Faith On Every Corner - February 2021

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Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for everyone who is hurting from a broken relationship in their lives. We have relationships with many people, but not all of them are healthy. Some people have hurt us, and there are people we’ve hurt. We are all flawed. We both cause and experience pain, and it weighs heavily on our hearts. God, you are a God of relationships. Not only did you create us to have a relationship with you, but you also created us to be in relationship with others. Unfortunately, we mess up time and time again. Help us lay down our pride and own up to the mistakes we’ve made with the people around us. Help us create a sense of unity with the people in our homes, churches, neighborhoods, and country. Please help us to live a life that glorifies you in everything we do.

A Prayer for February by Tynea Lewis

We are excited to annouce that Tynea will be writing a Prayer Column each month. Tynea Lewis is a teacher turned workfrom-home mom. She and her husband live in Pennsylvania with their two children, and they love spending time together at their family cabin. Tynea remembers loving to write as early as first grade. She has a heart for encouraging others in the midst of their messes. You can connect with her at her personal blog (, on Instagram (@TyneaLewis), or Facebook (@TyneaLewisWriter).

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Lord, you are a God of restoration. You take what has been broken, and you mend it. You renew what has been destroyed. We come to you and ask that you make a way for broken relationships to be mended. Restore what has been destroyed. Turn our eyes from our own selfish ambition and put them on you. We ask that you help us love the people around us with a love that is a true reflection of Jesus. Help us to be a light in this world of darkness and to think of others above ourselves. Lord, we ask that you help us cultivate healthy relationships. In Jesus’ name, amen.