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Poems: Scars ... The Lesson That Autumn Brings ... Be Thankful ... by Rolanda Pyle


When I look into the mirror, there are scars that only I can see.

These battle scars serve as a constant reminder to me...

of the wonders of God’s mercy and of His grace;

They remind me that I can make it as I run this race.

There are physical scars from injuries, surgeries, and cuts

And emotional scars of rejection, heartbreak, and such.

Scars that remind me that I’ve made it through;

Scars from those hard times when I didn’t know what to do.

Scars, yes scars, that indicate

that healing has taken place.

These scars are constant reminders

as I continue to run this race.

The Lesson that Autumn Brings

The heat, the beach, and the sunny days

The fun, vacation, and the lazy ways

All come to a halt with the summer end

It’s time for the next season; let Autumn begin.

Whether Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, the seasons will change

Bringing a time to refocus and to rearrange

It’s a life lesson that, like seasons, nothing stays the same

Even when bad times come, Thank God they will not remain.

So while we view the leaves of beautiful colors–orange, rust, or brown

Let’s be reminded not to let the difficult seasons of life keep us down

Autumn is a time of seasonal shift

When our focus changes and our goal sifts

Like Autumn, we can grow in this time of transition

Remembering that in this life we all have a mission.

Let’s concentrate on new beginnings and move toward the call

As we keep Autumn in our view and we watch the leaves fall.

Be Thankful

Sometimes life can bring tears to your eyes

Yes, it can make you cry and have you sigh.

Life can be so very rough

Also, very, very tough!

It seems like bad news comes in bunches

And all we can do is roll with the punches

Because we know there’s often a reason

But most of all, for everything, there is a season.

So we march on

So we pray on

So we trust and we praise

Trusting and believing that God has control of all our days.

So this Thanksgiving, we give thanks and praise

For the good, the bad, and the ugly days.

We are alive and God has brought us through it all

And for those still going through trials, you too will soon stand tall.

So give thanks, give praise and even sing

Songs and hymns—rejoice and let the praises ring

Out of your mouth and out of your heart.

Thanksgiving is always a great time to start.