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Matter and its properties What is matter? Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. A property describes an object: -Size -Colour -Shape -Smell - Lenth : tells us what an object measures. We measure length in metres or centimetres. -Volume: Volume is the space an object occupies. We measured in cubic centimetres , liquids and gases in litres and mililitres -Mass: Amount of matter in an object. Heavy object has more mass than a heavy object. Mass and weight are different. Weight changes when gravity changes, but mass is always the same. We can use scales to measure weight.

The states of matter

Every thing around us is made of matter. Matter in three differen forms: -Solid: Definite shape and volume -Liquids: definite volume , don`t have their own shape -Gases: Don`t have a definite shape or volume. The shape and the size of their container.

My world fact What is the lightest solid material? The lightest solid material at room temperature is lithium.

Natural and man-made materials Natural materials

man-made materials

Materials found around us are natural materials We have to dig them out of the ground, or take them from living things. -Rocks are made of minerals. A mineral is made

We transform natural materials in many different ways, making them man-made materials. This process changes a material`s properties.

In the Earth from non-living matter. Each rock

•Oil can be changes into plastic. We get crayons and nylon from oil. •We get paper from wood •If we heat sand at very high temperatures we get glass •The silicon chips are made from sand

has special properties.( Some used in buildings, others like coal , used as fuel) -Crude oil : one of our most valuable resources, found underground. We need oil to make petrol, plastic. Natural material is wood, very useful. Today, we Try not to cut down nature forests because they are important for the Earth and take along time to grow. Instead, we plant new trees, cut them Down to make different things: Paper, furniture, doors and shelves. Leather comes from animals skins. It is very Useful for making clothes and shoes. Cotton Plants to make textiles and clothes

Changes in matter Physical changes Every time you change matter you make a physical change This involves a change in physical Properties like size, smell, colour, shape, etc In physical change, the material is the same before and after. Matter can go through different kinds of physical changes. When we make a salad, we make physical change, and we also make a mixture. Mixtures are two or more kinds of matter that are together but can be separated.

Chemical changes Chemical change occurs when a Material or substance is changed into another one. This change is not reversible, the Material is different after the change

Recycling The Earth has a limited amount of resources. By recycling and Reusing Them we can use The same resources again and make them last longer. That way we don´t need to take more from the Earth . Recycling: is the process that changes something so it can be used again .

The recycling process 1) Collection and processing the first step is to collect things that can be recycled. They are then sent to a factory to be sorted and prepared for manufacturing. 2) Manufacturing is the second step. The processed materials are made into products. Newspaper, plastic.. 3)Buying recycled products is the third step in the recycling process.

Reuse: is when we use something again without changing it.

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