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One of the services that CRAI offers is La factoria. It backs the learning process, the teaching and the research and development. Its aim is to fulfil the needs of teachers and researchers as well as students in developing their academic activities.

lafactoria user’s guide for students

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What is lafactoria?

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lafactoria provides • Support for the students in developing their academic works. • Advice in how to use the URV’s Virtual Campus and 2.0 tools. • Technologic and multimedia equipments: computers, editing labs, webcams and DVD recorders. • Loans: digital video cameras, digital cameras and audio recorders. • Programmes :office and multimedia software (image editing, webpage editing, publication layout, digitalization). • Education and activities to acquire ICT competence and to get to know how to use new technologic tools.

I am a URV student, how can la factoria help me? • To learn about the specific programmes and tools in order to develop academic works. • To learn how to improve the presentations of academic works using tools like PowerPoint, image editing, etc. • To answer my questions and me give advice on office software and ICT. • To use 2.0 tools in order to improve the learning process. • To digitalize the necessary documentation for my academic work.

• To use the recording material such as video cameras, digital cameras, etc. correctly for academic purposes. • To teach me computer and ICT skills (office and multimedia software, document conversion, storage media, PDF editing, etc.).

In addition You’ll find information on intellectual property of the recourses you’ve used and also advice on how to protect the intellectual property of your own creations.

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What is "La Factoria"? user's guide for students  

User's guide for students. CRAI URV

What is "La Factoria"? user's guide for students  

User's guide for students. CRAI URV

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