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An Autumn/ Winter 1940's inspired, sculptural grey wool and tweed hat, with 'hot pink' and 'electric blue' hand-stitch embroidery. I used fabric manipulation and constructional techniques to achieve a sculptural form. These techniques were incorporated from skills I had acquired from my degree show body of work. Modelled my Aine O'Reilly, photographer (myself).

Images on page two illustrate a body of work from my final year degree work. These pieces explore textile construction and threedimensional textile shapes. I was able to achieve these threedimesional forms without alternative support mechanisms- ie no wire or plastic boning was used, simply just fabric. Materials used here- tweed, wool suiting, 'hot pink' silk and embroidery hand-stitch. Shapes are inspired by industrial and mechanical forms. Photographer (myself)

Model wearing 'sculptural textile pyramids'. This is an image from my final degree work. Demonstrating an 'art-led' concept applied to a fashion concext. In some senses you could describe this image as 'sculptural fashion detailing'. Photographer India Hobson, model (I cant remember).

Model wears a sculptural tubular neckpiece. Lends itself well to costume for theatre and film, more so than a fashion item. You could be pretentious and describe it as 'conceptual fashion' (as I did in my degree). Inspired by masculine, mechanical and industrial forms, and ideas of protection. Materials wool suiting and tweed. Photographer- India Hobson.

Navy tweed hat with a 'sculptural herringbone tweed ribbon' and orange hand-stitch embroidery. Created after degree. Location- a pop-up boutique in Belfast oct '11 run by designer Grainne Maher. Photographer (myself).

A degree piece used im my final degree show. Sculptual tweed shoulder piece, using machine stitch and fabric manipulation as a means to create a three-dimenional textile form. Again under the bracket of 'Conceptual fashion'. Could led itself well to costume. photographer India Hobson.

Tubular neck-piece (see decription for pg 4). Image below- A hat inspired by 1940's utilitarianism and aviation. Made from tweed and silk. Commissioned for the Manchester Gallery of Costume. 'Hot pink' stitching. Modelled in Liverpool by Becky Tavernor. Photographer (myself).

See decription above. Model Becky Tavernor, photographer (myself).

An Autumn/ Winter hat incorporating silk mix tweed with hand-stitch embroidery and a pheasant feather. Model Aine O'Reilly. Photographer myself.

Mariana Oreilly Millinery  

My practice verges towards millinery and sculptural fashion detailing and explores the discipline of using stitch techniques and...

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