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Finish Mops

Finish Mate

Finish Wizard

Floor Finishing Mop Built with a special bend of rayon and polyester yarns which provide a smooth, even release of floor finish. Long staple fibers reduce linting. Four rows of tight spaced stitching minimize streaking. Available in 4 sizes, and with narrow and wide bands. Band Wide Narrow

Small 575212 571212

Medium 575216 571216

Large 575222 571222

Floor Finishing Mop Lintless finish mop made of continuous filament Nylon yarn. Requires no break-in period, is bright white in color and has a tapeless, stitched tailband.

X-Large . 575228 571228

Band Wide Narrow

Small 565212 561212

Medium 565216 561216

Large 565222 561222

X-Large . 565228 561228

Economy Loop Mops

Atlas - Cotton Blend

Scotty Series - Economy Mops

Economical, very durable cotton blend resists chemicals. Excellent absorption from cotton yarns. Use where getting the floor dry fast is key. Available in natural white 4-ply yarn only. Available in wide and narrow bands.

Double rows of stitching around the perimeter of the headband are designed to lock the threads, prevents unraveling and reduces linting. Laundering is not recommended. Available in cotton, rayon, blend and colored blend yarns. Available in narrow and wide bands

Color White Cotton Wide Band White Cotton Narrow Band

Small 581512 581212

Medium 581516 581216

Large 581522 581222

X-Large 581528 581228

White Rayon Wide Band White Rayon Narrow Band

582512 582212

582516 582216

582522 582222

582528 582228

White Blend Wide Band White Blend Narrow Band

583512 583212

583516 583216

583522 583222

583528 583228

Blue Blend Wide Band Blue Blend Narrow Band

5845122 5842122

5845162 5842162

5845222 5842222

5845282 5842282

Green Blend Wide Band Green Blend Narrow Band

5845123 5842123

5845163 5842163

5845223 5842223

5845283 5842283

Band Wide Narrow

Small 545212 541212

Medium 545216 541216

Large 545222 541222

X-Large 545228 541228

Roto-Loop The Roto-Loop is made from 4-ply, closed-end cotton blend yarns. All of the plys are continuously looped throughout the mop. No tailbands. Price is slightly higher than cut-end mops because fraying and heavy linting are eliminated. Band Yarn Cotton, Narrow Band Cotton, Wide Band Cotton Twist-Lok Rayon Blend, Narrow Band Rayon Blend, Wide Band Rayon BlendTwist-Lok

Small 481116 485116 487116 491116 495116 497116

Medium 481120 485120 487120 491120 495120 497120

Large 481124 485124 487124 491124 495124 497124

Mop Options

E-Z Stik

E-Z Stik uses a male screw connector in the headband to attach the mop to a threaded wood stick. A metal band securely locks the yarn in place.



Twist-Lok has a durable, non-corrosive head that fits an economical threaded tip handle. Available on 4-ply or 8-ply cut-ends, standard loop, and Roto-Loop mops.

phone (800) 728-6677 fax (704) 391-7427 e-mail your order to

A woven tape is double-sewn near the bottom of the mop, spreading strands evenly. Essential if a cut-end mop is to be laundered. Colored bands, and double FanSpred on special order.


Anti-Microbial Treatment

Optional mop treatment inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and mold. Additives permanently bond to the mop fibers and will not wash out or be affected by cleaning agents. Call for details.


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