cancel the airing. This is just nonsense. The fact is that the appropriateness of her outfit is something that is ultimately just a form of everyone’s opinion. Her outfit, while I found nothing to be wrong with it at all, was something that should have been stipulated in her contract ahead of time. Katy is not new to the scene…she has been on the job for a while. The producers knew what they were getting into when they agreed for her to appear as a guest on the show. I feel that the entire situation was just silly and sort of obnoxious. I feel that on behalf of the producers and execs, they were just quite unprofessional. Katy has had a reputation for being adventurous, edgy, and sexy in all she does…this for her was no exception. She even toned it down…just take a look at her recent appearances on SNL and the Simpsons…Now those are just plain hot as is Katy. Katy, I support you girl in all your endeavors. Keep it fresh, girl. Much love & respect.

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Crash Override & CNB Publishing



Marriage is not what it used to be. Is it Social? Spiritual? Symbolic? Lately, marriage has become a justification for things rather than things justifying a marriage. Things that are heard far too often: ‘we are married so we can get the benefits’ … ‘we are married so our children get the benefits’ … ‘we are married so my parents will approve’ … ‘we are married so my religion will approve’… ‘all my friends are getting married’ … ‘I’m getting too old to not be married’ … What are heard less frequently are: ‘we are in love and want to be together forever’ … ‘we want kids someday’ … ‘it is a tradition in my family to…’ According to public opinions and polls, the most common reasons for getting married in this day and age are exactly the above reasons for not getting married. The common reasons, in no particular order, are: starting a family or already having children with someone … financial security or the anticipation for an increase in income … outside influence and pressure from friends and family and sometimes from one partner on the other … it’s a matter of time because one needs companionship in order to avoid loneliness … to gain legal, medical, and tax related benefits. Love and romance and matters of faith don’t quite make this list. Inevitably though, love is used as the measure of value used to decide to leave or stay in a marriage. Throughout history, marriage has been a traditional ceremony with roots in religious practice. In reality, it is a man made institution therefore it is difficult to define what it is and should be. Although many are trying to prevent change, the truth is that it has already changed. Marriage in the legal sense is very different from marriage in the traditional sense. How I see it, marriage originated much like a contract before it was recognized legally as a contract; it was practical not passionate. Marriage was a commitment (a contract) by which two people were bound into for the purpose of sustainability. Love and mutual respect were a goal not a precedent.

Even still, the concept of marriage is not identical around the world and across different cultures. The reasons for entering into and staying in a marriage will vary depending on the culture. Yet, the Western world will honor and acknowledge any of those unions simply because they agree with the ‘custom’ of man and woman. Without a consensus on the expectations for marriage, how can it be one thing and not another? By that logic, why does the gender of the participants matter? In my opinion, any two people who want to be married should be allowed to have the benefits of marriage. On that note, I don’t think that marriage should entitle someone to any benefits. A marriage in a particular culture or religion is entitled to be recognized in that culture or religion, but I just don’t understand the reasoning behind some of the benefits provided by the government. The greatest benefit that should accompany a marriage is public recognition. Presently, marriage has become a technicality; it’s just something that you do. It has always been a voluntary process but the necessity of being married has weakened. That doesn’t remove the desire and I’m not sure anything ever will. It is simply a legal document that you are sworn to uphold but one that is completely reversible. Therefore it makes sense that marriage in the legal sense is impractical since it is based on things that are also impractical, like love. I would go as far to say that vows should be changed to reflect your intentions. If you are going to enter into a marriage with the possibility of divorce as an option should the love ever dissipate, then I think you should take out ‘til death do us part’ if in your head the attitude is ‘til the love runs out.’ There has to be the presumption of forever going into it for it to be forever. My proposal is that what we call legal marriage should not be called a marriage. It is a religious tradition; therefore, if religion is not a part of your decision, marriage is not what it should be called…not only that, its attributes cannot be subjected to a legal contract. The most widely accepted qualities of what marriage is supposed to be about are love and commitment and foreverness. Marrying and then remarrying… marrying out of convenience…marrying to prove something…none quite fit the feeling and they break the mold. What it comes down to is, for whatever reason you get ‘married,’ be sure that it is your reason. Since you have to cite a reason to get divorced, maybe you should have to cite a reason to get married…just a thought.

glitter is raining down from the heavens and balloons are everywhere there is a slight mist that is clouding our feet yet many of the ladies feet still stand out as their gorgeous stilletos and platforms shimmer as you look around there is not an unfly cat in sight at every glance nothing but the highest class only the phattest jams continue to ring out in the distance and are on a constant loop changing with every whimsical notion crowded in the living room is every possible family member she can remember as she cant bare a moment to be away from any single one as they sip from golden accented crystal goblets laughing and joking amongst each other enjoying each second they share they mingle with the lady's of the house fabulous guests avril lavigne is in the lounge with billie joe armstrong tony hawk angelina jolie and selena gomez you can overhear the constant chatter on politics as billie is profusely expressing his views with the ladies tony is kicking back mingling with the common folk while taking it all in on the second floor balcony hillary clinton laughs out loud with tre cool sean paul is busting moves on the dance floor with zac efron and john travolta while miley cyrus and hilary duff sit back with the other young ladies in awe and try keeping their cool as they wish not for the others to see them stare at the hotties on the dance floor the sprouse twins can be found taking a dip in the pool with lady gaga and adam sandler as you can see everybody who is anybody is obviously there as this is the hottest party on the planet and guaranteed to satisfy all urges as there is no such thing as an urge or desire once you pass through the doors of this palace all dreams are instantly turned into reality as long as coming from a place of purity bret favre and aj hawk show up with arron kampman and donald driver and start a pick up game outside with chad ocho cinco and vince young others begin to join in cousins uncles friends and family a pretty intense game gets under way as the lady of the house joins in accompanied by some of the other ladies looking fabulous covered in glitter they take their spot in the huddle and prepare to fight and dig deep for that pigskin they all want their shot and dont expect for it to come easy and thats just how they like it if it was easy everyone would do it she grits her teeth and digs her knuckles into the grass as she lines up for the blitz as she is on defense she delivers a spear into the chest of the full back as he breaks the plane out comes the ball her team quickly recovers and is quickly leveled she lines up in the huddle favre calls for an ooptie oop her eyes slant and dart towards her quarterback knowing that it is going up and deep she gets out there on the receiving end of a miraculous touchdown pass she is carried back into the house on the shoulders of john cena as he continues to sing her praises as one of the most phenomenal athletes he has ever seen as she reenters the house she gazes around.....

As a man trying to be a feminist (which, for all I know, isn’t possible), I know that my enjoying watching attractive women (notice I said ‘hot chicks’ earlier) dance is both in my nature and counterproductive. No culture is perfect. Whether Mexican, Irish, Arabic, etc. there are always parts of the traditions that we must reject as unprogressive. For us orphans of America who claim Hip Hop as our culture, we carry our superiority on our faces, but we are far from perfect ourselves. Hip Hop is sexist, and the proof is beyond the lyrics of the latest club hit. The best evidence, anecdotal though it may be, is how most female MCs have been portrayed, either as unfeminine ‘one of the guys’ or as blow up doll puppets of male producers/ghostwriters. There are exceptions to the rule, but even the critical element of our culture (small as it may be) never discusses these albums in the same breath as “Illmatic,” “It Takes a Nation…,” or “The Chronic.” Maybe the problem, is that Hip Hop is viewed as youth culture (the folly of youth being its complete obsession with sex and ‘cool‘). It’s hard to argue with that. From those teenagers who set it off in the South Bronx, to the relative youth of every major artist in its short history, being young (and cocky, angry, etc.) has been a major driving force for most MCs. My attachment to Hip Hop, however, has always been about what I could learn from these mic wielders. From my early days, when it was Chuck and Kris (’the teacha’) to the current wave of long-on-the-grind rappers who are like the big brothers I never had (Visionaries, Rhymesayers, Def Jux, etc.), I’ve looked up to rappers to open my eyes to truths I may have missed. As much as I might enjoy watching a new, mainstream rap video nowadays, I don’t think there is much I could learn from watching beautiful women shaking their sexiness. Or am I just getting old?

by AcidBurn

Love will sneak up on you It does not make a sound Love taps you on the shoulder It hopes and waits for you to turn around Love appears as a glowing light It guides your path and brings you warmth Love remains in the shadow It enjoys being the spectator Love pulls you in It does not want you to escape Love pushes you out It wants you to take risks Love blinds you It wants you to only see good things Love opens your eyes It wants you to see things blossom Love pokes a finger at your chest It points out your faults Love will punch you in the stomach It does not like your anger Love trips you takes your feet from you It does not laugh when you fall Love reaches out to pick you up It will not leave you behind Love is unpredictable It is painful to endure Love is dependable It is painful when it’s gone

"i'm not like them but i can pretend the sun is gone but i have a light the day is done but i'm having fun i think i'm dumb or maybe just happy think i'm just happy" but no kurt was right

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Thursday 7:19 PM I know we aren’t going to leave until Saturday but I’m bored. I just can’t wait at all. We’re going on a TRAIN! The train leaves at 700 AM so we have to wake up at 500 AM(agghhh!). The temptation was so bad I had to write. It leaves 7/17/10 and it gets back 7/28/10. The time we get back is 1000 PM so I can’t go to my mom’s until the next day. It’s time for dinner. Write you on Saturday. Saturday 10:03 AM I’m watching “Back to the Future” and we’re going to stop. It’s very cold on the train. I’m having lots of fun. We just stopped in Taylor, TX and I think I’m going to take a nap so… I got to go. Saturday 12ish Yeah, my dad’s asleep and so is Felicia, so…I had nothing else to do. Have you ever been in a place that you didn’t know anybody and the people you did know were asleep or not there? Well, that’s how I feel. It’s not claustrophobicnous or something you know what I mean, it’s just loneliness. I don’t know who to talk to. I want to go get some juice but I don’t want to get in trouble if my dad is still awake. I could get for some juice, but I need to check. Here it goes. Well that didn’t work. So now I think I’m going to get some water

1 minute later I’m back . I just can’t wait for lunch right now. I don’t have any tunes to jam to because I don’t want it to die on me later. Well it has 3 bars so it’s full but I don’t trust it. We’re about to get to Macruger TX I think we’re here. Half an hour later We’re going to eat lunch soon so I can’t write. I just wanted to say that the food sounds great. There are salads and steak sandwiches. Saturday 5:04 Pm It’s freaking cold in here. We just came back from the lounge car and it was nice and toasty. I really miss it so much. I finally figured that I might as well listen to my tunes right now. I’m listening to Green Day. Felicia, my dad, and I are all writing. I want to write more than I did with “A Trip to Ohio” that was really small. Right now I’m writing a story about the supernatural but my character needs a way to get his supernatural power. I’m thinking that when he was on a camping trip with his girlfriend while their hiking he falls into a toxic lake and when they find his body it is perfectly find! I’ll look into it. Besides that… This trip is taking forever. We’re not getting out of the Texas until 8:45 PM or maybe even later so we have a lot more pages to go. I miss my mom but it’s only been a few hours. I want to be there NOW. My ear is killing me! I need a Q-Tip. Back from the bathroom. I just needed to wipe my ear out. It didn’t help at all! Right now if I look outside I see lots and lots of trees as far as the eyes can see. I may be exaggerating, but I don’t know. This is way better than the last car trip I took to ohio. Obviously but we did go a lot faster. I guess it’s worth it to get all the way to JOLIET, IL. I’m having fun but I still can’t wait until ELGIN. We’re getting there about 1:00-1:30. We’re picking up lots of souvenirs like receipts and luggage tags. I know I’m just rambling but I just want to keep you entertained. Bye, talk to you later! Sunday 7:20 I got a good night’s sleep. We just stopped in St Louis and know we don’t have any other stops until Illinois! Then when we get to Illinois we have 4 stops. I want to go to the lounge car, but since people are waiting for breakfast their in the there.

A walk to the lounge car Well I just got here and there is nobody here at all. We’re just playing 13 and it’s really fun to play. It’s kind of like poker apparently, I don’t play well I haven’t played poker in a while(story hint :poker night). Sunday 9:00 There is this place downstairs called the AL LA CART and the person that runs the al la cart is named Monty. HE! IS! AWSOME! (Felicia correction = “a la carte”) Yeah, whatever! He gave us FREE stuff! Sunday 11:11 This is going to be hilarious. Listen, there are these kids that sit in the lounge car all day. Well today I put my DS on while they were playing Pictochat ( a thing you can do on the DS that allows you to talk to other people with a DS) and they totally Freaked! It was hilarious until they kinda found me then we all played together. Sunday 3:30 It’s so boring right now. We’re sitting in the middle of a McDonalds in Joliet because we couldn’t find a car rental place near the train station. So we are just sitting and I took it as an opportunity to write. I’ve got nothing except we were in a taxi looking for a place for my great aunt or some body in my family. We’ve been sitting here for like an hour and a half. Maybe 2. Present time After that we did lots of stuff including me and my dad singing in the rain. I had lots of fun you would have too. Ha ha ha ha.

song written by: Princess I’m fighting and I’m lonely Nothing left to do. Climbing up the mountains, Climbing till’ I’m through. I just can’t find the faith I just can’t find the way. I’m running through the wind Everything is going again. I’m so loud And I’m so proud, Nothing can stop me now. Running ‘til the end, I just can’t seem to blend. Woh-oh-oh, Yeah!

Princess Paranormal Activity It can really happen so watch out for demons and scary creatures! If you watch this you will begin the fear. you might want to get your feet up for this one. I hope you enjoy the movie!!!

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Choice Magazine - Winter2010  

Choice Magazine

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