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Universities our graduates have attended for post-graduate studies

• One of Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts Universities • Founded in 1949 • Devoted to the Christian faith • Modern, easy-to-navigate campus • Team name: Chargers • Colours: blue & gold • 85% of faculty hold highest degrees offered in their fields • Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1 • Average class size: 19 • Average size of graduating class: 180 • Programs led by world class professors

• Female students: 72% • Male students: 28% • 71% of students say Crandall was their #1 choice for post-secondary education • 81% of students are satisfied with their Crandall experience

• Harvard • Oxford • Carleton • Dalhousie • Sherbrooke • Queen’s • McGill

Crandall University Welcomes All Students. Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University, devoted to the Christian faith. We offer degrees in Arts, Business, Science and Education. Our goal is to create an accepting educational environment, strongly-focused on academics, in which our students will be encouraged to reach their full potential.

Take Charge of your Education At Crandall University, we strive to create the optimal learning environment. Our constant commitment to program excellence, combined with our small class sizes and student-to-faculty ratio, ranks Crandall among the most highly regarded Liberal Arts Universities in Canada.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Technical Education Continuing Education DEGREE COMPLETION Certificates

Academic Majors Bachelor of Arts

Admission requirements:

• Grade 12 academic English • Four additional grade 12 academic courses

Biblical Studies

Examples of what you will study: • Literary, historical & theological scripture interpretation • Applying ancient text to contemporary relevance • Knowledge of biblical language Graduate Success: Rev. Dale Stairs, B.A., M.Div.- Director of Youth and Family Ministries for the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

Communication Studies Examples of what you will study: • Public address • Interpersonal communications • Media studies • Linguistics • Political, cultural, economic & social dimensions of speech and language Graduate Success: Nikki Durant B.A.,- Graphic Design Graduate from MacKenzie College


Examples of what you will study: • Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, 18th, 19th & 20th century literature • Canadian, American & world authors • Effective writing • Literary criticism • Creative writing


Examples of what you will study: • People, places & ideas of the past • Research techniques • Logical thinking • Self expression • Rise of the West • Symbiotic relationship among world countries Graduate Success: Dale Calder, A.M., Ph.D.- Curator Emeritus of the Royal Ontario Museum

Interdisciplinary Studies Examples of what you will study: • A variety of liberal arts disciplines

Graduate Success: Sara Wiseman B.A.,- Currently working toward her Masters in Political Science at Carleton


Examples of what you will study: • Individual development & behaviour • Human development & professional theory • Ethics & applications • Early childhood development • Developmental disabilities • Gerontology • Forensic psychology • Criminology

Religious Studies

Examples of what you will study: • Phenomenon of Christianity • Origins • Historical manifestations • Philosophical assertions • Western civilization

General Admission Requirements Minimum average of 70% on five academic-level courses, completed during the final two years of secondary study.


Examples of what you will study: • Thinking and living in a culturally & socially diverse world • Theory & methodology • Human behaviour • Influence of social structures Graduate Success: Amanda Brooks B.A.,- Completed her social work program and is now a social worker in Nova Scotia

Modern Languages (New fall 2011)

Examples of what you will study- 1st track focusing on French language • French language • French literature • More languages to be added in future

Bachelor of Science

Admission requirements:

• Grade 12 academic English • Grade 12 academic Biology • Grade 12 academic Chemistry • Grade 12 academic Mathematics • One additional grade 12 academic course


Examples of what you will study: • Diversity of life forms • Animal behaviours • Human anatomy and physiology • Biochemistry • Ecology • Genetics Graduate Success: Dr. Sarah Hudgins, MD- , Sherbrooke University Graduate

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Education

• Grade 12 academic English • Grade 12 academic Mathematics • Three additional grade 12 academic courses Examples of what you will study: • Accounting • Finance • Management • IT • Marketing • Economics

• Minimum completion of 30 credit hours in a B.A., B.B.A., or B.Sc. program (or equivalent) to begin Concurrent B.Ed. degree program • Completed B.A., B.B.A, or B.Sc. degree (or equivalent) to begin 16 month Consecutive B.Ed. degree program • Post-secondary transcripts showing aboveaverage ability (min. cumulative GPA of 3.0 for Concurrent B.Ed. degree program; min. cumulative GPA of 2.67 for Consecutive B.Ed. degree program) • Evidence of professional suitability, supported by references and previous work or volunteer experience with children • Letter explaining reasons for applying to the B.Ed. program

Admission requirements:

B.B.A. Co-operative Education

Integrate theoretical knowledge into practical work experience. Crandall University co-op students have the opportunity to alternate study semesters with three work terms. Graduate Success: Ken Leblanc B.B.A. and Jeremy Demont B.B.A., – Cofounders and owners of Property Guys

Faculty Spotlight “What are you looking forward to today?” - Stewart West, B.T., B.Ed., M.Ed.- Professor of Education

Professor Stewart West starts every class the same way: with a simple question that causes self-reflection and creates a positive mind-set among his students. His classroom is an encouraging environment where motivation is high, confidence is cultivated and every student is significant.

Admission requirements:

Consecutive Education Degree- Taken after completion of your undergraduate degree (B.A., B.B.A, B.Sc.) 16 months, total of 5.5 years to complete both degrees.

Concurrent B.Ed. Degree- Taken at the same time as your undergraduate degree (B.A., B.B.A, B.Sc.). Minimum five years to complete both degrees. Examples of what you will study: • Child/ adolescent individuality • Student-centered education • Role of a teacher • Classroom management Upon completion: Grads will be able to apply for Certificate 5 teacher’s license from the New Brunswick Department of Education (or equivalent in other provinces/states). Graduate Success: Heather Proudfoot, B.Ed.,- Director of Sylvan Learning Centre Moncton

Bachelor of Technical Education Individuals coming into this program must have at least the equivalent of 30 credit hours and/or work experience in areas such as Business Technology, ICT, Culinary Arts, Interior Design, Trades, or Hospitality. Many will have completed their education through a Community College or other post-secondary institution(s).

Admissions Requirements: • Minimum equivalent of 30 credit hours and/or work experience in Business Technology, ICT, Culinary Arts, Interior Design, Trades or Hospitality • Preference given to those who can provide evidence of successful experience with adolescents

Examples of what you will study: • Theory & practice • Instructional & learning processes • Adolescent development • Educational psychology Upon completion: Graduates will be eligible to apply for a Certificate 4 teacher’s license from the NB Department of Education

Continuing Education DEGREE COMPLETION Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management Admission requirements: • 30 credit hours in previous post-secondary studies • Completion of six credit hours in a language course • Must be 21 years of age or older Please note: This program is designed for mature students/ working professionals with previous postsecondary education, who wish to complete their Bachelor’s degree.

Certificates Youth Leadership Certificate

Advanced Certificate in Literacy Education

Christian Foundations is a one year program, providing an introduction to basic Christian studies.

This program provides teachers with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and pedagogical skills while promoting literacy in the classroom. To be eligible to register for this program, you must have successfully completed a B.Ed. degree or equivalent. Upon successful completion, you will have the opportunity to advance from a Certificate 5 teacher’s license to a Certificate 6.

Cross-Cultural Certificate

Advanced Certificate in Resource Education

This program will help you gain biblical and philosophical grounding, practical guidance & leadership skills, as well as hands-on experience.

Christian Foundations Certificate

The Cross-Cultural program provides knowledge & understanding of diverse cultures and peoples, overseas missions & development, as well as languagelearning skills. Students will gain a first-hand, cross-cultural experience in a continent such as Africa or South America.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Teaching English as a second language is becoming a popular career both in Canada and abroad, and the demand for high quality, trained ESL instructors continues to grow. Crandall’s TESL Certificate Program is designed to train future ESL teachers to meet these challenges by introducing the theory, methodology, and practical skills they will need in the ESL claccroom.

This program provides teachers with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and pedagogical skills in resource. To be eligible to register for this program, you must have successfully completed a B.Ed. degree or equivalent. Upon successful completion, you will have the opportunity to advance from a Certificate 5 teacher’s license to a Certificate 6.

Study in Canada & Abroad Crandall-Oxford Study Program

Would you like to spend a semester in England? The Crandall-Oxford study program gives you the opportunity to take full-credit Canadian courses in England, while studying as an associate student for one semester at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.

Global Experience Education Program (GEEP)

How about Australia, China, or Alberta? GEEP gives B.Ed. students who are entering the final year of their degree an opportunity to complete their internships in Australia, China, and a variety of small towns in Alberta. The hosting schools will often help finance your flight and provide you with some spending money, as well as accommodations.

American Studies Program

Maybe Washington, DC? You can earn academic credit while serving as an intern and participating in a contemporary issue-oriented seminar program in Washington, DC.

More Ways to Study Abroad

• Latin America Studies Program- San Jose, Costa Rica • Los Angeles Film Studies Program- Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Burbank, LA • Middle East Studies Program- Cairo, Egypt • Russian Studies Program- Russia • Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies- Michigan, USA

Homeschooled Students

At Crandall University we welcome applications from homeschooled students; who represent a small, yet growing percentage of our student body.

Transfer Students

Student Spotlight “… The Christian roots really give an extra edge to the University and the education it provides.” - Sharilyn West, B.B.A. ‘14

Crandall students are open-minded, willing to learn and work hard along the way. Christian roots accentuate Crandall’s strong academic focus. Students are given the ability to see that there is not only faith in God, but faith in themselves. It is clear that Crandall professors strive to do their absolute best to inspire students with their knowledge, while also showing them God’s love.

Transfer students make up approximately one third of our student population. Send us your post-secondary transcripts and we will assess your credits to let you know how many will transfer to Crandall before you even apply.

International students

International students enrich the campus community. They must meet general admission requirement as well as other additional requirements.

Contact us at or 1-888-968-6228 for more information.

Take Charge, show your Pride

Crandall Athletics Varsity • Men’s Basketball • Women’s Basketball • Women’s Soccer • Men’s Baseball Club teams • Men’s Hockey • Men’s Soccer • Softball • Indoor Soccer • Badminton • Cross Country Affiliations • Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association • Canadian Colleges Athletic Association • Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association

Staff Spotlight “Understanding the difference between purpose and goals is essential to understanding the true definition of success.� - Travis Tait, Athletics Director

The role of the Athletics Director at Crandall University is to help players and coaches understand what personal and team success is. Part of this is helping individuals separate who they are from what they do. We believe that a win or a loss does not make us a better or worse human being. Sports were created for our enjoyment, not to give us value or tell us who we are.

Take Charge of You Your Own Space Residence Life Includes • Spacious, furnished rooms • Wireless Internet • Community & wing lounges • Laundry facilities on every wing

Benefits of living on Campus

• Close to all amenities: library, cafeteria, gym, professors, computer labs & campus facilities • All Crandall buildings have secure controlled access & video monitoring • Opportunity to form lifelong friendships • Living on campus can elicit higher grades and a better overall experience • Varied, affordable meal plan

Room Styles

COLBURNE HOUSE • Double room- two beds, bureaus & desks • Single room-one bed, bureau & desk • Super single room- one bed, bureau & desk (larger room)

New for 2012 Apartment-style housing

Food for Thought

All students who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan, available in 14 and 20 meals per week options. We strive to offer a variety of healthy meal choices in our own, cafeteria-style food services court.

Annual Events

• Welcome week activities: mystery bus tour, photo car rally, luau & more • Fall Foliage day • “Crandall Live” concerts • Christmas & spring formal banquets

Student Spotlight “… When you run out of nail polish remover or are missing the right cardigan, you know there is going to be someone more than happy to let you use theirs.” - Rachael Keetch, B.A. ‘13

Residence life is all about community. A home away from home; where you’ll be surrounded by a family of close friends. Get together with some pals to grill up a few steaks on a Sunday night. Beat the winter cabin fever with a group snow shoeing expedition. Or simply enjoy some company for a cup of tea. Whatever your style, there’s always someone around to hang out with. Residence is a place where you’ll make lifelong friends.

Near-by Attractions • Visit Champlain Place- the largest mall East of Montreal. • Swim in the warmest salt waters North of Virginia at Parlee Beach (20 minutes). • Minutes from Crandall, Magnetic Hill is home to a seasonal water park, zoo, outdoor concert site, and a new entertainment venue, featuring numerous events: music, comedy, athletics and more. • Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy- home of the largest tides in the world. Walk on the ocean floor at low tide; tour the area by kayak at high tide. • Explore Downtown Moncton’s many unique shops, restaurants, cafés and the Moncton Market- arts, crafts, tasty treats and more.

Take Charge of your Finances Current Reasearch indicates students at Crandall are highly satisfied with the value of their education.

2011-2012 Tuition & Fee Schedules* Full-time Students


Tuition- BA, BBA, BSc


Student fees


Total Room & board

8,015.00 5,715.00

*Rates are for the 2011-2012 academic year and may not be the same for subsequent years. Full-time student rates are based on 4-6 courses per semester. Prices do not include additional costs such as books, lab/college/program fees, and insurance premiums. Room & board rates are based on a double room and 14 meals plan. Visit for a full list of tuition prices, fees and further information for these and additional programs & certificates, as well as part-time study.

FINANCIAL FACTS : Top Six Scholarships Name of Scholarship

Number available

Individual $ amount

Total $ amount

Harrison McCain Foundation Scholarship

1 per year

$4000 per year x 4 years

$16 000

Board of Governors Scholarship

9 per year

$2000 per year x 4 years

$8000 each x 9 = $72 000

Idris James Morris Athletic Scholarship

1 per year



Town of Riverview

1 per year



Christina Inman Bursary

1 per year



Stephen & Ella Steeves Scholarship

30 per year


$51 000

Please note: To be considered for scholarships, all documentation must be received by March 1st. See scholarship insert at the back of this Viewbook for a detailed list of required documents. For a complete list of available scholarships & bursaries, visit our website at

Next Steps • Attend an on-campus event or arrange a campus tour. • Submit completed application form. • Include completed scholarship application and letter if applying prior to March 1st. • Send official transcript(s). • Applicants wishing to live on campus must also submit an on campus housing application. • Apply for student loans early (in May). Please send all required documentation and forms as early as possible.

Contact us

Website: Admissions office: Phone: 1-888-968-6228 Email: Crandall University Admissions office Box 6004 Moncton, NB E1C 9L7 Stay connected with our admissions counsellors. Speak with current students. Like us on

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Alumni Spotlight “The English faculty at Crandall made a huge impact on my life…”” - Chera Yorke, BA ’08 + BEd’10, co-owner Yorke Photography

Chera and her husband have built a successful photography business, Yorke Photography, and were named “One of Canada’s 30 most inspiring wedding photographers” by Wedding Bells Magazine. Chera attributes a large part of her success to the writing skills she honed at Crandall. She uses these skills to write a photography blog for her business, which is getting excellent reviews from her clients. Chera is also a graduate of the Oxford-Crandall exchange program. Saturated in its rich culture, art and history, she calls her time in Europe “… a real turning point in my life.”

Take Charge of your Life‌ Visit Crandall Today. Contact Dave or Laura in admissions. They’ll happily answer all your questions and schedule a guided campus tour.

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