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MIrror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

By Cheryl Stevenson August 2017

Mirror, mirror, what do I see? I see …................... A woman who is at peace after getting a diagnosis. Someone who is happy, in spite of how her life has changed. A woman who has a positive attitude in spite of the problems with her cognition. Her sadness when she doesn’t recognize someone who knows her. Someone who sometimes doesn’t understand the words spoken to her. Her frustration when she can’t find the words that she wants to say. Someone who doesn’t want everyone to know about her illness. A woman who struggles with her memory. Sometimes her tears when there is fog in her brain. The sadness of knowing that a lot of her memories have long been forgotten. Her feeling frustrated when trying to educate her family about what it is like for her. A woman who wants to make a difference. Someone who strives to help others by sharing her story of living with a memory impairment. That she continues to enjoy her life and live it to the fullest. A woman continuing to make new memories even though she knows a lot of them will be forgotten soon after. Someone who has strength that she didn’t even know that she could have. Her determination when things are difficult for her. A woman who refuses to give up!

Cheryl has Mild Cognitive Impairment, she likes to write while she can and has a very positive attitude. We are honored to be able to share Cheryl’s poems. Enjoy!


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