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David Scott Health and wellness marketing, Inc. David Scott Healthcare Marketing, Inc., an Atlanta-based communications, business development, market research and management consulting firm has been successfully serving clients internationally for more than 20 years. Specializing in health care, DSHM provides cutting-edge services for hospitals, physicians, managed care organizations, IPAs, provider networks and medical practices. Included are product design companies, ACOs, pharmaceutical providers, long-term care facilities, behavioral health services, medical equipment and healthcare product companies. Also served are senior care organizations, eye care providers, home health agencies, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging companies, alternative medicine providers, dentists, urgent care centers, chiropractors, software companies and more. Clients have ranged from small U.S. providers to large international companies. David Scott Healthcare Marketing, Inc. provides a team of more than 25 professionals who bring more than 300 years of combined healthcare management and marketing expertise. They offer a wealth of experience in hospital consulting, practice management, long-term care, market research, respondent recruiting, insurance payer contracting, occupational health marketing and managed care. Advanced-level professionals specialize in sales, advertising, graphic design and public relations. Included are individuals with extensive backgrounds in video production (TV, radio, corporate, educational, etc.), website design, customer service training, social media, search engine optimization, provider credentialing and much more. Avid Scott Healthcare Marketing directs qualitative and quantitative market research studies designed to collect valuable data from targeted and competitive markets. DSHM has conducted a multitude of successful research studies internationally. This success is often contributed to the fact that our company has a 100% track record in participant and respondent recruiting, and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in health care. Projects by DSHM have been implemented in: The United States Latin America England (United Kingdom / UK) Germany The Netherlands Other European Countries Able to manage research projects and recruiting in additional countries. Major Metropolitan areas have included: Atlanta New York Miami Los Angeles San Diego Boston Baltimore Philadelphia NYC suburbs in New Jersey Washington, DC London Amsterdam Hamburg

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