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The Shake Weight For Men is a product that has caused quite a bit of discussion and controversy since it was launched (in fact, since the original women's version was released). Some people claim that it's a useless product while others say it's an excellent workout tool. So, what is the truth? Does the Shake Weight For Men really work or is it a scam? Let me start by saying that I don't believe the Shake Weight For Men is a scam (although there may be some who will disagree with me). It's a valid product which makes a compelling argument. There's no doubt that using the Shake Weight does strain your arms. Just try shaking your arms vigorously in a very short range of motion while holding a bottle or a can. You will feel the effort. So, those who say that you won't feel the effects of working out with the Shake Weight For Men are mistaken. However, this doesn't mean that it works as well as the infomercial and advertisement would suggest. It just means that it does strain your muscles. The idea that the infomercial suggests is that this device, when used for just minutes each day, can somehow replace your need to do traditional exercises and workouts if you wish to have more developed and muscular arms. This is something that I am not convinced with. While there may be merit to using this product as it does offer a convenient home workout option and it does strain the muscles, I don't believe it replaces regular gym workouts or traditional strength exercises. I believe that, if you want to grow your muscles and achieve the best fitness you can, you must continue focusing your time and effort on proven and traditional workout methods. While the Shake Weight For Men may prove to be a welcome addition to your workout arsenal, I do not advise turning it into your only form of exercise. There are some great things about this product: it's cheap, it's easy to carry around, it's small and lightweight and can be easily stored in your home or car. It is a nice piece of home fitness equipment. However, remember that infomercials tend to exaggerate and may not portray the full reality. So, get this product if you feel like it but don't neglect other forms of exercises just yet. They're proven to work for you.

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==== ==== For The Shake Weight Check this Out ==== ====

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