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descrambling the code on self-care

descrambling the code on self-care

self-care is fundamental to functioning as a human. But what exactly is it and why is it important that we work it into our busy lives.

self-care is a fundamental piece of the emotional health pie. Over the past few years its been thrown around like it’s going out of fashion. A buzzword of sorts, it’s meaning lost, it’s often seen as a nice to have. A let’s take it seriously if I have a quiet night in or a stressful day. We’re plagued by green juice and yoga and missing the point. Self-care doesn’t cost. It’s not about doing it for everyone else, it’s about doing it for self. We know it means taking better care of ourselves but why? And how? And what if we don’t? What then?

Really it’s nothing more than that. It’s intentionally taking time out to do simple things that keep you healthy and bring you joy. Self-care comes in many shapes and forms. The surface level stuff includes things like listening to music, taking a bath or nourishing your body. On a deeper level it involves figuring out your freaky little wants and needs and establishing boundaries that allow you to build a protective bubble around yourself. Being aware of your internal resources helps you to spot when your tank is running low so that you can take the steps needed to fill it right back up. That way not only you, but everyone else gets the best of you too. The difficult part is the slowing down. Self-care is about slowing down enough to comprehend what’s going on in your inner world.

How are you feeling today? How is the stress barometer? What are you grateful for? In the fast pace of it all it’s easy to jam pack your schedule and bypass the down time but it cannot be missed. It’s in the slowing down that we get to check in, to look at the bigger picture and to see if we’re on the right path. If we’re caught up in a flurry of transport and tequila we’re surviving. We’re too tired to even begin to consider an alternative reality because we’re just trying to stay awake long enough for the meeting to end. And then you wake up, five years have passed and you’ve sleep walked it all. And if we can do anything to avoid that then lets.

Our busy lifestyles mean that we’re dealing with more and more stress than ever before. The pressure is high and the stakes are too. Fuelled by the influencer epidemic expectations are high and in this modern world world patience is thin on the ground. Stress is an imbalance between your current coping abilities and the expectations or demands placed on you. This includes those you place on yourself — both real and perceived. Stress can wreak havoc with your mind, body and soul. Some of the physical effects include high blood pressure, muscular tension, a weakened immune system and fertility problems. Not to mention the psychological effects such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. In short, the effects are widespread, selfcare central to prevention and relief.

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