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Writing poetry on the theme of HOME is bound to evoke emotions. Some of us have grown up in one home. Some of us have lived in many homes. Some of us have crossed continents in search of a new home. Some of us will always long for our old homes, but may never get to go back. Some of us may, one day, to pick up the threads of our history. Through the poetic devices of imagery, repetition, and concrete details, the fourth graders and I explored our physical homes; our emotional homes; what home means to us; where we are most at home, and with whom. We wrote Where I Come From poems modeled from immigrant poets at Foster High School in Tukwila, WA. We wrote poems of peaceful places, modeled from “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry. We wrote poems about our family’s hair—because that’s a part of our home, too—modeled from the vignette, “Hairs” by Sandra Cisneros, from her book, The House on Mango Street. We wrote poems about who we feel at home with, inspired by the poem “To You” by Karla Kuskin. Thank you fourth-grade poets for writing your truths, be they quiet or boisterous, serious or witty. You’ve taken the time to reflect on your life and to choose the words that paint the picture of who you are. Thank you Ms. Prinzing, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Seevers and Mr. Seasholes, for your support of the written and spoken word. Thank you Rebecca and Jeanine for making this residency possible. Ann Teplick, WITS Writer-in-Residence Sanislo Elementary Fourth grades April 1-June 10, 2011

I am from poems

by Adrian

I am from Papa Murphy’s bacon bacon bacon pizza. I am from first-person shooter games on the computer I am from unintelligent use of time by watching tv.

My Life

by Alisa

I am from the great but small Cambodia with the broken kingdom and temples. The monks welcome me to the temple. My grandmother only speaks Cambodian, but I am blessed to have her. Sometimes I understand her and she tells me to be proud of what I have. My father encourages me to pay attention to life and where it will take me. And I tell him I want to follow the path of my mother and father, they went to college and they are both doctors. I hope I can keep this beautiful life for a long time

My Family’s Hair By Alyssia M. My family has different hair. My mother’s hair is an orange red-brown, Like spices in a green tea from china, With streaks of gray, Like steam rising from a cup. My father’s hair is like ash from a forest fire Standing on end every day. My sister’s hair is as soft and delicate as a faun’s fur, And drapes down her shoulders like her flowered curtains. My brother’s hair is as black as Midnight and stands up like A broom.

My Life

by Bahsan

I love my family, because they support me They listen when I am having a hard time They help me carry boxes of TV and computers They take me to Chucky Cheese and Family Fun Center I wish my whole family were together Then we would have more fun together And stuff to do together When it is sunny day we can all ride our bikes And have more fun together But we cannot see each other because we all live in different places So we won’t have more fun together My favorite thing to do is play with my family My favorite book is diary the wimpy kid I like a lot of Books but I pick that one because I don’t known other books title

By Daniel My hair is up. My hair is a triangle It is called a Mohawk. It is black as the ink in my marker. After I spray my hair it is stiff as a big huge rock. And I like the Mohawk

The Hair

by Grayson

My hair is as straight as a ruler-drawn line My hair is as white as a speed limit sign My hair is as short as a second line on a clock My hair is as bumpy as a rock My hair is as shiny as the sun on the Atlantic Ocean waters My hair is as soft as an otter’s My hair is as pokey as a cactus My hair gets all sweaty at soccer practice .

by Ismael

My hair is as short s a cactus like nail And it is as dark as a wolf fur And my it as safe As a cat fur.

Me and My Sister

By: Jasmine

Me and my sister fight like crazy It’s like a rush we yell we hit and sometimes kick We never hug or talk softly to each other Mom yells stop we can’t hear you we say laughing She screams so laud we jump “stop fighting for once”! Says mom with a tone “fine” we say Never stop fighting it’s too much fun but we love each other Sometimes and sometimes never.

My Peaceful Place As No One There. By: Jada

It is silent with no despair. I can hear birds humming from miles away And that’s how I know it’s my special place. My place smells like warm cookie dough. Like vanilla ice cream on a Friday night. My peaceful place is under a big slumped Over tree in a big green patch of Fresh green grass with roses right out side my House. I sit there silent and feel the sun It warms me. I can taste the air tastes Like soft green pears. I love my place From bottom to top the warmth is Hot like hot fudge Sunday on a Friday night.

My Peaceful Mind

By Luchian

Sitting next to an old willow, In the middle of a pasture as green as a leaf in spring A bark-feathered spotted owl in the tree’s burrow. A golden mole on my head. A dodo bird in my lap. With my mind in an unknown world, Where I have many adventures. Inside a book. Like the Mysterious Benedict Society, Where I solve mysteries and defeat villains. This is the place I am in peace with. In my mind.


By: Zehao

If you were there I could eat Stinging Nettle. If you were there I could play Russian Folk Song on the piano in front of the whole world. If you were there I could ski dive into the Amazon rainforest. If you were there I could run through a forest full of frightening black bears. If you were there Tristen I could do anything.

If My Mom was Here By: Malachi If my mom was here I could find The greatest treasury with my Aunt Ebony. If my mom was here I could Make my own harvest With my uncle Jarvis. If my mom was here I could Put defense on my pet T-Rex. If my mom was here I could Be famous with my sister Lanus. If my mom was here I could go To heaven with my favorite Number seven.

I Am From

By: McKenna

I am from Horses running through the fields from the way back When my mom was little. I am from towns that are small and old. From towns I thought were new. I am from places cold and bare Places, I thought were great Just the way they were. I am from adventures where the back yard was As wide as a football field. I am from boating with my Friends and dad. Things that were fast like a cheetah running through the fields. I am from the stage with the spot lights like golden angles something that Made me dance and use my voice. I am from the view of the water front With the sun screaming out like a little girl Scared. Sight I thought was beautiful. This is my life!

My Awesome, Fabulous Hair!

By Olivia

My hair comes in clumps like licorice or pasta and strings. It goes into warm , clean , clear water, It scrunches up, then it springs! The turquoise brush comes to the rescue, Making my hair as soft and as shiny as a warm , gilded glow, My hair is as wavy as a whallop of long grass, I know! My hair is a rainbow of color, Black as a beetle, brown like tall reeds, but most of all blonde, me and my hair , we have a bond! My Daddy’s hair is brunette and soft like a bunny’s sweet fur My Mommy’s hair is blonde and poofy my hair smells like fresh water ,and chlorine ,and mangos, and when it’s in dos it looks kind of goofy

If you were there By: Sarah N If you were there I could Sky dive in a field of chocolate Somewhere in Chocolate World. Swim the sea of the Pacific. And sing “Our Song” By Jori King In front of the world. Hug you in front of the public And not care what they thought. If you were there I could do ANYTHING And not be scared. (Dedicated to John C.)

My Peaceful Place By: Thea Is miles beneath The sea It beats a steady pulse it`s blood, lava it`s bones, rock. Mostly it sleeps with coral as it`s pillow But one day it will awake And roar And toss And turn Then it will rise And bubble Creating new life And land But One day it will return What comes from the sea, Comes back to the sea What comes from me, Comes back to me.

My Peaceful Place By Shelzy My peaceful place is sweet like candy. My peaceful place is warm like chicken noodle soup. My peaceful place is colorful like all the colors of the rainbow. My peaceful place is huge like a rain forest. My peaceful place is comfortable place like a king size bed. My peaceful place has so much stuffed animals it almost look like a zoo. My peaceful place that is so quite like a library. My peaceful place is sweet like candy Warm as chicken noodle soup has all the colors of the rainbow as huge of the rain forest

and comfortable like a king size bed and has a lot of stuff animals that almost look like a zoo

My Viet Nam By YenHa Nguyen I am from pho that’s cooked with family. I am my mother and father’s property. I am a little sister of my sisters and my only brother I am from Viet Nam where there is a fish smell in the fish market,where the trees grow for beauty. The festivals full of people and fruits and people dancing, singing. I am from the people that are Asian. I am from beautiful fireworks that spreads full of joy. I am from the spirits that walk around the temple Where the monks bless me. I am from the blazing sun in Viet Nam. I am from the crying nature drizzling from the sky. I am from a poor but happy country. I am from the sun that rises up and makes the roosters wake up me from my sleep. I am from a family of chicks walking all around the garden and where the plants grow and where there’s homes for animals. I am from kids that try to make money for their poor families. I am from the Viet Nam and no one can change that.



by Alexandra

I am from soccer. I am from forward, you attack the ball. I have been playing for 3 years. I am from the black and white of the soccer ball. I am from grass as green as jade. I am from the number 4 on my jersey. I am from the grassy dirt on my cleats. I am from soccer. I CAN DO IT WITH YOU


If you were there I could eat 100 lady bugs. If you were there I could jump to mars. I could save 100 people from a fierce hurricane. I could watch a scary movie like bloody Mary with you. I could do all most everything as long as I have you.


by Andres

I could skydive into a small trampoeling. I could beat every body at running. I could win the soccer world cup. I could go into a dark cave and stay there for a week with no light. I could jump to Canada with my bear feet.

If You, Olivia - by Caroline If you were there, I could… meet Harry Potter and go to the school, Hogwarts, live without books. I could… pick up a banana slug, from a mud puddle then lick it. If you were there, I could… jump to China In one Hop. I could… glid as high As a eagle, Read a google plux Books. If you were there, Ice Do-dos could be champions of the Global Reading Challenge.

WWE That’s Me! By Jeffery my sharp eyes and vampire fangs and hair is as wild as Edges the Wrestler’s My hair is as sharp as a dragon’s tail. My family’s hair is straight as a poster. My hair is a vampire’s fang. My family’s hair is fluffy as Bigfoot’s.

Morning and Night by Hans I wake up fix my bed when I looked outside it looked like a golden world but when the clouds blocked the sun and the night took over the morning it felt like my dark thoughts that I always tried to make bright.

A Peaceful Place in Money by Imanol Can you smell money? Can you hear the crimple sound of money? And can you just see the money floating around your house? Can you imagine a house full of money?



My peaceful place is where I can burn off energy . It is where I can jump 30ft in the air. Where I can do whatever I what. Where the floors are trampolines and objects are obstacles that must be maneuvered. Where you can watch a movie in 4-d any time you want to . It is where you can do any sport you want anytime you want like sky diving at mid-night. Where there are free super powers in your favorite food and limitless food and powers. It tastes like Gatorade and propel . It is where dreams become reality. Where you can ride a dirt bike or a dinosaur. It is the most technically advanced place in the world .WHERE THERE IS NO ONE TO BOSS YOU AROUND!!!



My peaceful place is in a cave, A dark muggy cave on Maui island, Laying on a bed of moss, As soft as a kittens head, As I hear the lapping of the water as large koi fish, As bright as the sun, Swimming in a small pond in the middle of the room, I smell sweet and strong peppermint, From the icy cold liquid I was given in Atlantis, But when I’m with my family, Nothing ever could be better



If you were there, you could stand In front of the Audience. And they would clap their hands for you. Then you would read your poem out loud. And the light would be shining on you . And the light was shiny as a diamond. When you were finished, they would clap they cheer for you then you would be famous. Then you could be in TV or in a newspaper. If you were there, I would go to Disneyland to meet Selena Gomez and Demi Lovoto. When I am a star, I will read one hundred poems for you Because you’re my great friend Tina.

Together With You

By: Janice

If you were there I could act in a play in front of hundreds of people as the lead role If you were there with me I could put on purple blush and black eye shadow with my face painted yellow and go in front of a crowd If you were with me I could climb Mount Baker

If You Were There By: Tuan If you were there I could finish my math homework. If you were there I could fly to Heaven With my mind. If you were there I could travel time To the day I born And be with you.

If You Were There With Me By Katrina If you were there I could run to California in 1 day, If you were there I could ride my bike to New York in my polka dot pajamas, If you were there I could swim across the Pacific Ocean, If you were there I could climb Mt. Everest during a snow storm, If you were there I could I could run a 100 mile jog in 1 day, If you were there I could go to space and catch a star with my hand, If you were there I could do anything I would ever wanted to do,

If you were there I could……by Lyanne If you were there I could… Play French Folk song in front of 100,000 people. If you were there I could… Ride a unicorn to London and see Prince William and Kate Millington. If you were there I could… Teach 100 kids poetry. If you were there I could… Buy a dog for 100,000 dollars. If you were there I could… Be tiny enough to swim in a tea cup. If you were there I could… Read in front of 100,000 people.

I Am From

by William

I am from Seattle and my dad plays soccer with me. My dad kicks it as high as a telephone wire. My family is from Guatemala. I play soccer a I am a forward. And I kick the ball all the way to Guatemala . My team, the tusk bear call me

If you were there I could‌ By Naeem If you were there I could Climb Mount Everest in a snow storm! If you were there I could play football in front of 1000 people in the middle of a super bowl! If you were there I could stop gigantic floods and save everyone’s lives! If you were there I could be the richest kid alive! If you were there I can conquer King Kong by controlling his mind! If you were there. IF you where there by Muzzammil IF you where there I would climb MT. EVEREST. IF you where there I would not be scared of radid foxes. IF you where there I would not be scared to sky dive. IF you where there I would have so much fun ice scating . If you where there I could walk on air.

My Room

By: Meseret

My room is as white as a field of dead dandelions. Angels are gliding around in my room. The soft blankets are as soft as a field of rough grass. The butterflies are gliding around and sitting on my shoulders flapping their wings. The angels’ wings make a buzzing noise. Cookies melting in my mouth. The cake in the oven smells like lemon cake. Goodbye peaceful place. If you were there I could . . .

By Tristen

Slap a killer bee hive with a shield around me. Run across a rickety bridge. Beat the undertaker at wrestle mania Jump off of Mt Everest with a blue parachute Eat a tomato with a doctor on standby I could do all these things if your there.


I am from Eritrea That had war With the Ethiopians. I am from A place that has peace And flowers. I am from A place With a long and rich History. Eritrea is a place That looks Like a key On a map. The flag on the red Means bloodshed. The blue Stands for water. The green stands for grass. Gold stands for riches And honor.

Christopher MY HAIR My hair is as soft as a cheetah. My hair is as dark as night or black spray paint. My hair is as shiny as metal.

McKenna I AM FROM I am from horses Running through fields From way back When my mom was little. I am from towns That are small and old From the town that seemed new. I am from places Cold and bare Places I thought were great Just the way they were. I am from adventurous places In the backyard As wide as a pool And sunny. I am from boating With my friends and dad, Things that are fast as a cheetah Running through a field. I am from the stage With the spotlights Like golden angles Something that made me move And use my voice. I am from This is my life. the view of the waterfront With the sun screaming out Like a little girl scared. Sights I thought were beautiful.

Makeda MY HAIR My hair is as long as a rope But people say it’s as short as a book mark When my hair gets wet, it’s hard to get straight. It’s like a rock pulling really hard That you get a big hair ball. I wish my hair was a smooth as my dog’s hair But my hair will be just the way it is And no one can change it, Because if you love it, it will always be the same. Evan IF YOU WERE THERE If you were there, I could Climb a glacier and parachute off it I could play drums in front of my whole family I could ride a dolphin I could invent a time machine And save the Wooly Mammoth

as a book mark hard to get straight. y hard . h as my dog’s hair way it is

ll always be the same.

Hannah Ferguson MY HAIR My hair is as long As the width of two elephants From head to toe But as tangled as ivy curling A forgotten building. My hair is as black As a closed-up room With no places for light To come through. My hair has about 500 Knots every morning Making it harder and harder To brush it. My hair is as curly As a metal ruler, Unbent and untouched. My hair is as wavy As the ocean When a rock drops.

Gaylane Scott MY HAIR My hair is as black As the flashing eye of a wolf Going in for a kill. My hair is as choppy As a baby bear’s fur. My hair is as soft As the grass that has been Just burnt By a wildfire. My hair is as wild As a shark With the scent of blood on it.

Sanislo WITS 4th Grade Anthology  

Poems by Sanislo 4th Graders written with WITS poet Ann Teplick

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