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Pass Your ASVAB Exam in 5 Simple Ways Before you can fulfill your dream of serving the country and joining the US naval force, you actually need to pass your qualification test first—and the way to achieve this is to practice ASVAB for the navy.

The ASVAB, an abbreviation for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is an exam given by the US Military Entrance Processing Command to verify a candidate’s qualification for enlisting in the armed forces. It was initially introduced in the year 1968, and was eventually implemented by all the military branches in 1978. As of today, all divisions of the armed forces use this specific test, so if you really want to become a US Navy soldier, you need to practice ASVAB for the navy so you can easily get accepted.

Second to fourth year high school students are usually the ones being offered of the ASVAB exam, but of course anyone who qualifies for the navy can take it as well. Examinees who successfully pass the test are not at all required to enlist; whether or not you choose to join the naval force is up to. The said examination does not only serve as an admission requirement, but can also help measure a test taker’s aptitude to succeed in a certain profession.

Style and Categories of the ASVAB Test The ASVAB test comes in a multiple-choice form. There are currently nine main sections in the ASVAB examination, and they are the following: •

Arithmetic reasoning

Assembling objects

Automotive & shop information

Electronics information

General science

Mathematics knowledge

Mechanical comprehension

Paragraph comprehension

Word knowledge

The assembling objects section is the latest addition introduced in 2002. An additional category is given to navy aspirants, called a Coding Speed test. To continue reading the rest of the article, please click Practice ASVAB for the Navy here.

Practice ASVAB for the Navy - Pass Your ASVAB Exam in 5 Simple Ways