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Buying a Craigslist Used Car: 10 Things to Check Craigslist is one of the most well known sites offering several different used cars for sale. Here are several important things you should look when buying the used car. 1. Vehicle’s Body The first thing to examine on Craigslist used cars is the exterior. None of the panels should have dents or rust. Small scratches are not a big issue, unlike rust. The wheel wells and rocker panels must be examined as well. You should open and shut all doors, trunk and roof. 2. Engine It is wise to examine the engine when it is cool. It is common to notice some dust or dirt. Nonetheless, if there is oil spilled around or on the ground beneath the car, there may be a serious issue. Additionally check for a corroded battery and loose wires. 3. Wheels and Tires Tire tread should display an even amount of wear on either side of the vehicle. If there is a lot of wear on the exterior part, the vehicle could have been driven hard. The spare tire should be in good condition as well. 4. Windshield You should check out the windows and windshield for any cracks or pitted spots. A small chip may not seem bad, but it can be used when negotiating the cost of the car. Keep in mind that cracks in any windshield become worse with time and can result in a costly repair in the future. 5. Oil Filter and Dipstick In addition to the fluid levels, you should check the oil. It should be a dark brown color. If the dipstick has water or oil that looks gray or foam-like, there could possibly be a crack in the engine. There should not be bits of metal on the rag when wiped down, because this can be an indication of major issues. 6. Interior It is advisable to smell the interior of the Craigslist used car for a musty odor, which could mean a water leak. The seat’s upholstery should not have tears and the rubber

on the pedals should be in good condition. The roof should not droop down and if the vehicle has a sunroof, it should open and shut well. 7. Safety Features Before purchasing a vehicle, you should make sure that the safety features, like the headlights and turn signals function properly. If the vehicle comes with antilock brakes, it should also be tested. The horn should work and the muffler must be in good order. 8. Electrical Components Many vehicles have several items that function electronically. Automatic door locks and window functions should work well. The stereo must also play properly. If there are any additional electrical features like a car alarm or keyless entry, you have to test them to be sure they are working properly as well. 9. Manufacturer’s Emblem The Manufacturer’s emblem is generally located on the driver’s door. There should be no indication of tampering. The VIN number should be easy to read as well as the date that the vehicle was built. 10. Heater and Air Conditioner In order to properly examine the heater and air conditioner, you must allow the engine to get warm. When turning on the A/C, it should start right away. If it seems broken, know that it is costly to repair. To test the heat, turn the fan on to all the speed settings. If the air that is pushed through is moist, then it may be an indication that a heater core has a leak. A Craigslist used car can be a smart buy when one is careful. Craigslist can be packed with scams, yet when you put in the effort to look into and deal with a respectable vendor, you can wind up with a great automobile.

Buying a Craigslist Used Car: 10 Things to Check  

Are you planning to buy a Craigslist used car? If so, here are ten important things you should check when you inspect a used car from buyers...