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2014 Boxed Introductions

Introducing Crane & Co.’s 2014 boxed stationery collection, which includes five new collections that exemplify what Crane does best: exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable design.

In this sample packet you will find a curated selection of our new offerings, including: - Explorers, engraved and embossed to create exquisite detail and inspired by all things that spark a delight in discovery. - Vintage Lace, engraved and debossed to bring out brilliant hues and inspired by the most exquisite of fabrics. - Flights of Fancy, two-pass engraving that creates striking motifs inspired by all things that reach for the sky. - Tools of the Trade, letterpress printed on our coveted Lettra paper and inspired by all things crafted with care and love. - Patterned envelope liners in colorful and contemporary designs paired with our popular bordered notes, cards and half sheets. Crane & Co. has been dedicated to the art of classic correspondence for more than two centuries. Rich in texture and meaning, elegant and timeless in design, Crane stationery reflects the confidence, taste and style of those who choose it.

Inspired by all things that spark a delight in discovery, our Explorers Collection celebrates the 450th birthday of Galileo Galilei.


CC3410 Engraved Astronomer

CC3409 Engraved Compass

CC3411 Engraved Soleil

CC3412 Engraved Luna

CC3413 Engraved Globe

CC3414 Engraved Stars

Inspired by the beauty of intricate details, our Vintage Lace collection features classic European patterns, engraved in romantic hues.


CF1449 Engraved Florentine Brocade

CF1450 Engraved Enchanted Abbey

CF1451 Engraved Palace Gardens

CF1452 Engraved Venetian Mosaic

CF1453 Engraved Lovely Pensione

Inspired by all things that reach for the sky, our Flights of Fancy collection features elegantly engraved motifs in a carefully curated color palette.


CC3425 Engraved Dragon

CC3426 Engraved Pelican

CC3427 Engraved Hot Air Balloon

CC3428 Engraved Airplane

CC3429 Engraved Avian Adventurer

Inspired by all things crafted with care and love, our Tools of the Trade collection features intricately illustrated motifs in stately hues, letterpress printed on our coveted Lettra paper.


CC3420 Letterpress Fountain Pen

CC3421 Letterpress Paintbrush

CC3422 Letterpress Whisk

CC3423 Letterpress Corkscrew

CC3424 Letterpress Trowel


RC3402 Engraved Martini

RC3403 Engraved Chaise

RC3404 Engraved Tennis Ball

RC3405 Embossed Golf Ball

Inspired by life’s little leisures. Let’s play.


CC3403 Vintage Damask Liner

CF1419 Verdant Mod Liner

CF1423 Modern Skyline Liner

CF1424 Striking Chevron Liner

Crane classics updated with colorful and contemporary patterned liners.

For images or information, please contact Wallis Post 917.341.2916

Crane & Co. - 2014 Boxed Introductions  
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