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Reference Form Bachelor



Applicant’s Name (to be filled out by applicant) First Name

Middle Initial

Last Name

Referee’s Information Name of Referee (please print)  Institution/Organization  Position  Relationship to Applicant  I have known the applicant for

year(s) in my capacity as 

Daytime Phone # Email  Signature Date 

Referee’s Assessment Please assess this candidate’s suitability for the teaching profession in terms of character, personal qualities, and ability to work with young people. The information on this form will be used for reference purposes only and will not be disclosed unless written permission is granted. Please forward this form in a sealed envelope to: Crandall University Education Admissions Office, Box 6004, Moncton, NB E1C 9L7 Fax: (506) 863-6460

The deadline for submission is January 15th. Indicate your rating of this candidate in the categories listed below. Superior

Above Average


Below Average


Leadership Potential Interpersonal Skills Oral Communication Written Communication Skills Organizational Skills Academic Potential Teamwork Autonomy Creativity Sense of Responsibility As it aids in the selection process, additional comments are extremely valuable to the Education Admissions Committee. Space is available on the reverse of this form for you to note any additional observations/remarks; please be deliberate in commenting on the candidate’s teaching qualities. Supplementary letters of recommendation are also acceptable.


Additional Comments:

1-888-968-6228 Box 6004, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada E1C 9L7 Office: (506) 858‑8970 Fax: (506) 863-6460 EDRF-092011


First Name Middle Initial Last Name r eferee ’ s i nformaTion r eferee ’ s a ssessmenT Please assess this candidate’s suitability for the te...

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