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Alone by Rolanda T. Pyle

During this pandemic, you may feel all alone It may be difficult for you to have to stay at home Because day after day, you know all you will hear… Is that stinging quiet that fills the air.

It can be very hard when there’s no one to talk to And you just wish you had someone there with you. The silence speaks loudly, letting you know you are alone To drown it out, you put on the television, music or get on the phone.

But here is a question, does alone have to mean lonely? And just because you are isolated at home, and it’s you only… Does it mean that you have to feel bad? Or get depressed, down, or even feel sad?

Can we consider this time alone to be a good thing? Or look at it as a season or time that brings… An opportunity to work on things we always wanted to do Fulfilling our plans, dreams, and our goals too.

We may also have to try to change our views Concentrate on good things and turn off the news! And be wise and use this “pause” as a time to get things in line While we believe this will all end in due time.

Even so, we are human and will feel some kind of ways I know and can relate, I’ve experienced it also on some days But one thing I know is that God said He will never leave or forsake us So we just have to believe His word and in Him put our trust.

We will get through this and come out on top We can’t give up and we can’t stop… Fulfilling our purpose, we will stand tall. Let’s keep on praying, God bless us all!

ROLANDA T. PYLE is a licensed social worker and consultant. She is currently the part-time Community Outreach Specialist at Sunnyside Community Services - CARE NYC, where she was previously Assistant Director. CARE NYC provides support to caregivers of older adults living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. The author has also been featured on various radio and television programs. Her many awards include the distinguished 2004 Sloan Public Service Award and HBO’s 2004 Beah Richards Spirit Award. In April 2004, New York’s Daily News named her one of the “100 Women Who Shape Our City.”

Besides her social work and her writing, Rolanda volunteers with the NYC Meals on Wheels Senior Chat program through which she provides companionship through weekly phone conversations with isolated seniors.

Rolanda’s creative writing has won poetry and short story writing awards, and her work has been published in religious and community newspapers. She also contributed to a publication entitled Your Dreams Can Come True: Stories of Hope, Perseverance and Triumph for youth who are in foster care and published by Rev. Alfonso Wyatt of the Fund for the City of New York. Rolanda is the author of the books Grandma’s Hands - a children’s storybook, and Finally - a collection of inspirational poems; and the compiler of and contributor to Beneath His Everlasting Wings, a collection of devotionals.

Rolanda currently attends Times Square Church in Manhattan and is active in ministry.

Additional information about Rolanda may be found on her website at

http://www.rorosrainbowcommunications. com/about.html

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