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Fender Brushes

Whether you're scrubbing muddy tires or gently washing polished finish and windows, Hub City Industries has the hand scrub brush that you need for beautiful results. 7 bristle types. 8” and 20” handle lengths. 2” bristle trim with curved bristle face.

15-S 15-L

14-S 14-L

15-SB 15-LB

18-SG 18-LG

17-SG 17-LG

Palmyra Natural Fiber Fender Brush

Tampico Bristle Fender Brush

Stiff natural fiber for economical scrubbing. 14-S - 8” Palmyra. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 14-L - 20” Palmyra. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

White, semi-stiff natural fiber. Great for scrubbing with hot water. 16-S - 8” Tampico. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 16-L - 20” Tampico. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

Poly Cream Poly Bristle Fender Brush Acid resistant. For use with petroleum products. 15-S - 8” Poly Cream. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 15-L - 20” Cream poly fender brush. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

Prope-Blue Stiff Poly Bristle Fender Brush Versatile, tough scrubbing. Resists acids, oil and grease. 15-SB - 8” Prope-Blue Poly. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 15-LB - 20” Prope-Blue Poly. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

Crimped White Nylon Fender Brush Stiff, crimped nylon fibers resist solvents. Durable. 17-S - 8” White Nylon. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 17-L - 20” White Nylon. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

Soft Green Nylon Fender Brush Soft bristles are excellent for scrubbing oils, grease and solvents without scratching. 17-SG - 8” Soft Green. 12/cs. 6 lbs. 17-LG - 20” Soft Green. 12/cs. 10 lbs.

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16-S 16-L

18-SY 18-LY

Flagged Colored Styrene Bristles Fender Brush Soft styrene bristles resists chemicals and acids. 8” handle brush packed 12/cs. 6 lbs. 20” handle brush packed 12/cs. 10 lbs. 18-SW - 8” White flagged styrene 18-LW - 20” White flagged styrene 18-SG - 8” Green flagged styrene 18-LG - 20” Green lagged styrene 18-SY - 8” Yellow flagged styrene 18-LY - 20” Yellow flagged styrene 18-SO - 8” Orange flagged styrene 18-LO - 20” Orange flagged styrene.


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