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Establish, uphold, and give leadership to the global vision, ends, goals, policies, and Broad strategic planning of the institution and the executive limitations for the President.


In all things, and to the best of its ability, seek to follow the will of God in the governance of the institution.


Hold the President accountable for the institution striving to achieve the global ends and vision set by the Board.


Establish, maintain, and monitor compliance with the global policies for governance and functioning of the institution.


Hold responsibility for the academic, financial, and spiritual state of the institution.


Appoint the President and the Chancellor.


Approve the appointment of all faculty, Vice-Presidents, and senior administrative staff on recommendation from the President.


Appoint and empower such standing committees and task forces as are deemed necessary to carry out the detailed work of the Board.


Appoint the Board representatives to Senate.


Receive and adjudicate reports and recommendations from all standing committees and task forces on a regular schedule.


Take action/intervene in the administration of the institution in a situation of crisis.


Speak to CABC Council on behalf of “owners” i.e. the people of Convention.


Hold the President responsible for the institution contributing to accomplishment of the purposes of the Convention which are stated as “…being and making disciples of Jesus Christ…”


Hold the President responsible for the institution operating within the values of the Convention as outlined in the Executive Limitations.


Hold the President responsible for the institution carrying out the mandate given to it by the Assembly of Convention (a) when it was founded in 1949, and more recently affirmed by the Assembly of Convention as that of transforming lives through “quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith,” and (b) by the provincial

government “to provide for persons of any race, colour or creed, university education with a philosophy and viewpoint that is Christian” when it was incorporated in 1983 as stated in Bill 64, Crandall University Act, 2008 as assented to June 18, 2008. Note: * These items are mandated for CRANDALL UNIVERSITY as a subsidiary agency of Convention. A schedule for reporting on specific items has not been applied to the Board’s mandate as its responsibility is ongoing. A schedule for reporting to the Board has been applied to the standing committees.

Board mandate  

board mandate