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If you have seen the Shake Weight for Men television commercials, you might have been wondering about the product. It is basically a dumbbell with a twist. Instead of just lifting it regularly like you would with a normal dumbbell, you shake it back and forth. While shaking it, it will work out more muscles and it will work them out more effectively according to the ads. But is the shake weight really that effective? My Experience I bought these weights recently, but no, it wasn't because I was looking for an alternative to gym. I bought it because the science behind it made complete sense to me. Also, I was curious how shaking builds up muscles more efficiently than traditional weight lifting. I use the weights to cap off my regular routine which consists of abs work outs, pull ups, dips, and push-ups. After my regular routine, I have a go at these shakes for five minutes. Surprisingly, for such a small thing, this packs a lot of power. This gave my arms and chest a good burn. I wouldn't recommend that you use this as a replacement to your regular abs routine, however. Rather, use it as a finishing touch to your workout. PROS - This is affordably priced. - It's easy to use and carry around. - It gives the arms and chest a decent burn. - It comes with a money-back guarantee. CONS - It comes in only one weight: 5 pounds for men, 2.5 pounds for women. - It cannot replace regular weight lifting or gym training. Is It Really Expensive? Usually when a new and innovative product comes out on the market, it costs a lot of money. Luckily when it comes to Shake Weight for Men, it's extremely affordable at only $29.95, plus the cost of shipping, when you buy from the official website.

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==== ==== For The Shake Weight Check this Out ==== ====

The Ultimate Strategy For Shake Weight For Men and Women  

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