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What goes on at CSA Student Council meetings? The Watchdog tells all.

WHO IS THE WATCHDOG AND WHAT DO THEY DO? Fourth year sociology major, Juddy Hescock, answers Beacon readers’ questions on the CSA Watchdog

What if the Canadian government functioned without the presence of any independent media? This is a very unsettling proposition. We can all agree that a government could not be considered transparent and democratic without the presence of independent media who had the capacity to draw attention to both positive and negative policy initiatives. The media often struggles to be fully independent and always has a measure of built in bias. In the ideal world, the media can act as a strong promoter of democracy by engaging and informing citizens as to the actions that the government takes. Until recently, we as the student body have lacked access to an independent media source. The Crandall Student Council has gone about business without the presence of any media. In essence, the Student Council has been a government without a media. This has posed two problems. The Council can conduct business without a direct sense of accountability with the student body. Also, the

lack of media has caused a disconnection between the Council and students. Many students feel disenfranchised, and generally feel apathy towards the council. For students at Crandall to care about Council, we need basic amounts of information such as what issues are being discussed at meetings. To address the lack of media, the CSA Watchdog has been created. The purpose and mission of the CSA Watchdog is to promote transparency and accountability on the Student Council. We want students to know about the actions that the Student Council takes. CSA Watchdog is fully independent of the Student Council. The CSA Watchdog reserves the right take editorial positions on certain issues. Let me be very clear on this point: the CSA Watchdog is not a smear campaign aimed at members of the Student Council. CSA Watchdogs strives to improve the Student Council by giving students information so as to encourage civil, and respectful debate. We can end the culture of apathy by equipping


students with relevant information that pertains to the Council.

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The voting members on the Student Council have been elected to serve in government by us: the student body. We all appreciate and support Council’s efforts to improve the lives of students at Crandall. Also, as elected representatives, the Student Council is directly accountable to the student body at large. With the great responsibility of elected position on the Student Council comes the equally great responsibility to be transparent and accountable with every member of the student body. We respect efforts that the Council has made to reach out to students. Many on Council want to see a greater level of communication and transparency with students. Many in the student body also demand a higher level of openness. CSA Watchdog just wants to help facilitate the dissemination of information between students and the Student Council. You have the right to know!

HEY! You can follow CSA Watchdog and make comments here: > Facebook page (CSA Watchdog) > Blog ( > Twitter ( csawatchdog) If you would like to be involved or just want to send us a message, email us at

Bieber twitter “In the epicbattle of fresh sheet vs fresh socks ... 2nite fresh sheets wins. School and gonna hoop tomorrow. Nite world”

Picture by Holly Daggett


Tips for Taking Excellent Notes 1. Use your own words whenever possible. However, use exact wording for things like deďŹ nitions and formulas. Ensure that your notes are accurate. 2. Keep your notes brief and to the point. Use outline form whenever possible. 3. Use keywords and phrases rather than sentences. 4. Listen carefully. Sit in a place where you will be free of distractions and where you can hear well. 5. Keep writing. If you miss a point, leave space in your notes. Ask a friend for the missing notes, or check your textbook for what you have missed. 6. As you read your textbook, add the information that you learn to your class notes.

7. Date your notes. 8. Write your notes on full sheets of paper rather than scraps of paper that could get lost. Keep your notes organized in one place. 9. Use the Cornell note-taking method: ( 10. Stay alert. In classes that you ďŹ nd difďŹ cult or uninteresting, be proactive and think about how success in that course may beneďŹ t you in the future.

Taking good notes while you are in class can save a lot of time later on. Rather than rewrite or type your notes after class, try to take great notes the ďŹ r s t t i m e .



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 *523&#8#/5#28  1. '#&8'402'#4+/)#-#/405%%''&    *523&#8#/5#28  1. *07.'4*'0/'8   ! #     *523&#8'$25#28  1. *''#-'/4'2'343#/&'230/#-+48

!'&/'3&#8#/5#28  1. #,+/)(('%4+6'04'3 !'&/'3&#8'$25#28  1. 6#-5#4+/)#/&!2+4+/)*'3+3 4#4'.'/43 !'&/'3&#8'$25#28  1. !02&34*#4#2'0..0/-80/(53'& !'&/'3&#8'$25#28  1. 0740 3'0..#3 !'&/'3&#8#2%*  1. 0740 3'1034201*'3 !'&/'3&#8#2%*  1. '342'1#2#4+0/

 *523&#8'$25#28 1. 00&0$+3#2&40+/&0$'#2%*00-3


 *523&#8'$25#28  1.       '44'23   *523&#8#2%*  1.#,+/)##34+/) .12'33+0//4'26+'7,+--3   


What you do with your notes after class is just as important as your note-taking abilities. Be sure to review your notes regularly. Some people rewrite or retype notes after class, but this can be time consuming and boring. A better practice is to write concisely the main point(s) of the class in your own words. Also, try to write down questions that come to mind as you review the notes. Write these questions in the margins or at the bottom of the page, and then ask these questions to your teacher, or do a little research on your own. This engagement in your own learning will make a huge difference when you have to write tests and exams.

A CALL FOR CHANGE Director of Student Development Heidi Soggie has put together a group of students, staff, and faculty that will help bring growth and change to our current fitness facility. On January 19th, this group met for the first time to present their ideas to Heidi. It was disappointing that the school’s varsity coaches were not included in this meeting as their insight and opinions would have been greatly valued. I spoke with Heidi about this issue and she clearly understood the importance of including our varsity coaches present. She indicated that the group was merely in its early stages and that coaches are invited and welcomed to take part in future meetings. The positive is that we came away from this meeting with approval to purchase three sets of heavier dumbbells, a smith machine, a new six position bench, possibly a new universal machine to replace the old one and three new pieces of cardio equipment. The project has five phases and the first phase owes its gratitude to a group within the university called the Crandall Auxiliary. This group raised $5000 and in the past they have made donations to our residence in several forms. We must be thankful for their hard work and generosity to support such a great initiative. One very distinct conclusion from the Jan. 19th meeting was the need for more space and it was decided that combining our current fitness room with the old one would greatly benefit all who currently use the facility. By using the old fitness room we could have a

By: Adem Campbell

separate cardio/stretching room, which would give more privacy to those just wanting to do cardio. Heidi was receptive to this idea however she did not think it would be implemented until phase two or three.

I understand that change takes time, however the need is now and our gym is more crowded than ever. As an athlete who represents Crandall in two sports, a fourth year student, writer for this paper and a volunteer at the YMCA, my time is valuable, and when I get a few rare

Kennedy that was delivered by his brother Edward. In the face of such great loss, he called out to his fellow countrymen to stand up for change. I put forth that same call to you and I hope these words are as inspiring for you as they were for me. “Many of the world's great movements, of thought and action, have flowed from the work of a single man. A young monk began the Protestant Reformation; a young general extended an empire from Macedonia to the borders of the earth; a young woman reclaimed the territory of France; a young Italian explorer who discovered the New World, and the 32 year- ol d Thomas J effer son who proclaimed that ‘all men are created equal.’

These men moved the world, and so can we all. Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy Our current and daring, those ripples build a current that can facility sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

moments to train, it is frustrating to not be able to access your own school’s gym because the facility is near maximum capacity.

I call upon fellow students, staff members, and faculty who see the need for change; people who believe this school should provide a better facility to its students and should be held to a higher standard with regards to our health and wellness to go speak to Heidi, our President, our Athletic Director Travis Tait, or even come to me. If any of you know me, you now I am passionate about politics, something I shared with my late grandmother and when looking for inspiration for her eulogy just a couple weeks ago, I turned to the eulogy written for Robert


Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity t h a n b r a v e r y i n b a t t l e o r g re a t intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.” I appreciated the feedback from my last article and look forward to more! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about the fitness facility or athletics in general, please feel free to bring them to my attention.


By: Brianna DeJong

Oh boy, oh boy! Jellystone Park is in trouble and Yogi and Boo Boo are going to save the day! This modern day Yogi Bear (based off the cartoon started in 1961) is still the ‘picanic’ nabbing bear that he always has been. If you’re looking for a good time and a lesson in knowing when to help and when to lay low, go and see Yogi Bear. Jellystone Park has not been making its ‘quota’ for the year and now Mayor Brown (Andrew Daly) wants to close down the park for agriculture. Now it’s up to Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh), Yogi Bear (Dan Aykroyd), Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake), and Rachel (Anna Faris) to save Jellystone Park before all of its trees are “...a little romance as cut down. It’s a great movie for a side bonus!” kids of all ages and has a little romance as a side bonus! I was a bit hesitant to go and watch this move as I wasn’t too big a fan of the original cartoon. I must say that, despite my reluctance, there were some funny parts and some romantic parts that soon deemed it as an “OK” movie in my mind. That being said, I would advise it for any kid because it is a fun movie that is age appropriate and it has aspects that even the parents can Seth understood enjoy. my point of view BRIANNA

ALAN CHAN FOR PRESIDENT By: Matthew Cox Now that we are all back at Crandall and slowly getting into the swing of things, I would like to draw your attention to something most of us did about two months ago: Course evaluations!


For some of us, it would be the only way to express our joy, pleasure, angst, hate for a particular course or even for a Professor, God forbid!! I have filled out a bunch and have made what I would like to think, are some real concrete suggestions for various courses. However, what has prompted me to write this is hearing that the written remarks in the course evaluations are seen by the Professors in our handwriting. I find this egregious; the way it’s conducted gives us all the impression that the comments would be kept anonymous. Certainly for classes like World History, there is no way that the Profs can find out who wrote what, but what about those classes where the number of students can be counted in one hand? To get to the bottom of this I spoke with Professor Robert MacDonald, Head of Business Department and Seth Crowell Vice President for Academic Affairs. Professor MacDonald stated that the numerical data portion of the course evaluation (questions where they list multiple answers) gets inputted into a database and reports are generated. This eventually gets back to the Professor. Professor MacDonald confirmed that the written remarks do go back to the Professor. In speaking with Seth Crowell I acknowledged that all student comments can’t be typed before given back to the respective Professor, in class rooms where there was less than 10 students, certainly they could be, thus ensuring a consistent confidentiality.

and said that conversations have taken place to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. Seth indicated that over the years comment

He stated that courses were straight lectures but that they are now including more projects. He also said that in the future the forms could be more nuanced (customized) according to the particular course. For instance an English course evaluation might have different questions than a Business course. I asked if course evaluations could be done electronically as they are done at NBCC. He informed me that electronic evaluations result in fewer students commenting on the courses than the current method of paper. It remains to be seen whether greater confidentiality will be achieved here for the students at Crandall or not. It is my hope that everyone is now aware of what goes on with course evaluations after we are done with them. Of course some people will always use these course evaluations for making interesting statements, like the title of this article!


Word to the Wise “Writing regularly in the Beacon requires an element of responsibility and accountability on my part to report accurately, for I will be judged for what I write, like it or not. We all have opinions and we share them frequently on all sorts of platforms but we must be cautious as James 3:1-2 speaks of the dangers of the tongue. It says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, because you know that we will be judged more strictly. For we all stumble in many ways.”‘ -Adem Campbell

BY: MELISSA MOORE Dear Mystery Guy, We shared the centerfold in the last issue of the Beacon. I was reading and spell checking my own article (which makes me sound weird), and I noticed your article on romantic comedies - so my eyes scooted across the page. I read it. I laughed. A lot. How do you know I’m not Voldemort using a polyjuice potion? ... JK.

attention to us! “But, she’s so freakin’ neeeeeedy.” You need to take some lessons from Bruno Mars (see music video for Just The Way You Are). In a way, you’re absolutely right. If a girl breaks up with you, you probably did some thing really bad - because the truth is our tolerance level is high. But 90% of the time, we still think you’re really stupid. I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the fact that if this girl is the girl of your dreams you’ll eventually get back together even though you totally messed up. It’s only a matter of time before you mess up again, or before her mom or one of her sassy friends tells her “you deserve better” - and she’s outta there.

Point of my response? Because you’ve got it all wrong, man! (Kind of). Speaking from experience - I can say the only heart that has been “ripped” out of anyone’s chest in my life --- is mine! I appreciate your honesty. You deserve recognition for Most women are extremely accepting and forgiving the realization that you need to move on instead of towards men and their stupid antics. Guys are full of pining after a girl that may be the girl of your dreams. crap. I was having this exact conversation with my But from I really can appreciate that - however, it’s not the friend in the commons last week. People can break one gender to answer. How about you just stop being stupid? If I up in five seconds. One day you’re in love, and the another - I’m tell you I’m committed to you, don’t tell me over text next you’re knocking at your friends apartment door that you’re going to go to coffee with another girl with your care bear in hand because you realize how telling you the but it’s no big deal because it’s just coffee. That lonely you are. Not to mention that guys are so keen secret. you’re a big boy and you can make your own to be in Facebook relationships with girls - they want decisions. Start being better. Start appreciating us. We’d to show off how cool they are that they’re in a do anything for you - literally. You have more of a relationship. But, they’re just as keen to break it off while relationship with Star Wars and Harry Potter than you do with us. you’re in class so you can’t even hide it and everyone knows you’re broken up! But he wants people to know he’s back on the At the end of the day, you sound like you’re on the right track. And market, right? at our age, I don’t expect to have it all figured out - but from one In a study of 1,000 individuals, 25% of people said they found out gender to another, I’m telling you the secret. Stop being stupid. their relationship was over via Facebook. 21% of people said Start being awesome. Tell the truth, always. Don’t date 2, 3 or 4 they’d break up with someone on Facebook by switching their girls at once. Don’t make jokes about us making you pies. Call status to single and 70% of the individuals in this study were men! when you say you will. Don’t yell during Harry Potter (yeah, I’m Somehow, I’m not surprised. If a girl rips your heart out, you’re talking to you Brett) Don’t forget our birthday’s and most of all --right - it’s probably because you did something extremely stupid. dish out respect like it’s your knowledge of Hockey. Like, lie to her. Or make a joke about her making you pies in the Now you can’t say nobody ever told you... because I just did. kitchen. The truth is - girls dig respect. Pay


confirmed facilities upgrade G e n e ro u s , c o m m i t t e d a n d various student needs on campus. In faithful are three words I would the past, this group would bring in use to describe a group of preserves for students to enjoy at “I’m women that make up a special meals and oversee the teas for sitting at group known as the Crandall Convocation, in addition to my desk Auxiliary. Over many years organizing fundraising projects contemplating this group has committed to each year. raise funds towards special what might be This last fall when it was time projects that will benefit the possible to help to submit a proposal, two students of Crandall with the needed options for the Auxiliary were University. Many projects upgrade to the offered for their consideration. have focused on needs fitness room The upgrade of the Crandall within the residence like new University Fitness Room project fur niture for residence when my was approved for the appeal lounges, an upgrade to the p h o n e letter and then it was time to wait security system, refurbishing the rings” and see what response to the security desk, and the purchase fundraising efforts might occur. Not of mattresses, to name a few. In knowing how this would go, I was unable recent years, a project within Murray Hall offered the first phase of community boards to comment on this project but just had to to assist with communication of events and wait and see. Fast forward to January information to the University community. 2011, I’m sitting at my desk contemplating The Crandall Auxiliary are composed of what might be possible to help with the approximately 30 dedicated Baptist women needed upgrade to the fitness room when that live within the Westmorland, Kent, and my phone rings. Betty Nichols, one of Albert association churches and represent those committed, faithful, and generous approximately 60 Churches. This servants of this committee called to let me dedicated group took on the call to know the exciting news that the Crandall address fundraising projects to cover Auxiliary had raised $5,000 towards the

Medeski, Martin, and Wood MMW are a three piece experimental jazz band consisting of a keyboard player, a double bassist and a percussionist. The three musicians rely heavily on improvisation, and often extend songs three or four times their original length when playing live. Their latest release was a three part album named Radiolarians. The interesting thing about this album was its recording; they went about the process backwards! Having grown tired of recording an album and then touring and playing the same songs live for many months, the band decided they’d do what jazz musicians do best: improvise. They began the Radiolarians tour without having rehearsed any material, went about recording their live improvisations, and then re-recorded

Fitness Room Upgrade project. Wonderful news – Thank you God, thank you Crandall Auxiliary! Generous, committed and faithful are words I would also use to describe many of the students at Crandall University who choose to take the time to invest in making a difference on campus and get involved… with projects like this, within student government, creating events, or working hard to develop an outdoor rink. I thank God for each one of you! Since hearing the amazing news of the generous donations to get this project off and running, we have had the joy of inviting students, staff, and faculty to speak into this project and offer their input into creating a five stage upgrade proposal for the fitness room of Crandall University. An initial meeting has occurred and opportunities will exist for people to share their ideas and comments. Email me at . We welcome your input as we work towards upgrading the fitness room.

By: Matt McGraw

the songs in a studio after their tour had finished. The results of such an odd approach to recording are twenty nine extremely experimental songs, characterized by coherent intros and outros with mindboggling solos in between the two. No two songs on the album sound similar – with some actually sounding nothing like jazz. For example, the song Professor Nohair follows traditional piano based ragtime, while the song Junkyard offers an almost cinematic, progressive rock feel. Medeski, Martin and Wood go beyond jazz, Oh, and listen to the song Broken Mirror if you’re interested in what I would say is one of the most powerful organ solos in modern jazz.


- Heidi Soggie

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW By: Erica McIntyre McIntyre shares her thoughts on the future upon graduating One of my favourite movies is The Wizard of Oz. I love the songs, the scarecrow, and those ruby slippers, but my favourite part of The Wizard of Oz will always be was discovering the Technicolor Munchkin Land along with Dorothy: the blue Jell-O river, the waxy flowers, and the yellow brick road make me feel like a kid again. Now that I’m about to graduate, I’ve been wondering a lot about my purpose in life. When will I finally find my own colourful world where I can say, “This is it! I’ve made it, now I can finally start living! This is what I am meant to do”?

In Esther 4:14, Queen Esther’s cousin Mordecai says to her (basically), “Listen, if you don’t act, God will. God has a plan for His people, but could it be that maybe you are part of His plan? Maybe you were born for right here and now.” The same applies to our lives. Maybe you are in that job, in your family, in this pod, at this school, in that classroom, at this store for such a time as this.

How many things does God have in store for us, the Last year, my dad was reading in people we know, and the world Mark 11:12-14 where Jesus curses the fig because we are obedient to Him in We don’t need a tree. He was confused; after all, it wasn’t our daily lives? the tree’s fault that it didn’t have fruit for permission slip or a personal invitation to Jesus. It wasn’t even fig season! Months live. It’s already been given. We live lives later I was still thinking about the poor fig of greatness if we would only open our tree and I came to understand that maybe eyes and see that worlds we thought were Jesus was telling me not to sit back and muddy and full of earth are really filled with wait for my life to begin, but to always be rainbow brightness. working. God doesn’t want us to say, “Well, this isn’t my season, this isn’t what I planned, I’m not even good at it, I’m actually a little afraid of it, so I’ll just sit back and wait until I find my somewhere over the rainbow!” God wants us to be constantly productive and faithful to His causes right where we are (James 1:27, Matthew 25: 34-40).

How many things does God have in store for us?

overheard at crandall

“It is so cold!” “Didn’t the Beacon just publish last week? I fishtailed so much this morning!”

“I understand that its going to be cold outside, but why is it so cold inside too?”

“Snow day!”

“Ohhhh your NOT suppose to go on facebook in class”

“What do you mean we were suppose to get our mailbox keys exchanged?”

“How’s the skating rink coming?”



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