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Finances The best value for your higher education dollars in Atlantic Canada 2011-2012 Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2011- June 30, 2012 FULL TIME STUDENTS (4-6 courses per semester) Sept. Jan. Year Tuition – BA, BBA, BSc 3,625.00 3,625.00 7,250.00 Tuition – BEd 3,765.00 3,765.00 7,530.00 International Student - differential 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 Comprehensive Fee 262.50 262.50 525.00 Student Assoc. (CSA) 140.00 - 140.00 CSA Campus Renewal 25.00 - 25.00 Mail Delivery 25.00 - 25.00 Mail Key Deposit** 50.00 - 50.00 Canadian Health and Dental Insurance*** (rate subject to change based on actual premium) 380.00 - 380.00 International Emergency Health Coverage 370.00 - 370.00 PART TIME STUDENTS (1-3 courses per semester) Tuition – BA, BBA, BSc 760.00 per 3 credit hours Tuition - BEd 780.00 per 3 credit hours International Student – differential 100.00 Per 3 credit hours Student Assoc. (CSA) 14.00 per 3 credit hours CSA Campus Renewal 12.50 Annual


RESIDENCE FEES Sept. Jan. Year Double 1,275.00 1,275.00 2,550.00 Single 1,712.50 1,712.50 3,425.00 Super Single 1,827.50 1,827.50 3,655.00 14 Meal Plan 1,582.50 1,582.50 3,165.00 20 Meal Plan 1,682.50 1,682.50 3,365.00 Residence security deposit of $300.00 (max refund of $275) - $150 due upon application to residence and remaining $150 due on residence move-in date.

OTHER FEES Locker 15.00 non-refundable Books 800.00 estimated per semester

DEGREE COMPLETION AND ADVANCED EDUCATION CERTIFICATE Please see the Finances and Services section on the website for most up to date information at

** Due in year of entrance only – refundable upon return of key *** Health/Dental is mandatory for all full-time students unless a completed waiver is received with proper supporting documents by the Finance Office by September 30, 2011 – see website for waiver. (January 30, 2012 for January admittance) Rate shown is for user. Couple and family rates are available.


PAYMENT POLICY Payments are due in full the first day of classes each semester (September 7, 2011 and January 9, 2012). Residence students are not permitted to enter residence until payment is received in full each semester. Students may pay with cheque, cash, debit, money order, online banking or student loans. Payment by credit card is not an accepted form of payment for tuition/fees and residence fees. If paying with debit, please ensure to check your daily withdrawal limit and contact the bank for any necessary increase. If paying with Student Loan: an account is considered paid upon receipt of appropriate signatures on the Certificate of Eligibility. If the Certificate of Eligibility is not received by September 20th and January 20th, the student is required to make payment in another form and will be reimbursed upon receipt of student loan. Interest is charged the first of each month at a rate of 1% per month (12.7% per annum) on any balance outstanding. NSF cheques will be charged a fee of $20. CANADA STUDENT LOAN APPLICATIONS: Start the process early at Applications should be started in May to ensure the receipt of loan documents prior to the start of classes. Student Loan papers are received each semester and must be signed by the Finance Office and the student to receive funds. The student must provide his/her social insurance card, driver’s license, and void cheque/banking information when signing loan documents with the Finance Office. US STUDENT LOAN APPLICATIONS: Begin the process at to complete your FAFSA application and your entrance counselling. Once you received your SAR (Student Aid Report), contact Heather Burke at for further information.


REFUND POLICY Students must formally withdraw with the Registrar’s Office to be considered for a refund. The date on the withdrawal papers received from the Registrar’s Office will be used to calculate refunds, not the date on which the student stops attending classes. Fall Tuition: September 7-9 September 12-16 September 19-23 September 26-30 October 3-7 After October 7

100% 90% 70% 60% 40% 0%

Winter Tuition: January 9-13 January 16-20 January 23-27 January 27 – February 3 After February 3

90% 70% 60% 40% 0%

Fees (comprehensive, CSA, etc) are non-refundable. All outstanding accounts within the University must be paid before a tuition refund will be considered. Note: residence students sign a residence contract for eight months (the academic year). If a student withdraws from residence without formal approval from Student Development, he/she is responsible for residence fees (including meal plan) for the entire academic year (September to April).

For further information on student accounts, tuition, fees, payment, and other financial matters. Email us at:; Call Dawn Welner, Business Officer at 506-858-8970 ext 118 Visit us online at

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Sept. Jan. Year Tuition – BA, BBA, BSc 3,625.00 3,625.00 7,250.00 Tuition – BEd 3,765.00 3,765.00 7,530.00 International Student - different...

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