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Over the years it seems to that this is when people go more and more into debt. It started out with a Christmas account to save for it each year, then moved on to going over some, till now - we get into debt further and further each year. And a lot of people have forgotten what it's really about. Children are thinking it's just for gifts. All of us should make sure we don't forget and make sure children learn, it's giving and loving and celebrating but we are celebrating our Lord's birth. We have a wonderful Savior born on Christmas. The Son of God (who created this world and each of us). Without God, there is no hope for happiness, peace, and our existence. I believe it is never too young or too old to start to know God and Jesus Christ. The Bible is the story of man and the story of the world. It is our rules for life. And the words can get us through everything. God is the answer for everything. Another thing we are never alone. God & Jesus are always with us. The Christmas story or the story of Jesus' birth is amazing and beautiful; if you haven't read it you should. Christmas is for praising God, being thankful for Jesus' birth, loving, giving and sharing. If you know people in need, pray for them, or help them if possible. Come up with ideas of your own. This is a time for loving and sharing with everyone. We have to come together and love each other and stop the anger and hate and violence or we are doomed. And if you take a look around at our children and youth maybe it will help us to realize we owe it to them to feel and see love for everyone. This is from my heart I love and pray for all of you. Thank You Lord God Bless us All "Only He Can Get Us Through" Love, The Frosted Flake

Poem for Jen

We miss you!

for the Love of Jen oh where can i begin written in the stars a success she's destined to be a patriot a soldier we had only yet to see a phenomena is she one i am lucky to know for all that she does paying a debt that alone she does not owe a new deployment off she must go a new destination one of which is unknown all of this, sum of our fears sitting at home we'll shed no tears for upon her return we'll share some beers till that day nothing but cheers sitting back now having a drink with Joker we smile and nod, this one goes out to Jennifer Boker an Angel sent from above Jen, I truly do Love to my kid sis I truly will miss Jen, we love and miss you so much. We are so proud of you for all you do; just please come back home soon!

You didn’t do anything wrong You just had to leave I know you didn’t deserve this I could do no more I thought I’d always have you I thought that all was fine You thought all was fine You will think no more You used to nourish me You will eat no more I cannot feed you I will eat no more I came to visit you I showed you that I cared You saw me one last time You will see no more You didn’t want your fate to be mine You did all that you could I will feel the pain until I will hurt no more I weep because I miss you I weep because I can’t hear you You can’t hear me now You will listen no more You are cold You are alone I am weak I live no more



How dare you say what is unwanted Made to feel ashamed, sad and taunted by Xicano 073 Props on another victim claimed Don’t pretend that’s not where you aimed Saturate with your gaze until you soak us An entire landscape, but where’s your camera focus? I have no investment, but still I’m getting sick From all the second-hand hypocrite Thanks for ruining everything, no exaggerate Emotions loop anger to depression and back to hate But I suppress the venom, too many bull’s-eyeballs So I just feel hollow, claustrophobic to these four walls And of all the sad headlines that get me down “Kim looks great, trimmed 11 lbs.” Save your theories and excuses, they’re all bunk ‘Cause in your words, not mine, all lost was junk

Sittin on the front porch the big yellow moon shining behind you you are so beautiful compared to the moon the moon just competing with you getting bigger as the night rolls on. we begin to enjoy the night getting lost in the moment praying we never have to return to reality laying out in the pasture cursing the day as the sun rises from behind the barn reminding me of the busy day ahead of me as i hear the thunder roll in i thank god for the day he has blessed us with love making in the Texas Rain. then i hear the alarm clock ringing and wake up in our big ole bed all alone cause you left me for the big lights of vegas so i get up and began my chores with a simple tear in my Eye.

1 Roll store bought cookie dough (sugar) Assortment of sprinkles, M&Ms, colored coconut, chocolate kisses, etc. Slice your cookie dough into 1/4 inch slices. Pre-heat oven according to package. Put your decorations on and bake to cookie dough directions. The whole family can decorate even little ones! They taste so much better when you make them together. (And you all did the work so they are yours now!) *If you get some regular chocolate kisses you pull the cookies out and unwrap and press a chocolate kiss in the center soon as you pull cookies out of oven. Then let cool. *You can mix and match cookie dough and decorations; ex: peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses! Really Grrreat! Enjoy at Holidays or Anytime!

The Frosted Flake

Jada Cheng, a beautiful young girl who is taking the world by storm. I am so pleased to have been given the privilege to bring you this interview with this lovely lady. Jada is an extremely driven hard working individual, and no one knows what she’ll be doing next! Your modeling career got started back in September ’05 at a car show. What was it about modeling that piqued your interest? Actually it was the HOT models So I can be around them @ ALL Times ! =) Looks like you are the spokes Model for Sassy Assy Clothing Store; how involved do you get with the company? I am their #1 Spokesmodel & am involved in every aspect of the company! How do you think this will develop in the future? We will take over the world a city at a time! =) haha What would have to be the coolest place you have ever been? Mainland CHINA BABY! I understand that you are working on getting a degree in accounting. I personally love math, but what sparked your interest in accounting? I Love Math ^_^ That is so Awesome.

You have mentioned that you intend on traveling more for your own pleasure after you finish getting your degree; where would you like to go? DUBAI BABY!! And ALL OVER the WORLD =D You have also taken up a music career; how are you enjoying the R&B and Hip Hop lifestyle? I Love the Urban Lifestyle born & raised in NYC its nothing but the Great Hip Hop Lifestyle here! Has the industry been good to you thus far? Yup & I love the Industry! Being a live-in-the-moment kind of girl; what would be the craziest situation you have ever been in? Having 2 HOT chicks fight 4 ME! OMG! If you had to pick, what is your favorite asset? My NEW developing abs LMAO Do you have any guilty pleasures? I HEART ICE CREAM CAKE!! YUM =) I don’t think people fully understand what all you go through to keep your fans happy and pleased. Would you like to shed a little light on that? I CARE about my FANS! Even with my BUSY Schedule I try to keep in touch with them as much as I can! I LOVE EACH & EVERY SINGLE 1 of THEM!! =D

How do you deal with the myspace fakers that steal all your work? I try my best to get them Deleted but if that does not work then they will have to deal with Legal issues! You have done so much thus far at such a young age; what would you say would have been your greatest accomplishment and where do you see yourself going? My greatest accomplishment is getting as far as I did in this industry & Im not done yet I still gotta long way to the TOP! =) Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans? I LOVE U ALL TO DEATH!! AND CHECK OUT: Twitter- FB- Myspace-

Jada, We want to say thank you for giving us this opportunity and sharing these things with us, our readers, and our friends. And thank you for being such a great friend! Good Luck in everything you do. Much Love, -Crash

in now a moment when all are up in arms we call out now in need of your charms all this done in the name of thee i ask you now to hear this plea as i lay now in my humble bed i wish not for a land of dead

in any moment the scales may tip

from the golden cup my lips will sip day by day in this endless war

i'll defend you now forever more

for all your beauty i wish the world to see basking in your majesty

something honest something pure of this twas born indeed for sure

listen now to the celestial chord need not i say another word



造Although it sounds easy enough, becoming a vegetarian is not a simple alteration; it is a complete change of life if you are to remain healthy. I sincerely advise against choosing this way of life, but if this is a decision you have made for any reason, then I strongly recommend that you see a dietician or nutritionist. That way, you can plan an adequate diet to stay healthy. Like I said, it is not easy. It means more than to just to remove meat and its byproducts from your diet; you will need to add a variety of things into it. 造There are important nutrients that you can be missing out on when you eliminate meat from your diet. For the most part, meat is the best source for many nutrients you need to prevent disease, to maintain energy & proper growth, and even keep hair & skin looking healthy. Fortunately, there are other ways to receive these important nutrients; the important thing is to know how. The best way is to replace foods in your daily meals. Certain plant foods can be high in some nutrients and not in others, so you will need a proper balance. If all else fails, there are supplements that can be consumed on regular basis to provide essential nutrients, but they can never compare to the natural digestion through the consumption of food. Some specifics that you must make a concern for are protein, vitamins, and minerals. 造Protein intake is always a concern, but it is also one of the necessities that can be completely supplied from food. No supplements of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are necessary when a variety of protein sources are consumed. When you eat meat, there will not be a shortage of the eight essential amino acids. However, food like rice or legumes, do not individually supply all of your necessary amino acids and hence the need to consume multiple protein sources. Vitamins that are essential are contained in most fruits, vegetables, and grains, but are also readily available as a supplement. However, supplements will only contain vitamins that have been identified by science to be necessary and beneficial to health. There are likely many nutrients in food that are also good for you but are unidentified to date. Diseases that can result from a poor diet include scurvy from lack of vitamin C, rickets from lack of vitamin D, and a variety of debilitating diseases from lack of B vitamins. In particular, vitamin B6 can be found in high amounts in a limited number of foods, in particular, potatoes, bananas, red meat, poultry, and chickpeas. The vitamin B6 will not be stored in the body after it is eaten, so you will need a consistent daily supply. As the vitamin spreads through the body and makes its way to your brain, it facilitates synthesis of neurotransmitters which makes you feel calm and happy. Minerals deficiencies typically involve iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

造The effects of these deficiencies can mimic those associated with malnutrition, because in the same way, you are denying your body essential building blocks. These related diseases can include diabetes, dementia, and mental retardation. The benefits, on the other hand, of a vegetarian diet can be various and vast. A vegetarian diet generally contains less fat and cholesterol, and typically includes more fiber. The benefits are meaningless if you are acquiring additional problems. If you are serious about this lifestyle, be serious about your health. A balanced diet along with supplements for the nutrients that you may be omitting is necessary for a long, healthy, happy life. 造Even the healthiest of meat eating individuals could improve their health and intake of important vitamins and other nutrients. A good route to follow vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike is the one that includes all the colors of the rainbow. The phytochemicals that give these fruits and vegetables their bright colors are also great for your health. Most of the items below contain necessary vitamins, minerals, and the most powerful antioxidants. The effects of their nutrients can have positive effects including: Boosting immunity; Strengthening of muscle fibers; Improving heart, brain, and nerve health; Decreasing risks of certain cancers; Improving memory; Regulating sleeping cycles; Maintaining eyesight. Be informed and be healthy.

Red like Beets, Blood Oranges, Cherries, Radishes, Red Apples, Red Grapes, Red Onions, Red Peppers, Red Potatoes, Strawberries, and Tomatoes. These items are often high in vitamin A & C, potassium, magnesium, and healthy antioxidants. Specific antioxidants include melatonin found in cherries and lycopene found in tomatoes. Yellow & Orange like Apricots, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Grapefruit, Lemons, Mangoes, Nectarines, Oranges, Orange Peppers, Pumpkins, Squash, Sweet Corn, Yellow Apples, Yellow Figs, and Yellow Peppers. These items are often high in vitamin B & C (especially Oranges), fiber, iron, potassium, riboflavin, flavonoids, provitamin beta carotene, and healthy antioxidants. Green like Asparagus, Avocados, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Celery, Cucumbers, Green Apples, Green Beans, Green Cabbage, Green Grapes, Kiwifruit, Peas, Romaine, and Spinach. These items are often high in vitamin A, B, & C, protein, fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, and healthy antioxidants. Blue & Purple like Blueberries, Blackberries, Eggplant, Plums, Purple Cabbage, Purple Figs, Purple Grapes, and Purple Pepper. These items are often high in vitamin A, C, & K, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and healthy antioxidants. White like Bananas, Cauliflower, Dates, Garlic, Ginger, Mushrooms, Onions, White Nectarines, and White Peaches. Phytochemicals in these items are healthy antioxidants.

My apology is hard to give. My apology is sincere. I know I'm hard to forgive. and I know it's what you need to hear. I'm a complete fool, you see. For making you feel this way. But, please listen to my plea. How I feel about you, increases everyday. Your the only person in the world I have left. Yet, I'm so scared you'll leave like all the rest. I don't want us to become like a bereft. I want you to know, having you is the best. I don't treat you as I should, and for that I feel unworthy But, do anything for you, I would. But, that still doesn't make me worthy. I know it may be too late to say sorry. but, I'll try over and over again. Your eyes, they've never seemed so starry. With you, I've got everything to gain. You try and try, and I never falter. For fear of past events reoccurring. You swear one day I'll meet you at the altar. That event in my head is stirring. You and I, were one of a kind. Polar opposites sometimes. But, stranger things one will find. We've been together through hard times.

I've built quite a barrier So high, I expected no one could climb. I don't mean to be such a harrier, I know sometimes I'm not worth a dime. In this cold, cold heart of mine. You will find warmth in my rhyme. A spark that shines so divine. A song sings so sublime. So, if you could find it in your heart To forgive a fool such as me. I don't know if I could handle us being apart. and you I hope will agree Nothing's the same when we're apart It's like an eclipse over a full moon. Everything's in the dark. and with you its like mid-June. Sometimes we may fight but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Trust me, your like my knight. My feelings for you were never untrue. You make me want to do some good. In this horrible world we reside in. Sometimes, I think you've misunderstood In the war over my heart, you win. You cause my knees to shake and my heart to skip many beats and I can't quite put on the brakes hiding how I feel is but my own defeat.

Kiss me slowly in this rhythm My love for you shall never falter My heart sings for you a hymn My love can never alter I've treated you badly While I'm stuck in the past But stay with you, I will gladly. I really want us to last. I'm such a bad person, and when I say I'm going to change. All I ever do is worsen. All I ever do is derange. How can you forgive such a beast? Time and time again, to my surprise. How come your love is never at it's least? I see everything in your eyes. I see I mean so much to you, and I see the pain I put you through To you I need to be true Guys such as you are too few. So, I know I may not always say it. For, that I owe you my honest sorry. You and I just kind of... fit. Your relationship with me might be like a safari. but always remember one thing will be true. Remember, that I'll always love you.

I’m not trying to start arguments, but there are things I hear the average pundit/writer/ newsman/politician/citizen say, that just start the political discussion from a -10, rather than an even zero. You may completely disagree with my conclusions, but the facts speak for themselves. We all know we’ve been lied to since birth, so why we take certain things on faith is beyond me. For starters, America is barely a democracy, and even that’s arguable most of the time. From its inception in 1776 until the Fifteenth Amendment passed after the Civil War, America wasn’t a democracy because Black people weren’t guaranteed the right to vote (even if they weren’t held in slavery prior to that time). But we’ve been a democracy since then, right? Not to the half of the population who are responsible for the totality of life on this planet. They weren’t granted the right to vote until 1920. But after that, right? No, because Black people still weren’t allowed to vote. (But, but…you just said two sentences ago…) You see, even with a Constitutional Amendment, America’s Black citizens were still kept away from the polls through literacy tests, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, Jim Crow laws, and outright terrorism and intimidation. Not until the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 did all this come to an end (sort of). So since 1965, America’s been a democracy, right? (oh please, this time let it be true) Well, yes and no. We’re going on 44 years now of unreal choices and compromises (see Choice issue #2 for details). But yes, everyone is guaranteed the right to vote now…Except felons who lost the right

and failed to get it back…And people who are ‘mistakenly’ purged from voter rolls because they’re labeled as felons (Google: election fraud, Florida, Bush family…see, sort of). These are minor quibbles though, compared to my bigger beefs with the democratic process in America. As much as the Republican and Democratic parties hate each other, there is a group that hates them even more: the American citizens. We all know that neither one represents our interests, but this country (except for rare moments in our history) has always been a two party state (and neither one has the right music, enough beer, or good looking women). Even the most insanely laughable ‘democracy’ has more choices on a ballot. Many countries can’t even have functioning governments unless two or more parties form a coalition. One party may have a majority, but without the votes and influence of other, smaller parties, they’ll never get over the fifty percent mark that it takes to be able to claim a victory for your platform. In countries where this kind of thing happens, political parties represent a more realistic picture of the citizenry. This is why Hezbollah has political influence in Lebanon, and why ultra conservative/racist parties in Germany, France, and Israel are routinely brought into coalition. Not a compelling argument for multi-party democracy? What about the number of Socialist, Labor, Communist, and Green parties that not only exist in most functioning democracies, but actually have candidates win seats for major political office? Wherever you stand politically, more choice is always a good thing (and Choice is a good thing, tell a friend or thirty). No one ever goes to a buffet and says, “There are just too many choices. Couldn’t it just be meat and potatoes?” (Never neglect eating your GREENS.) The biggest reason this isn’t functioning democracy, however, is the electoral college. Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but Bush won the electoral college (sort of…again: election fraud, Florida, Bush family…). Bush won the popular vote in 2004, but if the grasping-at-straws Democrats were right about election fraud in Ohio, Kerry would have won the electoral college. Some antiquated notion that ‘one person, one vote’ is unfair to the smaller states is just preposterous. When the candidates campaign, roughly forty states are completely irrelevant. How does that bring the ‘will of the people’ to Washington? The same states, the same voters are catered to election cycle after election cycle. It is time to do away with this elitist holdover from the architects of the Constitution who feared real democracy. (And has anything changed? We shall see…) The political system we have in this country is better than most countries, but is far from ideal and not even the best in existence at the moment. When one realizes this, it puts very much in perspective how most Americans look down at the rest of the world, how we proclaim that we have all the answers. We want to spread democracy to the rest of the world, but we might want to try it here first. Just a thought.

I remember as a child certain TV shows weren't shown till after 9:00 p.m. and even those didn't have cussing, they were a lot of detective shows, the serious news. We were sent to play when the 6:00 p.m. news came on. Lucy & Ricky had twin beds. Sex wasn't even insinuated. The couples on TV kissed on the cheek only and that was married couples. I hadn't thought about it in a while, you know how sometimes you realize all of a sudden things have changed more than you've let yourself think about. Well this happened to me - I was cooking dinner. My 26 year old son and I were watching TV together, I had gone in the kitchen for a minute and I heard Jason (my son) say, "Mom, did you hear that? Did you hear what they said?" He said, "come listen!" I sat down and we listened. I can't remember what it was but it was 6-7:00 p.m. Family Time, and it was terrible to realize how bad it's getting, even cartoons, teen shows, Family TV that used to be safe for your children. Now you really need to watch things first before your child can watch. There's no certain time of day that there's definitely a guarantee that it's acceptable for children. We have to try to protect our children from as much as we can. Some suggestions to help, watch movies or videos, DVDs before your children do. Talk to other parents to help each other by word of mouth. The families close to yours have an agreement with them of what is acceptable and what's not. As Parents, Grandparents and anyone dealing with children, we have to support each other and work together for all of our kids to stay as innocent as possible. So they can enjoy life as children and young people should. They don't need to know everything and hear and see everything. We have to try our best to keep things age appropriate. I pray for all our children every day for us to get back to some of the old-fashioned ways. God Bless our Children, & Us as parents for them.

Sincerely, The Frosted Flake

Taking a moment, I’d like you all to get to know my dear and sweet friend, Ms. Diana Leyton. She is a very sweet and sincere person who is devoted to her fans and her work. She works very hard at growing as a young entrepreneur while always finding new adventurous ways to promote herself. She deserves much love & support. She lives in San Jose, Costa Rica. She does modeling work, owns a gym, gives tours of the mountains while awaiting modeling jobs. She is 5'-6" with light brown hair, brown eyes, and measures 36c-24-36, 115 lbs. dress size 1. Her interests include: scuba diving, dancing, swimming, exercising, reading, writing, moonlit beaches, camping, and charity work. She is single and a Taurus. The music she enjoys is Latin, jazz pop, contemporary, and some alternative. She likes romantic, comedy, and action movies. She likes non-fiction history books and romantic ones as well. “As a model I like to fulfill a dream, to feel like a beauty that all people enjoy. I like to make people happy. I want to reach as much as I can. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I think that it is the start of a new day of my life and that I will try to do the best that I can. I am very romantic, well some times I don't believe in that, but it is a part of my self, being romantic. I read a lot of romantic books and watch romantic films, and dream away with it.” -Diana Leyton She would like to make contacts to further her career and get modeling, commercial, TV, and movie work. Email is the best way to contact Diana. You can find Diana in numerous places such as: Print mags = Cover girl Jan.09 issue Diamond Magazine Models, Jan.09 Hustler Mag., knave mag, Plush Mag, Flirt Mag., cover girl Diamond Magazine Models Aug. 2008, Maxim en Espanol mag Feb.08. Featured in Choice magazines 2008 Halloween issue and spring 09 issue, Featured model on VBLAZIN'S new After Dark Mag, Body paint model at Live art air brush expo Fantasy Fest 2008, Model of yr at yahoo group bestmodelzone. MoM at various yahoo groups. I have done some little model work in Costa Rica. DaMag2009 TV show promotions. appeared on a couple of shows for the TV show"El Show de Fernando Hildago" Future magazines= Glamix, Models Mania See me at, web, (model of month), feature model, (feature model w/interview & travelpiece, (Oct.07 MoM),,,,, (choice magazine 08 Halloween issue),,,,

There have been a lot of complaints lately about the school system in which we are bringing up our children. Many are unaware of the big picture and all things that have combined to make the situation all the more difficult for the children while blinded to the reality of the simplest solution right before them. The politicians and government officials that take the necessary actions to get the laws passed and the standards set care about numbers; it's what they know and must go by. They review numbers on paper, notice an anomaly or problem, and make adjustments to assess the situation. When considering the well being of the children in this country, we can only assume that they act on these decisions with all the best intentions in mind as these decisions will affect their children as well as ours and the rest of the country's. But clearly sometimes the choices made are not as pleasing to the masses. Many seem to be complaining about the new work load on the children. As a parent I do agree that the work load is a little heavy, but they can do it. It would be nice if it wasn't so heavy, but if parents just give their children a little help, the children will be just fine. I spent much of last year speaking with my daughter's fourth grade teacher and have come to realize that the biggest problem the children as well as the teachers & the parents are facing is the TAKS Test. Everyone knows that standardized tests prove very little, but they are important. Their importance or relevance isn't really the issue at this moment because they are required none the less therefore our opinions have no place here. The real problem is that in third grade the teachers are pressuring the children because they are feeling the pressure from their superiors. This causes a problem not only because now our children are feeling added pressure on top of the now heavier work load, but now teachers are feeling the need to be direct with their students and inform them of things such as, "We must focus on reading prep for the TAKS, because that is what you need to move on to the fourth grade." They actually inform their students that there is no need to focus on things such as mathematics because, "You only have to pass the reading portion." This causes a problem for the children as well as the fourth grade teachers and the parents. There are so many children in the fourth grade that are having trouble getting through their homework because it is assumed that they have some background in mathematics because they are in the fourth grade yet they are completely unable to do third grade math because the focus was on reading

and writing. Now, in fourth grade and having troubles with their homework and class work because of the lack of preparation, these students are in for an even bigger problem when they face the TAKS Test and will be required to have a fourth grade level of mathematical skills. This is serious, but have no fear...there is a very simple solution. Our children are all capable of succeeding even under these new heavier work loads and with the pressure of the teachers. If we all just rolled our sleeves up, sat down with our children, and helped guide them even just a little bit they would have the whole world ahead of them. We need to be there for them on so many levels. This is a critical time in the development of their bodies and minds. We must support them physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is pertinent that they are aware of this support and feel that comfort when they sit down in the class room or sit down to do their homework. Just the feeling of that support can be more than enough to give them the confidence needed to overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis...And when it's not enough, then you must dig in a little more. Help them study...practice spelling words, times tables, state capitols...Anything they are having problems with, get in there and make some flash cards and help them out. I have interacted with many people who say, "my son is learning things that I was never taught in school," or, "my daughter is smarter than I am so how could I help?" That isn't the point. The key is to help them. If they can do it, then you should be able to as well. If you never learned it before, learn it now...if not for yourself, for them. They need you. All of our children need us. They need our love and support! There is no problem too big for these children to overcome if they have the proper guidance and motivation! These are our future world leaders, astronauts, and doctors. Let's give them a hand! We are the solution to our children's problems.

Did You Know? In Norway, a classroom works together because they are all invested in each other. If one student fails, the class fails. Just think about that.

Who on Earth is Reggie T.? My name is Reginald Torell. Isn't that cute? I think so, too! =) I’m probably more infamously known for being a mess. Make that a cute mess.



Everyday you come in contact with chemicals that you’ve never heard of and some that you can’t pronounce. Each issue will feature a commonly used chemical or chemicals found in food and beverages, cleaners, and cosmetics. I can tell you a little bit about the chemical itself and what it is used for in an average person’s life.

Sodium bicarbonate, if you don’t already know, is also commonly known as baking soda. Baking powder, similarly, contains baking soda and therefore also contains sodium bicarbonate as a primary ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate has a variety of uses, and most of them involve everyday tasks. It is used in baking as a leavening agent. It is effective as a cleaning agent and as a deodorizer. Along with hydrogen peroxide, it can serve as an alternative to conventional toothpaste. It can be used to put out small fires and electrical fires. It was once even found in some fire extinguishers. The chemical has alkaline characteristics and will therefore react with acids in acid-base reactions. In the presence of acids, like in baking, sodium bicarbonate will react to release carbon dioxide as a gas. This produces the phenomenon commonly know as ‘rising’ with various dough. The production of sodium bicarbonate is a simple process, especially when it is mined naturally from the mineral known as nahcolite. Otherwise, sodium bicarbonate can be prepared artificially on a large scale. This process includes a reaction of several components, ranging from sodium chloride (better known as table salt) and calcium chloride (another mineral) to ammonia, water, and carbon dioxide; and results in several byproducts. It is produced by the millions of tons each year.

NaHCO3 Sodium Bicarbonate

Here we go baby 2 steppin across this ole hardwood floor your feet slide next to mine, not missing a beat Just our 2 hearts beating as one in between dances we sippin on whiskey slipping back into time when we first met on this same ole dance floor. hear our song playing our feet start moving without looking we reach for each other, glide to the floor, with a little sawdust under our feet we slide to the song we dose doe, 2 step, line dance the night away they ring the bell for last call we hop in the truck head home to do a little love making under the stars, and wake up the next day to do it all again THE WONDERFUL LIFE OF A COUPLE IN LOVE.

You go in the restroom and you must wash with a bar of soap  When you leave the restroom, there are no paper towels to dry your dirty hands on  You must then walk past the mile of alcohol to get to the sodas  An entire shelf is reserved for 40s  The Olde E is sold out  They have a hat rack nearly filed with Olde E hats  Obama T-Shirts  Obama T-Shirts in which Obama has bling  More Obama T-Shirts…Now he wears a crown  Role up to the counter only to observe that there are more flavors of Phillies than there are lotto choices  Stacks & stacks of porno, porno, porno  On the counter there is a glass case filed with glass pipes, chains, & belt buckles  Another glass case is filed with ghetto grills that are too small to fit your mouth  As you go to sign your receipt, the cashier hands you a pen not with a cap on it but instead a Black & Mild mouth piece 

Gotta love the ghetto, baby.

Hollywood loves telling the same stories over and over again. One of my favorites is the story of a successful and rich man, always a man, who gets hit in the head or hit by a car or just falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he finds out what life would have been like if he had just held onto that one special girl, and the kids they have or coulda, woulda, shoulda had together. Then he comes to, realizes it wasn’t real and chases down the love of his life and apologies for the ass he’s been. He’ll be a better husband, better father, stop being a workaholic and stop fantasizing about his secretary with the DSLs and the flirty voice. He loves her and she loves him. Cue the Motown hit song. But what happens when the man wakes up, has the same realizations, chases his love down, admits all the wrong he’s done her, and it’s just too late? There’s another man in his bed, he hardly sees his kids, and to top it off, the high paying job and sexy secretary never existed. Well, then you have real life. There’s no “Someday We‘ll Be Together” playing on the credits of this life, not even “Ain’t No Mountain.” Reality is just way too cruel for Hollywood to deal with. I wonder if this whole time they’ve been telling us about “Happy Endings” it didn’t always mean the same thing: We give them our money just so they can jerk us around.

The newest subsidiary of Crash-N-Burn Inc. We specialize in the promoting of anyone with a unique talent looking to get more exposure. We work with models, musicians, artists, writers, and more.

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I remember like yesterday giving birth to my oldest, “Corey Dean.” Watching him learn to crawl and walk. Then came his brother “JJ” watching him learn and then my daughter “Kyla Radell.” Watching the 3 grow together, play together. Corey Dean took care of the little ones, JJ and Corey Dean were best buddies, and Kyla Radell was the little mommie. Everything they did was so amazing. Just being with them and loving them and teaching them, was the most wonderful time of my life. I also learned from them just as much as they from me. I think raising children is the hardest but most important thing a person can do. It’s sometimes thankless, sleepless, painful, and even scary. But there is nothing more wonderful and fulfilling. Every parent makes mistakes no matter how hard you try not to. We all want things better for our kids. And in my case I wanted mine to know a real family - Mom & Dad both; sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I made many mistakes thinking that way. I also have had severe and critical health since I was 16 years old and after losing 3 babies, I was told I couldn’t have children. I was told to terminate my oldest or I would die. I prayed and ended up having 3 beautiful babies. Because of my health, when their Dad and I split and due to circumstances, I was scared if something happened to me who would take care of my kids. Because of my past I thought that there had to be Mom and Dad and I still believe that’s the best. But I’ve learned that even if though I wanted so desperately to have the perfect family - your kids can still be happy, stable human beings even if they only have one parent. And the most important thing is to give all your heart and soul doing the best you can. My kids are my life and my world; they always have been. And they grow up so fast one minute your taking your first look into their eyes and the next you are being blessed with grandchildren! We all make mistakes as parents but again give your heart to them, do your best. To my 3 beautiful angels: you are my life, my world, and my heart. Even though all the mistakes and when you didn’t think I put you first, you have always been my reason to fight to be the best Mom I can be. I am so proud of the wonderful adults and parents you have become. I have learned so much from you. Thank you my little Angels, you will always be my babies no matter your age. And everyone remember it passes in a flash and there’s no do-overs. Enjoy every second of their lives and build great memories.

Sincerely, The Frosted Flake

I love you Corey, Jason, and Kyla. Thank you all 3. I’m so very blessed. I love you, I love our family.

These are my heroes and made my life wonderful!


“Reggie T.” came about, overnight, from a party that had too many Reggies. One of those other Reggies figured we should go by numbers at the end of our names so that there’d be no confusion on who was needed when our name was called. Of course, he wanted to be Reggie #1. Reggie #2 or #3 didn’t sound like anything I’d be; so, friends referred to me as Reggie T. Going by Reggie was nothing new, but the T was kind of stuck after that.


Crash & Burn’s Official

Hot List Now there are many magazines that have Hot & Not lists, but this one is different. Just so you know, we focus on the HOT and not so much on the not. All else is left up to your own sentiment. Everyday in America, we glorify people for their beauty but sometimes people are over looked or just not given enough credit. Lil Wayne – The hottest commodity on the airwaves today.

You cannot listen to the radio without hearing Wayne at least once every four songs. His unique style and sound makes him stand out each time he’s on the radio. Lil Wayne has become a household name and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Most interestingly, is his smooth linguistic abilities; no matter who features Wayne, it is always Wayne speaking when he rhymes. His poetic abilities are never sugar coated; he’s just Wayne being Wayne! Keep it up, Bro! Much congrats...You’ve come a long way!

The Big Bang Theory – Don’t take this the wrong way, but it takes a special kind of person to follow this show. The characters are adorable but sexy! This show is hot, sexy, fast paced, and highly articulate. The Big Bang Theory is truly genius, whimsical, and just good fun! Witty, exciting, purely Geek-Tacular! It is not for everyone, but can be enjoyed by all!

Christian Slater – Christian Slater has been hot for a long time.

Have you ever noticed that although sometimes not cast in specifically the best movies, somehow the part he plays is just right. Whatever the part is, it is as if it was written specifically for him, yet they are all different. He is an excellent actor. Not only is he an amazing actor, he is so cool, smooth, and what a stud! He is the man; highly underrated!

Marge Simpson – She never seems to age.

Is there nothing she can’t do? Marge has been everything from a tough boxer to a gorgeous big breasted spokes model. She can feed a family of 5 on $8 and looks great while she’s doing it. Marge with your beautiful yellow skin and big blue hair; you always keep the men in Springfield wanting more.

A.R.K. Foundation – This is a new company founded right here in the heart land out of San Antonio, Texas. It has already spread to Corpus Christi and is working on spreading throughout Austin as well as the rest of Texas and approaching Nationwide. This foundation is based on the idea of building a “better quality of life” by networking people together who can all help each other. The A.R.K. Foundation is very big on charities and giving back to the community.

We have been lucky enough to be able to interview ‘Hollywood’s Official Party Girl’ Ms. Jessica Hanson. Jessica is one of the most ambitious women in the business. At the mere age of 25 she is highly accomplished and already living the dream. She’s strong, determined, and driven, and there is no sign of her slowing down anytime in the future. Her career just continues to pick up momentum. She has done so much thus far, and you can look forward to seeing her upcoming reality show about her life that is in development with Fastlane Entertainment. Jessica, it is a pleasure to finally have this interview. I have been looking forward to it. - Me too, thanks! So being that you are from Wimberley, Texas and we are based out of Austin; is there anything you particularly miss about Texas? I definitely miss being with my family. We're a close family, so it’s hard being away for a long period of time. Also, people in TX are generally nicer then those here in LA. Austin’s 6th street is great, the food is amazing, and the people are incredible. You can walk out in shorts and tank top and go anywhere.

That has got to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet; what all does it entail? It’s kind of just a summary of all the things I do. I’m a booking agent, event promoter, and do online marketing, so I’m always having to network and socialize. It’s part of my work to go out at night and meet new people all the time. You never know who you’re going to meet that can help business. You’ve worked with some great people in Hollywood; who have been some of the prominent people you’ve become acquainted with? Hah well acquainted is a great word...not friends, just acquaintances. I know some people from having worked with "celebrities" to just going out all the time and seeing the same people at different places. But names, I don’t think I’ll give out haha. As such an independent, do-it-yourself woman, how did you get started in the business? I started in the music industry when I was 15. I knew what I wanted to do so I just did it. I knew I wanted to be an audio engineer so I called up studios in San Marcos, TX and just asked if I could go take a look for a day. I ended up at Firestation Studios. They don’t accept interns but for me they made an exception and I was there a lot after school to soak it all in. I learned an incredible amount because it was very hands on being that I was the only intern there. They’d tell me things like "Ok, you need to patch this to this, and figure it out fast because the clients waiting." That’s how I learned patching. It was really incredible. So from there I said I wanted to work with Jonny Lang. The first show I went to, I ended up meeting the crew and interning with the FOH engineer on TX and OK shows. That was all before I graduated high school. I’ve always had a "do it" attitude. If I want something, I figure out how to make it happen. You’re not only a promoter and a ‘Party Girl’, you’re also a model; how did you break onto the model scene? That's just for fun, but I started out by testing to be a "Red Lizard Girl", a group of models in the Austin area. That was my first shoot, then as a Red Lizard Girl we just shot whenever. It no longer exists but since then photo shoots have always been a fun little thing to do.

son n a H a Jessic mberley, TX : e m a N : Wi n w o t Home 4'10" : limes 2 Height Choice: h t i f rry w Drink o dka/cranbe vo

Typically the modeling industry is meant for women who are much taller; do you have any words of encouragement for other petite women who have dreams of becoming a model? Oh yea, definitely don’t give up. If it’s something you really want to do, you’re going to keep hearing from agencies that you’re too short, but keep trying. You can always be a commercial model. You’ve got a lot of passion and conviction in your determination to be a success; is there someone in your life that has helped to keep you motivated? No, not really, haha. I’ve never had anyone tell me I’m doing a great job, or anything like that. I just go after what I want and I don’t expect anyone to help me through. Does getting the VIP treatment ever throw you for a surprise or have you just come to expect it? It depends on where I’m at, I guess. I do expect some special attention wherever I go, to some degree. But when I get big VIP treatment that’s sometimes a surprise but I always know I deserve it. With the success you have at such a young age, do you get a lot of haters or do find people show you support because of your ambition? I've had a lot of people that first meet me say I’m a liar. They don’t believe I’ve done the things I’ve done or know certain people. I don’t care, but there’s also a lot of people that are intrigued and want to hear more about what I do. I try not to talk about myself and my work too much though because I know that can get annoying to other people.

by AcidBurn (Actually it is a turn OF phrase, and all that means is ‘a way of saying something.’) This reminds me of all the idioms, old wives’ tales, and other clichéd phrases that are repeated over and over again through out life. Many of us dismiss them as such; “oh, it’s just something you say…that never really happens, right?” Well, in fact, they are all too often very true and they sneak up on you because you don’t address them and give them the attention needed to avoid the fallout. My quote of the day is:

“Don’t Stare at the Sun” Now this one is self explanatory, but also applies to staring in general. Don’t stare. It’s rude if it’s at people; it’s stupid if it’s at something stupid. Even more so, it is a waste of time and distracting. Every child is told by a parent not to stare at the sun. It is surely for the child’s own good. The sun has the potential to burn your retinas and can lead to blindness; and the damage is not repairable. UV damage can also lead to photokeratitis and accelerate the onset of cataracts. I’m not one to make things more difficult for myself on purpose, but if that type of thing is for you, then go ahead and try it. I remember as a kid, I once stared at the sun during a road trip. I don’t know how long I was staring but it had to be a while. The fact that I was staring through a tinted glass window may have diminished the potential for damage, but only time will tell what the future holds. I definitely was not trying to injure myself, but I was under the impression that “It can’t really be that bad, right?” I thought I was special because I could do it and it didn’t even hurt. Outside of the physically damaging reasons not to stare, the more general reasons not to stare are more annoying than anything. Again, this is something people should learn as a child, that hopefully is coming from a parent. I don’t think that I could count the number of times that I have been held up in traffic because of people staring at a car accident or at the unfortunate but routine traffic stop. I don’t know if they are looking for a familiar face or a head to roll out, either way it can be

aggravating to those behind them. In addition, while they’re looking the other way, they are making themselves vulnerable to a collision. Some people just have a staring problem, or even a selective staring problem. I am referring to those that will stare at you but never say anything to you. You don’t know what you are supposed to think because you don’t know why you are being stared at. The possibilities are endless; he or she thinks you are cute, which is flattering; or you have a huge pimple or a booger on your face, you start to paw at your face to cover up; or the worst, you are just different and you weren’t looking for that kind of attention. The list could go on, but I think you can see how staring becomes a rude, pointless, and distracting action that leads to further affliction. My suggestion is to use the two-second rule; don’t fixate on anything for more than two seconds at a time and you can avoid awkward moments and potential hazards.

Photographer and artist, Worm Carnevale, is highly regarded for his breathtaking and eye catching photographs and works of art. Worm’s photography ranges from unique high fashion and fine art photos to product and commercial photography. His works are best known for their extreme use of color and overly exaggerated and dream-like themes. Worm’s photography can be found in numerous printed publications and throughout the internet. He’s currently working with Rive Magazine (, an internet based fashion magazine. For more of Worm's photographs and artwork you can visit his website at: or check out his myspace at:

Gotta give a shoutout to the Black Eyed Peas for their The E.N.D. album. This is an exceptional album that is just bursting with a fresh flavor and taking things back to the basics...when music was about music. Many have lost their way but the Black Eyed Peas have just found theirs in their latest and by far hottest album yet. While putting out this incredible album with a sweet sound, they broke records all across the country for consecutive weeks in the top spot with ‘Boom, Boom, Pow’ and was only later bumped from the number one spot by themselves with ‘I Gotta Feeling’. Once again, I say exceptional work guys...keep dong what you’re doing. Much Love & Respect, -Crash



It's sad when people don't live up to their potential; but it happens far too often. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas A. Edison

Some other authors have said it best and I have reiterated and rephrased their words here. Of all the great people in society, regardless of their field or specialty, they showed signs leading up to it throughout their life. This leads to acquaintances to say things like ‘I always knew that…’ or ‘They always said that…’ And it’s true that characteristics do develop early in life; but what about the other people who show potential and go no where?

There is always a large group of students in every graduating high school class that are deemed the top of the class. Many of these youths will sit through accelerated classes in the hopes that it would give them a bright future. They may or may not make it to college, but for one reason or another, many don't make it out with a degree.

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. - Reggie Leach

Getting good grades and doing well in school doesn't always mean that someone will do well in life. And I guess the opposite is true also, but that would be harder to form predictions of those who don't show potential. I've witnessed many people have a bad track record in high school, but make a huge impression with their collegiate accomplishments. The sky’s the limit when enough effort is put into one’s own success. Unfortunately, many people don't realize their potential on their own. That means they need someone to notice it and let them know what they should be doing. It's too bad that most people are too selfish to help anyone else get somewhere.

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand. -Woodrow Wilson

A lot of high school graduates want to get out there and start making money, no matter how small the amount. They have postponed college indefinitely, which usually translates to never. Even those that make it to college drag their feet and don't make the last efforts to graduate. Some college may as well be no college; so by default, they are not truly qualified to do what they are training to do. There are those that choose to get married young or have children early. These arrangements cause people to become family-centered and all that matters are the needs of the family-unit. What about the rest of the world? Aren’t these children going to need a prosperous world to grow up in? If more people would take the time to find a passion to share, all of the children of the world can potentially stand to benefit. Greatness is more than potential. It is the execution of that potential. Beyond the raw talent. You need the appropriate training. You need the discipline. You need the inspiration. You need the drive. -Eric A. Burns

There are many talents out there that can't be emulated. Who would have replaced the innovations of Albert Einstein? Who would have replaced the written styles of Dr. Seuss? One individual’s potential may never exist in another. The world would be less fortunate without even one contribution. I believe there is no reason that a talent or ability should not be shared with anyone else that could benefit. I have a deep sympathy and definitely a higher expectation for those that go through life as, for lack of a better word, a nerd. They succeed in school, not just getting by, they actually exceed and forego a social life to do this well. They are really good at a technical skill but sometimes lack the social skills. The knowledge and potential that they harvest can turn into a great empire of prosperousness. If they don’t grow into another computer software developer or novelist, then anyone who knew them would and should get a little disappointed. Did they really contribute their best later in life? So, I'd like to show my appreciation to those that have and will continue to reach their potential. DJ, Sherri, Andrea, and anyone else who I may have overlooked. You have my utmost respect.

I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying. - Michael Jordan

Junior Writers

Princess Age: 10

Fonkey Monkey Age: 9

Little ‘G’ Made from Sugar & Spice Aspiring 4 Greatness

An Inquisitive Daddy's Girl Droppin' Knowledge Like No Other

We have harnessed the creativity and imagination of the young mind and brought it to you with Our Junior Writers.

It was pitch black when Samantha and Johnny, our heroes, had no ideas what to do when they were all taped up. Samantha had an idea, she'd licked the taped that was on her mouth. She bit the tape was on her hands right off and she was free. She then let her brother, Johnny, free and turned the light on. "Let's go," said Johnny, he tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. "Great who has a lock on the outside of the door," said Johnny. "Apparently we do," said Samantha. They both had a puzzled look. They sat and sat and sat. Until Samantha said, "My credit card!" She took out her credit card and slid through the door crack. Now try opening the door," said Samantha. Johnny opened the door and this time it actually opened. "Now what do we do," said Johnny with an impatient look on his face. "We'll find that china doll that taped us up and put us in the closet," said Samantha. She had her thinking face on. Johnny knew she was coming up with a plan to get rid of the china doll because he was too. "Ferb!" they screamed. They came up with an awesome idea (here is what it is). They're going to get a plastic bag and bag the china doll and put it in Ferb's kennel and let him shread it up into pieces. When the hour struck there plan was a success. The end.

My dad found this awsome Ben and Jerry ice cream. The flavor was Imagine Whirled Peace. I like it, here's why: 1. It had John Lennon's signature on it. Of course because he was one of the Beatles for crying out loud. He must have been a hippie. 2. It had little fudge peace signs in it. It also has toffee cookie pieces. 3. I love it because, c'mon, who wouldn't love an ice cream that shows what we really need, peace, love, and ice cream. I love it so you should too. Well all you pacifists out there this is the ice cream for you so go and get it. The end

This story was dedicated to Xicano 073, the wonderful writer.

One day I went with my dad to have a birthday party. I didn’t know I was having a birthday party. As I knocked on the door, I opened the door and everyone jumped out and screamed surprise. I was so surprised. I loved the way the decorations were. All of the decorations were Hannah Montana. There was even a big star Hannah Montana balloon standing right next to the table. I smelt pizza and I smelt soda and boy was I happy. I loved the way everybody was there even my cousins and Cynthia. I saw beautiful decorations that made me feel that I was in a place that I never had been in. And that place made me very joyful and I loved it. We ate pizza and I had my Miley and Hannah cds on the tv. We had cake and the cake was surrounding with cupcakes. The big cake had make-up and a beautiful picture of Hannah on top. And boy did I love this birthday party. Then I opened my presents. My presents were a Nirvana book and a set of clothes. This was the best birthday ever.

Princess Wayne’s World You should watch Wayne’s world because Wayne is fun and interesting and he is hilarious. Please watch Wayne’s World. I love Wayne’s World and you better love it. Whooooooo! Fonkey Monkey Singing In the Rain This is a movie about music and romance, but very hilarious.

INDEX: Topics: Children: China Doll 2: Revenge………………....86 Ferb……………………………………..90 Greener Tomorrow..……………………88 Hot Dog Sweet…………………..……..87 Imagine Whirled Peace…………….…...89 My 9th Birthday………………………..91 Tiny One Minute – Grown the Next!…..54 What Channel is That?..………………..36

Creative Writing: China Doll 2: Revenge………………....86 How do you Turn a Phrase?…................70 Permanent Brainfreeze…………………73


Models: Bella Valentine………………………8, 58 Diana Leyton……...................2, 37, 69, 83 Jada Cheng..………………...18, 40, 78, 98 Reggie T………………………..42, 55, 74 She is Choice………………..….............44 Vyper…………….....………………14, 34

Parenting: All This Spending isn’t the Holidays…..11 Tiny One Minute – Grown the Next!…..54

Poetry: A Farmer’s Night……………………….16 Dancing Partner………………………...46 My Apology…………………………….30 No More………………………………...13 Poem for Jen……………………………12 To Her Excellence……………………...23


Potential Jewel………………………….80 Society’s Classroom……………………38

Imagine Whirled Peace…………….…...89 Society’s Classroom……………………38 To Her Excellence……………………...23 Would You Please Grow Up…………...32

Family Life:

Pop Culture:

All This Spending isn’t the Holidays…..11 Ferb……………………………………..90 Poem for Jen……………………………12 Tiny One Minute – Grown the Next!…..54 What Channel is That?..………………..36

Gotta Give a Shoutout………………….79 Hot List…………………………………56 Imagine Whirled Peace…………….…...89 Junior Phat Flick………….………….…92 Phat Flick……………………………….84 Please Dispose of Trash in Specified Containers………….49 Steatopygous…………………………...15

Food: Attn: Vegetarians……….........................26 Easy Delicious Salmon Spread…………76 Easy Festive Cookies…………………...17 Hot Dog Sweet…………………..……..87 Pickled Red Onions…………………….76

Science: Attn: Vegetarians……….........................26 Chemical of the Month………………....43



Permanent Brainfreeze…………………73 Hot List…………………………………56 Please Dispose of Trash in Specified Containers………….49

Gotta Give a Shoutout………………….79 The Origin of Reggie T………………...55 Who on Earth is Reggie T……………...42 You Know You Are in the Ghetto Mart When……………48

From the pen of… Acid Burn: Attn: Vegetarians……….........................26 Chemical of the Month………………....43 How do you Turn a Phrase?…................70 No More………………………………...13 Phat Flick……………………………….84 Potential Jewel………………………….80

Crash & Burn: Hot List…………………………………56 Interview: Jada Cheng………………….18 Interview: Jessica Hanson……………...61 ‘She Is Choice’………………………....44

Crash Override: Gotta Give a Shoutout………………….79 Permanent Brainfreeze…………………73 Phat Flick……………………………….84 Poem for Jen……………………………12 Society’s Classroom……………………38 To Her Excellence……………………...23 You Know You Are in the Ghetto Mart When……………48

Fonkey Monkey: China Doll 2: Revenge………………....86 Ferb……………………………………..90 Phat Flick…………………………….…92 Imagine Whirled Peace…………….…...89

Princess: Greener Tomorrow..……………………88 Hot Dog Sweet…………………..……..87 My 9th Birthday………………………..91 Phat Flick…………………………….…92

Reggie T.: The Origin of Reggie T………………...55 Who on Earth is Reggie T……………...42

The Frosted Flake: All This Spending isn’t the Holidays…..11 Easy Delicious Salmon Spread…………76 Easy Festive Cookies…………………...17 Pickled Red Onions…………………….76 Tiny One Minute – Grown the Next!…..54 Phat Flick……………………………….84 What Channel is That?..………………..36

Xicano 073: Phat Flick……………………………….84 Please Dispose of Trash in Specified Containers………….49 Steatopygous…………………………...15 Would You Please Grow Up…………...32 Xicano 073's to do list………………….93

sou t

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