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... coin validator, coin changer, hopper, cashless payment system, bill validator and recycler

Innovation and design: The 5 versions of the currenza c2 coin-changer

Increase sales & security on vending machines: The CashCode currenza bill validator

Optimum security with Mifare: the cashless payment system currenza clip

Maximise sales with payment systems from NRI and CashCode The currenza product line.

Opening new opportunities.

With the 6-tube coin-changer

So far the payment systems of vending Happy Hour or Staff Discounts, and the

The large variety of features such as

machines has been limited in most

attractive design, generate additional buy-

currenza clip card systems NRI offers

cases to coin validators and coin chan-

ing incentives. With clip or NFC, security

profitable and reliable system solu-

gers. In the case of speciality coffee

has utmost priority: the Mifare or NFC

tions complementing perfectly the

with increasing prices being achieved

systems, enhanced by NRI, provides high

bill validators from CashCode.

in recent years, it may well happen

security; moreover keys and cards can be

Since 2007 NRI, CashCode, Money

that people have insufficient coins.

created with customised designs - you

Controls and Telequip have been part

A customer would perhaps like to pay

and your customers will be enthusiastic

of Crane Payment Solutions.

with bills, but often is denied the

about the cashless payment systems.



and the NFC as well as

chance to do so - thus additional revenue opportunities are wasted.

Audit Data collection made easy

Joint development of payment

The new CashCode bill validators, featu-

Fast and complete data collection is

systems started immediately; the

ring in particular an excellent first

quick & easy with the handheld univer-


pass acceptance and counterfeit bill

sal NRI USB Audit Stick creating transpa-

Development of innovative products

rejection, provide the customer with

rency and auditing reliability. Also, the

optimised for the vending market,

more payment options - and the ope-

unique currenza c2 airport coin changer

complementing each other and

rator with increased revenue. In addition,

directly provides the driver with machine

providing higher sales and security

simple payment by the cashless pay-

status data via SMS - as a result machine

ment systems NFC or currenza clip is

downtimes could be considerably reduced.

for customers vending machines; this is the currenza product line.

increasingly being used in private vendingworkshops, canteens, schools.

The PRP system: offers maximum payout flexibility and reliability, lowering service costs – and maintaining product sales

currenza c2 security: security sensors monitor the tube cassette and coin validator – optimum protection against coin theft

currenza c2 airport - integrated telemetry for lower machine downtimes – and higher profitability

ty secursior sen

Machine out of service


coin-changer: innovation and design

The c2 has not only convinced custo-

resulted in considerable revenue loss.

currenza c2 airport.

mers and technicians worldwide, but

The c2 is different, each module con-

The currenza c2 airport system is the

also won the renowned red dot

trols payout of 2 coins independently

unique SMS alarm solution inside

design award for high product

of the other two modules. In the case

the coin-changer. It provides digital

of a payout failure, the remaining two

remote data transmission of audit

payout modules continue working as

and vending machine data in EVA-DTS

normal. Maintaining machine opera-

format via GSM from the c2 to the back

"Market innovations such as the PRP

tion, minimizing downtime. As a result

office. The driver can be directly infor-

system, security sensors and SMS

4 tubes are still available for payout.

med about service messages via SMS -

alarm system, are decisive factors

This minimizes downtimes and service

and thus can react quickly.


for the success of

the c2;“ Marketing


Manager Tobias Roitsch said. currenza c2 security. the currenza c2 security

c2 cctalk. New applications are possible using

The PRP system.

NRI developed

PRP means "Payout Redundancy Pro-

system to prevent coin theft. Removal

It enables connection of up to 4 hoppers

tection“ derived from the three inde-

of tube cassettes and coin validator

directly to the c2 which is perfect for

pendent payout modules of the c2

is electronically monitored and recor-

applications requiring payout of many

which together with the 6-tube cas-

ded; the EVA-DTS protocol additionally


sette system provide maximum pay-

registering the time and date. The

out reliability. Previously, coin-changers

security sensors also monitor the c2

have used only one or 2 payout modu-

when the power supply is inter-

les – therefore any module failure

rupted - 24/7 protection of your tube coins.

the c2 with integrated cctalk interface.

The currenza MSMv2 – revenue increases on vending machines can be achieved due to the high security and reliability of the bill validator

Patented sensor systems provide for high counterfeit bill rejection and string recognition - increasing & protecting revenues

The new, compact Bill-to-Bill 60 bill recycler is already in use for Kiosk applications - 24/7 selling is guaranteed

CashCode bill validator: revenue increases with vending machines CashCode bill validator – signifies

Generate higher revenue.

a larger variety of coins can be provided.

highest reliability and best quality.

Since more and more operators want

Thus the individual tube levels can be

Made in Canada.

to achieve higher prices, e.g. for specia- adjusted and the stock of change in the lity coffee, the demand for payment

machine reduced. If however the maxi-

The currenza MSMv2.

systems using bills is increasing. They

mum change capacity is desired: the

The excellent first pass acceptance

provide more pricing freedom but above

6 tubes of the c� offer an up to 22% higher

and counterfeit bill rejection are the

all, the opportunity for the customer can

coin capacity than comparable coin-

reasons for the high customer satis-

buy the desired product or multiple pro- changers.

faction with the currenza MSMv2 bill

ducts for friends. In our studies, revenue

validator. High counterfeit bill rejection - increases of up to 20% were realized.

The Bill-to-Bill 60 bill recycler.

which is guaranteed by patented

Coming along in compact design and

sensor systems - is decisive for ope-

6 tubes are the prerequisite.

recycling up to 60 bills - this is the Bill-

rators. Consumers want to spend as

Coin-changers with 6 tubes are essen-

to-Bill 60. The advantage: higher-value

little time as possible during the

tial for the use of bill validators, since

bills are accepted and changed - 24/7

buying process - the excellent first pass acceptance of more than 97% and an acceptance cycle of less than 2.5 s ensures utmost customer satisfaction.

CashCode bill validator:

• best first pass acceptance • high counterfeit bill rejection • anti-stringing protection • individual front panels • quick update via Sim Card • drop-proof plastic cassette • tool-free service Highest security • Increased revenue

selling is guaranteed.

The flexible cashless currenza clip payment system with high security using Mifare technology enhanced by NRI

Revenue increases due to a multitude of features and setting options: bonus, subsidy, Happy Hour, free vend, discount …

The optimum currenza system solution: coin-changer, bill validator and the cashless payment system

Subsidy Bonus Free vend Discount Happy Hour The

cashless payment system: optimum security by Mifare

Revenue increases due to high

Flexible generation

security, flexibility and simple pay-

of new buying incentives.

ment – these are the advantages

Bonus, discount, subsidy, free vend,

of the currenza clip system. In parti-

Happy-Hour – can all used to gene-

cular the Mifare technology enhan-

rate new buying incentives from

ced by NRI is essential for the security

time to time. Happy Hour for exam-

of the contactless system which - as

ple can lead to more purchases during

Kiev get on very well with each other.

an open system allows multi-function

a normally slow-selling period, or

cards/keys e.g. Vending, POS, Time &

discounts for staff members increase

Bill validator and Cashless – the Vending


the buying frequency - and staff satisfaction.

Why cashless? With the clip system operators can

Uniform data recording.

change price in 1ct-steps - so that all

Uniform recording of the product

prices are possible. Apart from this,

selection, data from coin-changer,

the revenue is taken in advance if

card system and bill validator are

loading is effected via loading termi-

important for sales accounting – all

nals of NRI or on vending machines.

this is already possible by the intense

The simplest way of paying - suitable

research work of NRI and CashCode.

cash is not required - and attractive custom designs provide high customer satisfaction.

Short interview with Dr. Wurster (CEO): Dr. Wurster: How about the cooperation with CashCode, Money Controls and Telequip? We co-operate closely. The employees in Toronto, Boston, Buxtehude and

market is on the move? Yes definitely. Just today, when in some sectors the margins are very low, our bill validators and cashless systems can considerably increase the sales of the operators. How about the future? Good. The market remains interesting. We are investing in a lot of new developments which will bring many benefits to customers.

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