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Rules 1. These are 7 inning games or 1 hour and 30 minute time limit, whichever comes first. No inning can be started within the last ten minutes. 2. This is an orthodox tournament. All calls are subject to the umpire and the rules of Softball Canada. There is absolutely no form of sling or whip pitch! This is not a lob tournament but it is orthodox. 3. Maximum of 5 runs per inning or 5 runs over your opponent (whichever is greater). The final inning as an open inning. Ex 1. You are up by 1 run, you can score 5 runs. Ex 2. Opponent is up by 2 runs, you can score 7 runs.

4. Bats will be checked to ensure that they meet legal specifications (must bear either the ASA approved 2000 certification mark or the ASA 2004 certification mark) 5. Each team can bat as many players as they have on their roster but are only allowed to field 9. 6. Each team can have maximum 3 non Crandall alumni. Players must commit to whole day and must play at least 75% of round robin to qualify for semi/finals. 7. Players may substitute in/out of any inning any number of times. 8. Stealing bases is permitted after the ball has left the pitcher's hand. 9. No Stealing Home Plate, unless ball is in play in the field due to catcher. 10. All game balls will be provided by tournament organizers. 11. Three courtesy runners are allowed per game. The runner is the previous out. 12. Bunting is NOT allowed. 13. Home team determined by coin toss, except finals where best record is awarded home. 14. In the event of a tie for playoffs, head to head is first tie breaker, ratio of the runs for divided by number of innings batted vs. runs against divided by innings defended. 15. Final decision on areas of concern or discrepancy will be made by Peter Lutes and Robert Briggs after consultation with officials and team coaches as needed.

2011 Softball rules  

2011 softball rules for alumni tournamnet