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How can you curtail the issues of Craigslist Flagging and Ghosting?

Some people define the website – Craigslist as the online garage, which allow you to post a wide range of ads for your different services and products. Employing this website can be termed as one of the most simple, convenient and hassle free experience apart from being a free of cost service. This site is managed by certain amount of people or a conscious kind of online community, which leave no stone unturned to keep the content of the site regulated and par with quality and integrity. If you are seen violating the norms or rules set by the site, you are bound to face the issue of Craigslist flagging (by the users) and Craigslist ghosting (by the site staff). So, if you are interested in curtaining this problem, you are bound to follow the norms as set by the site. Let’s check the norms, which can help you to play safe over the site in the following paragraphs: Choose the right and relevant ad category: The right Craigslist ghosting solution or flagging solution that should be considered in order to play safe and the best is by choosing the most relevant and right kind of category. For instance if you have ad pertaining to job opening, you would certainly not going to post it over the real estate property section. By doing such thing can only invite problems of flagging or ghosting, this is really objectionable. So do keep in mind to choose the right time in order to find out the most relevant and right kind of category followed by choosing the most suitable sub category in order to avoid this problem/issue. Check the terms and conditions of posting the ads: If you see ads being flagged at the Craigslist site, you are being noticed by the users of the site, while if the same is being done by the staff, you are bound to face the ghosting problem. This can certainly end up blowing down the very basic and important protocol like posting content as per the wrong category. The number of ads that are seen with excess amounts of links or using contaminated language or porn stuff like the nude and harassment content you would simply end up seeing the ads getting very much flagged or ghosted. Post your ads with responsibility: As it is said, with power you get responsibility, it simply means that if you have the power and liberty to post a number of ads for free over this websites like Craigslist you are bound to face the problem. This is because the Craigslist ghosting algorithms are very much smart enough to find out the fact that the ads are being posted in a wrong way. Hence such ads would often invite problems, which can deter you post ads over it. Do keep in mind to follow ce rtain rules of posting ads in the best relevant category in an interval of 48 hours. Avoid taking things very much personally: The fact of the matter is, if you see ads being posted the right way and still are seen getting prosecuted make sure check the real cause behind the same instead of blaming the site. You can see your rival being active over this site, who is interested in maligning your name and brand to leverage the best from these sites. At such point of time, always take things in a smart and cool way, report the same to the site by providing relevant proofs. This can help you in

making things smarter and better. And soon, you would end up seeing your ads being posted on the same location as you did in the past. For more on How to find a good Craigslist flagging tool or Craigslist flagging service visit the website

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