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My Soul is Saved By Brenda McDaniel

My Savior Jesus gave, His life to save!! Each day, I love him more. And I can be very sure, He is with me evermore! And he will forever stay, By my side every day!


We as Christians have just celebrated Easter, in the month of April. And it’s the beginning of Spring. Just as Spring is a rebirth and awakening of our natural world, Easter is also a rebirth of the human spirit. Because of our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we are no longer chained to sin and death. The Lord has set us free from both sin and death forever. We are no longer condemned to die in our sins. But can be forgiven if we only accept the Lord in our hearts, as our Savior. And love Him and live our lives only for Him. And again, we no longer worry about death. For we, as Christians, will live forever in heaven with our precious Savior Jesus Christ. You can truly be reborn and renewed in spirit. You can live your life in God’s presence. Always knowing no matter what happens, what pain, sorrow, or suffering may come, He walks beside you always! He gives you renewed strength, power, faith, and love. So you can live a life of spiritual peace, faith, and love! Not only love for our Lord but a love of yourself and others. Your life becomes cherished and worthwhile. For you are no longer alone and separated from your loving Savior. For you will always carry Him within your heart and soul. And your example can change others. The Lord’s love can reach others in this world of sin, pain, and suffering. To save a hurting world and soul is the Lord’s greatest gift! “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 KJV)

Brenda McDaniel is the author of My Angel My Hero with two more books soon to be published. She is from Roanoke, VA. She holds a B.S in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling. She has enjoyed writing poetry and short stories, even as a small child. Brenda says she is now living her dream come true! CLICK ON BOOK TO PURCHASE

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