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Dear Carl

Anna Friend Featured Writer

(Carl’s mom writes him letters occasionally. Carl is her only child. Carl’s father died when he was in college. Living in the Arizona, Carl calls his Mom in the Carolinas as often as he can on Sundays. Carl’s mom is in her 80s. She lives in a contemporary world with old fashioned values.)

Dear Carl,

It’s blazing hot here. The humidity’s so thick that it covers me like a blanket, which of course makes me even hotter. All these years here in the south, I still hate going outside. Most days I stay in and enjoy the air conditioning with the cat. Silly cat has made me feel sorry for her. She stretches out on the cement step and tosses her head back as if in agony. I let her in. She jumps on my lap and gets all comfy. I get the privilege of her presence and a good sweat on my lap because of her fur.

Here I am complaining about my hot summer, and you are surviving 100-degree temps in Arizona. You said last Sunday that Donna and you are considering selling your home and moving to a new house. I know it must be hard leaving the home you raised your boys in. They have been gone awhile now. Something must have caught Donna’s and your attention. You are close to retirement so be careful on your spending. Sorry, son, I still have “mom” opinions. I try not to worry much about stuff. It’s hard to read the newspaper, listen to the news, or sit through Shirley’s political tirades and not worry. Preacher Larry’s wife is real sick with cancer. He came to visit with Shirley and me last night. I asked him how he still takes care of church people like us and stays happy. He said “Jesus tells us that He gives us peace. Not peace that the world would give us, but peace from the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us not to be troubled or afraid.” Carl, I pray for that kind of peace when I hear sad or troubling things.

I bought a huge watermelon today. The bag boy had to lift it into my buggy, then lift it onto the checkout stand. He put it back in my buggy, and then put it in my car. He is always nice to me. I wish he would cut his hair. I can hardly see his eyes plus short hair wouldn’t be so hot. I asked the gardener to help me with the watermelon when I got home. He told me, “Me no go in your house.” I said, “Oh yes you will. I got a cold soda for you.” He did it. Left grass on my carpet but the melon is sitting on the counter. I like the ones with seeds. They are the biggest and seem sweeter to me. Everyone carries on about the seedless kind being easier to eat. Anyway, now I have to cut the monstrous thing. Your dad was master watermelon cutter. He would make perfect little triangle slices for you and your friends. I think I will cut it in half and give Shirley the other half.

Call me. Wear sunscreen, son. Be wise and keep peaceful. Love, Mom

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (New International Version)

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