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CORPORATE GIFTING MAKE A MEMORABLE IMPRESSION Show your appreciation for employees, partners, clients past, present and potential with a gift that is as valued and special as the person receiving it. A handwritten note on Crane & Co. stationery speaks volumes about sender and receiver alike. In today’s technology-driven world, to take pen to paper is a thoughtful gesture, one that is always appreciated and leaves just the right impression.

Personalized stationery is always proudly displayed on one’s desk keeping your company top of mind every time it is reached for. It is our pleasure to help you create the perfect gift, one that conveys to its recipient a commitment to the finest in quality and craftsmanship when it comes to investing in your most important relationships. Versatile and unique, the gift of personalized stationery resonates as well at a corporate retreat as it does wrapped up during the holidays for your employees. New partners will feel recognized, a 25th company anniversary will feel that much more special and conference attendees will know they are valued.


THE CORRESPONDENCE CARD Flat and made of heavy, 100% cotton stock, correspondence cards are one of the most popular stationery styles, as they are so versatile and thus make the perfect gift for employees and valued business partners. They can be used to write sincere thank-yous, meeting follow-ups or congratulatory notes. Personalize them to include any combination of name, contact information and company logo/tagline.

THE JOTTER CARD Jotter cards make a great gift for clients and event attendees, as they are compact enough to carry but larger than a business card, allowing extra space for handwritten messages. They can also be kept readily available on one’s desk in an open-top holder. Personalize them to include any combination of name, contact information and company logo/tagline.


Success is always within reach NEW BRUNSWICK ACADEMY Rawley Barlow


Sam Woodward

Success is always within reach

HOW TO SAY THANK YOU CRAFT THE PERFECT SENTIMENT After we send you your order, add the final touch by accompanying each box of personalized stationery with a custom message.

* Should you want to incorporate a logo on or include a custom printed personalized note with your gift stationery, please contact our Customer Service department at 1 (800) 268-2281.

ABOUT OUR STATIONERY OUR HERITAGE Premier stationery purveyor, Crane & Co. has been dedicated to the art of classic correspondence for more than two centuries. Made in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the luxury brand has produced exquisitely crafted stationery since 1801. A piece of Crane stationery is rich in texture and meaning. Elegant and timeless in design, it reflects the confidence, taste and style of those who choose it. By using Crane papers for personalized correspondence, one becomes part of a timehonored tradition that includes some of history’s most notable, from heads of state and heads of stately households alike.


For more than 200 years, Crane’s use of cotton, and a combination of cotton and linen (generated from clippings recovered from the apparel trade and the fine fibers left after ginning cotton seed), has continually produced papers of the finest quality, greater strength and durability, and superior surface.

HOW WE PRINT ENGRAVING One of the oldest and most exquisite printing processes, engraving’s appeal lies in the detail created by its three-dimensional impression. Engraving is produced when the copy is etched in reverse into a copper plate. Ink is deposited in the resulting cavity. The engraving press then forces the paper into the cavity, creating a raised impression. The paper is raised with the ink adhering to the raised surface.

LETTERPRESS A printing process that has seen a recent resurgence, letterpress printing involves setting type and motifs in reverse on a letterpress plate. The plate is then inked and pressed onto the surface of a paper. You can tell if an invitation has undergone this printing process by running your fingers across the paper and feeling for depressions where the letters have been pressed.

THERMOGRAPHY A most popular choice for personalized stationery, thermography is created by a resinous powder that is melted over the flat-printed ink. This process raises the ink, giving it subtle yet distinguishable texture.

DIGITAL Digital printing produces a flat, one-dimensional appearance (unlike traditional printing). However, a high-end printing system provides rich color and makes this process a fast, affordable choice.

Corporate Gifting  
Corporate Gifting  

Show your appreciation for employees, partners and clients past, present and potential with a gift that is as valued and special as the pers...