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Green Efforts for a Healthier Planet Cranwell Resort is an eco-conscious property committed to helping to protect the environment and make it a healthier place to live through our green efforts for sustainability.


• TripAdvisor - Silver Level • Green Key Recipient • Property wide composting program • Towel and linen reuse program in all guestrooms • Recycled facial/bath tissue and paper towels • 100% biodegradable bath amenities in guestrooms • “Green” certified cleaning products • Dry cleaning solvent substitutes are used as opposed to perchloroethylene • Recycle paper, glass, plastic and cardboard • Various food and beverage selections are USDA Certified Organic, Food Alliance Certified, MSC Blue Eco-Label, or locally produced

ENERGY • Automated light controls • ENERGY STAR appliances, machinery & windows • Indoor temperatures are set at a minimum of 72º F in summer; and a maximum of 72º F in winter • Preventative maintenance checks are performed for proper functioning of equipment • Regular checks are conducted to ensure energy and water equipment is working efficiently • Energy assessment of buildings has been conducted • Evaluate and Identify ways to save energy • Energy-saving lighting controls in outdoor areas • Tree shading to keep building stay cool to reduce energy consumption in the summer • Energy-efficient light bulbs • At lease 50% of our products for cleaning, laundry or dishwashing have certification through Environmental Choice ecoLogo

GROUNDS • R ain barrel water collection • Integrated pest management using non-toxic methods to control pests • Landscaping is maintained with minimal use of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals • Local plants in garden are native to the region

WATER • Water usage is tracked on the golf course • Use rain barrels to collect water for the flower gardens • Water use is optimized in the A/C system • Cooling tower is cleaned and maintained to be optimized to perform at a high level of efficiency

WASTE • Property wide composting program • Total quantity of regular and recyclable waste is tracked regularly • Evaluate the amount and type of waste being created to plan on ways to reduce it • Recycle flooring, furniture, mattresses and cooking oil • Safely dispose of hazardous materials (paint, printer cartridges, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs) • Reusable dinnerware and cutlery • Recyclable dinnerware & cutlery for take-out. • Donate leftover materials (such as toiletries, furniture and electronics)

EDUCATION • Welcome guests’ feedback on green practices •G  uests are given the opportunity to comment on our green practices •W  e provide our guests with information of our green practices • Staff training on green practices

Green Efforts for a Healthier Planet  
Green Efforts for a Healthier Planet  

Here at Cranwell Resort we take pride in being an eco-conscious property committed to helping protect the environment. Here are just a coupl...