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Travel Back in Time A journey across Edisto Island

Edisto Fossil Finds

An in-depth look at fossils of the Lowcountry

Agriculture on Edisto Farming. Ranching. Oystering.

Another Day, Another Limit

3731 Docksite Road | 843-869-0663 | |

Getting the Hang of Things … Six Years Later It’s hard to believe this is the sixth Welcome Letter for EXPLORE Edisto magazine. Over the years our small team has learned a lot about making a magazine, navigated the perils of social media, stretched our creative wings, built a website and, of course, published EXPLORE Edisto. Most importantly we have connected with each of our readers and followers. You have joined us through every car ride, photography session, adventure and even our lunch breaks! I feel like we have gotten to know you as much as you have gotten to know us. I know you all love beach photos; many of you are amazing photographers; and you all seem to love animals of all kinds, both domestic and wild. You are kind and supportive and you genuinely love Edisto. You are what makes this job so much fun. We thank you, because without you, our readers, we wouldn’t be exploring Edisto. It is this relationship we built with our readers that allowed me to break my number one rule about writing for the magazine. I wrote our main story (Travel Back in Time on page 49) in first person. I had sworn never to do so because EXPLORE Edisto isn’t about me; it’s about showing Edisto to our readers. This year’s adventure was closely followed on our social media outlets. It was so full of surprises, accidents and unusual events, I felt telling the real story from my personal point of view was the only way to write it. I hope you enjoy reading it and thank you for coming along for the ride!

Julie Gyselinck Editor in Chief

2016 EXPLORE Edisto photo contest winner Cameron Rhodes for his photo of a Red Drum caught in a fishing net. Congratulations!


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Welcome to Edisto – Beach Rules Agriculture on Edisto Edisto Jinx Edisto Beach Map Travel Back in Time Edisto Fossil Finds


Julie Gyselinck

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Photo Credit: Clint Fore

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Welcome to Edisto How knowing the Beach Rules can make for a better vacation experience

ATWOOD THANKS YOU FOR VISITING our beautiful island town of Edisto. We know how much the beach means to the families who come here year after year and for our first-timers alike. If you are like many of us, you have been to many beaches, but none compare to Edisto. Even though most beach communities strive to care for and maintain their beaches as well as keep their guests and residents safe, each town is different in what it allows to occur on their beach. Please make sure to carefully read and follow the Edisto Beach rules as they may be different from what you believe.


Edisto Beach prohibits the following on the beach: Glass containers Open fires Littering Motorized vehicles Motorized water craft Remember, there are NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY. Please swim with a buddy and never while intoxicated.

Sailboats on sand dunes or grassy areas of dunes Parking on sand dunes

Dogs off leash May 1 thru Oct. 31 and owners must clean up pet excrement Leaving holes on beach larger than 12 inches Disturbing or hanging items on sand fencing Disturbing, damaging, trampling or removing vegetation that stabilizes dunes

The helpful place on Edisto.




















Get rewarded for shopping. Join Ace Rewards today!

OPEN Monday – Saturday: 8 am - 6 pm • Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm

487 Highway 174 • Edisto Island • 29438 (843) 869-9009 •

outdoors | Edisto Island Botany Bay Ecotours with Meg Hoyle

The True Wildlife of Edisto


otany Bay Ecotours has been

a “must do” for many years. As Edisto’s only tour compa-

ny owned and operated by a biologist, Botany Bay Ecotours offers a closer look at Edisto and its diverse ecological systems and history.

This year Botany Bay is offering

new tours and adventures to provide guests, including those returning, with

Miss Sarah Burnell hosts a portion of

Miss Sara has 10 grandchildren and 10

tours, Botany Bay Ecotours is happy to

she recalls her early childhood on Ed-

proud of, all who share her love of their

an exciting trip. In addition to the new

introduce two new captains, Don An-

derson and Ron Davis. Captain Don will be guiding the ecotours and Cap-

tain Ron Davis will be hosting fishing

charters in the rivers and waterways

around Edisto. A dedicated outdoorsman with more than just fishing experience, Ron even created a wildly

popular fishing lure, the Chatterbait, with his father. Captain Ron certainly

knows what it takes to attract the fish! In addition to catching local inshore fish, guests will learn about the ecology and conservation of Edisto’s waters.

Past and first-time guests to Botany

Bay Ecotours will delight in the new Edisto Island, SC 888.505.3680

tours available for exploring Edisto. Dolphin tours

offer an amazing look into the intricate workings of

isto. Born in 1938, an infant Sarah was brought to Edisto by her parents. The

Exciting new tours are also avail-

could gather. Sarah provides an amaz-

primate swinging through the trees.

and survived on what they grew and ing insight to the sustenance living the

island provided the locals. If you are

anywhere on the island and feel like you

can only understand some of what the locals are saying, you are right. They are probably speaking in Gullah! Gullah is

the only English-based Creole language

for those who want to try and spot a Separate fact from fiction about this

mysterious place and learn how and why Morgan Island is home to a

breeding colony of Rhesus monkeys. This tour follows the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Rivers.

Adventurous travelers will love the

in America. Creole is a language that is

ACE Basin River Tour, where they

and Gullah is mostly English and West

ecosystems, search the maritime forests

made by mixing two or more languages, African words. The rich Gullah culture, customs and art are closely connected

to the natural resources and their West African roots.

Miss Sarah talks frankly about grow-

ter’s surface and put on a show. Thurs-

family’s farm and then going to work on

guest and a living link to Edisto’s past.

Gullah heritage.

able to Morgan “Monkey” Island

ing up with seven sisters and three

day’s dolphin tours also feature an extra

great-grandchildren she is immensely

Gullah people of Edisto were farmers

Edisto’s ecology while

watching the dolphins roll on the wa-


the tour “Growing Up Gullah,” where

travel through salt water and fresh water

for feral goats and look for sunning alligators on the marsh banks. Stop at the

historic fishing community of Bennett’s Point to learn about the past-and-present fishing industry of the ACE Basin.

From fishing to ecotours, Botany Bay

brothers, working long days on her

Ecotours has your perfect trip planned.

the beach. Her life is an amazing story

just for you or your group!

to hear from the Gullah point of view.

Call to arrange a private, specialized trip

Join us on a Growing up Gullah Dolphin Ecotour with

Ms. Sarah Burnell Learn what it was like “Growing up Gullah”

Fishing 101 • Dolphin Ecotours • Gullah Ecotours • Sunset Cruises • Morgan (Monkey) Island Tours • ACE Basin Tours

Advance purchase required! OR call

at (888) 505-3680

Mention this ad for a discount! Discount Code: ATW

food & drink | Edisto Beach Finn’s Island Grill

Edisto’s Only Beachfront Restaurant ites, such as the Oysters Rock! , a spinach and parmesan puree topped with a fried oyster and a splash of spicy sri-

racha, served on a half shell. For those

looking for a little less shellfish, the Silent Doggies are a fun and delicious play on the hushpuppy, served with

a sweet corn garlic and maple butter, which is an amazing flavor infusion.

The entrée menu is divided into

Without Finn’s and With Finn’s, each

featuring a fabulous group of entrées. Without Finn’s choices include mul-

tiple burger options, savory lamb chops,


eachfront dining on Edisto at

the summer heat will get a kick out of

to delight and entertain year-

features extra-large daiquiris, such as

Finn’s Island Grill continues

round. Finn’s is proud to feature a new

and creatively updated menu, which is

sure to please everyone at your table. Fun, innovative and fresh, combined

with an inventive beach cocktail menu, live entertainment and fabulous sweep-

ing ocean views, Finn’s is a hot spot you don’t want to miss.

Come start your afternoon with

drinks at the Ocean Room, inside or out on the patio. The bartenders are 102 Palmetto Blvd.

Edisto Beach, SC 843.869.4474

the Beach Bum’s Paradise Punch (co-

conut rum, spiced rum, pineapple juice,

Blast or Peachberry Punch, are sure

to hit the spot for any libation lover. Groups looking for refreshment from

of your day.

On the With Finn’s side, you will

Their jumbo fried shrimp are suc-

Finn’s has a large selection of domes-

tic and imported beer and wine. Make sure to ask your server or check their Facebook page for live entertainment dates and times.

If lunch or dinner is what you are

swer any questions or help with a se-

themed cocktails, such as the Beach

lecting your meal the hardest decision

straws. For those with simpler tastes,

a personal Finn’s bucket with four

fect drink to get you in the mood for a fun eve-

tions are fresh, interesting and make se-

find their first-rate classic fried sea-

looking for, Finn’s new menu is ready

help you select that per-

Smothered Flank Steak. The menu op-

orange juice and grenadine) served in

friendly and willing to

ning. The selections of exciting beach-


the Bucket List. This adult drink menu

Country Fried Chicken Marsala or the

to serve. Their attentive staff will anlection. Evening specials often feature select cuts of meat and/or seafood pre-

pared with fresh house vegetables and their signature creamy grits.

The appetizer menu is a compila-

tion of vibrant twists on classic favor-

food among the best you’ve tried. culent with just the right amount of

crunch and bold flavor. The shrimp and grits will never disappoint, and

their crab cakes are made from Whaley’s famous recipe. Mac & cheese lovers will fawn over the Seafood Mac

& Cheese, featuring a three-cheese

sauce, smothered pasta, grilled shrimp

and scallops, all toasted to perfection. The atmosphere is exciting, the view is amazing, the food is delightful

and the drinks and music are flowing at Finn’s Island Grill, Edisto’s only beachfront restaurant. Make sure to stop in and enjoy the view!

Open for Lunch & Dinner 102 Palmetto BlVd 843-869-4474

Stop in for a cold one at

Finn’s Ocean Room!

shopping | Edisto Beach Edisto Seafood and Fontaine Charters

As Fresh as Fresh Can Be





College of Charleston that made him

country drawl and mannerisms tend

from a light pole, its once

able and that his career path had been

talking about themselves, they were

hand-painted sign dangles

bright colors announcing their local

phone number and company name. Whimsically painted crustaceans and

sea life point the way to the bright

realize the call of Edisto was undenilaid years before. Clean and crisp, from the small front retail store to the large back room and stretching docks, it is

clear the Fontaines operate a tight ship. Unlike most seafood dis-

tributors and retailers, Ed-

isto Seafood is stocked pri-

marily with local seafood. Outside of the occasional Alaskan snow crab legs and

North Atlantic sea scallops, all seafood sold here comes from no farther than Beau-

fort, just 45 minutes south. With help from Jimmy and Barry, Ashley harvests all of white interior of Edisto Seafood and

clams directly from the bountiful wa-

after the Fontaine family arrived on

tomers. Over the course of a year they

Fontaine Charters. Started shortly Edisto in the late 1940s, this familyowned-and-operated staple is contin-

ued today by Ashley Fontaine. Taking

the helm of Edisto Seafood at the age

of 23, Ashley and wife, Mary Evelyn, now operate Edisto Seafood with the help of his brother Barry Fontaine and

longtime friend Jimmy

3729 Docksite Rd.

Skinner, who also takes


Hen for Fontaine’s Fish-

Edisto Beach, SC

the helm of the Marsh ing Charters. Growing up

on the docks and working side by side with his family, Ashley always enjoyed

the family business. It was his years at


the oysters, blue crab and

ters of Edisto to sell to delighted cus-

will sell over 100,000 pounds of local shrimp caught primarily by Capt. Bill

Smoak of the Sara Jane, Edisto’s last shrimp boat. Conveying that mas-

sive amount of seafood to the public

as well as commercially, with just a

handful of employees, seems like an exhausting task, but the quiet joy of

working side by side with their closest friends and family is apparent to those who walk through the door. All

are welcomed and treated with cheerful salutations.

Ashley and Jimmy have known

each other for so long that their Low-

to mirror each other. Humble when

more than happy to relay the other’s

talents and strengths and speak highly

of what each brings to the business. Jimmy Skinner joined the family at

Edisto Seafood at the age of 14 as an “Assistant Crabber,” according to Ash-

ley (Confirmation of the title was not available, but sources indicate this to be true). A few years later while both

Ashley and Jimmy were working toward their captain’s license, Ashley’s

dad salvaged a boat. The year of the boat’s completion, Ashley received his

captain’s license, and he and Jimmy were granted the newly christened Marsh Hen. Fontaine Charters was

born. Jimmy Skinner now captains the charter fishing boat and enjoys creat-

ing a trip to fit each client’s needs. Getting to know his clients over the phone or through email allows Jimmy

to plan the best trip and get them “lots of action.” Offering inshore as well as

limited offshore fishing, Captain Skinner’s reputation as one of the best on

the island is well deserved. From beginners to seasoned fishermen, anyone who boards the Marsh Hen is sure

to come back with plentiful fish and a fish (or manta ray) tale or two. Edisto Seafood and Fontaine Charters—

come see what makes them so funda-

mentally Edisto. Be warned, however, time around this cheerful group might make you rethink your day job.








Fontaine Charters HPW 2015.indd 1

4/12/16 2:28 PM

Edisto Seafood HPH 2016.indd 1

4/12/16 2:31 PM

Voted f ss o u B sine 2014 r, a e Y the to by Edis of er Chamb rce e Comm

“Doing the Right Thing.”

“ We’ve had the pleasure of working with Apex of Edisto to keep our vacation homes pest-free for many years. Their diligence, integrity and care can not be beat. -The Staff of Atwood Vacations & Real Estate Thank you, Apex!”

A P E X OF EDISTO Pest Management, Inc.

843.869.9006 8117 Oyster Factory Road, Suite C | Edisto Island, SC 29438

Edisto Beach • Edisto Island • Meggett • Branchville • Edisto Beach • Edisto Island • Meggett • Branchville

Property Watch®

peace of mind while you’re away

Do you own a second home on Edisto that is not on a vacation rental or property management program? If so, our new Property Watch service is for you! Many things can happen in a vacant or absentee home — roof leaks, frozen pipes, insects, mold, and even theft. With Atwood Vacations & Real Estate’s customizable Property Watch service, you can rest assured your property will be cared for while you’re away. Call us today to see how we can help put your mind at ease!

Atwood Property Watch HPH 2016.indd 1

843.869.2151 866.713.5214 toll free 4/1/16 12:52 PM

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5/6/16 12:35 PM

shopping | Edisto Island King’s Market

Fresh from the Field 2559 Hwy 174

Edisto Island, SC



ing’s Farm Market is a fam-

distance to the market place and

and fresh butter are also available for

few hundred acres on Edis-

growing the produce, they also raise

wide variety available, having a farm-

ily-run farm consisting of a

to and Yonges Island. An agriculture family for over 100 years, they have

kept the art of produce and ranch-

ing as a legacy passed down for many

generations. Their fun and active market, situated on Highway 174, is

to consumers’ plates. In addition to

the highly sought after Grass-Fed Kings Beef, bred and hand-raised by

Jamie and Rett King. The beef sold at

The market and farm are a busy

The changing grow season and

ily, working the register, and Rett

few miles away.

etables, berries and a wide assort-

almost year-round. They close for a

Jamie and Rett keep the market full very short time in January, after all of the Christmas trees and beauti-

ful handmade garland and wreaths

are gone. Spring, summer and fall, visitors fill their baskets with homemade desserts, tomato pies, dips and entrées ready to cook. The best pi-

mento cheese sandwiches on Edisto are tucked away in the top cooler and

go fast as lightning. The whole atmosphere of King’s Market is a delight-

ful throwback to the early 1900s, with coolers full of old-timey sodas

in the glass bottle and an interesting collection of historic décor.

Local honey, eggs, artisan cheeses


easy to do with King’s Market.

place; you’ll see family members like

broad range of produce harvested by

ment of flowers travel a very short

to-table experience of your own is

the market was born and raised just a

located directly on part of the farm. Rows of neatly cultivated fruits, veg-

purchase at the market. With such a

Bonnie, the matriarch of the famor Jamie moving in and between the fields and market. Late summer

brings you-pick blackberries and

offers visitors the chance to go out

into the fields to get a little taste of farm life. Pickers are provided with a bucket and pointed in the direc-

tion of the berries. The blackberries,

like all the produce at King’s Market, are grown with very little pest control; you can eat them right off the

vine. Make sure not to get too carried away picking—these briars are

huge and your bucket will get filled to overflowing fast!

Stop by for a quick shopping trip

or bring the whole family to enjoy a real farm. King’s Market is an experience itself !


Family Farming

Homemade Pies Cakes Casseroles Dips & Breads Soups, Salads & Sandwiches Gift Baskets Cut Flowers & Herbs

Located 10 minutes from Edisto Beach

2559 HWY 174 • Edisto Island, SC 843.869.3600 •

outdoors | Edisto Beach The Marina @ Edisto Beach

Fishing Charters & Sightseeing Tours surrounds Edisto and the local waterways. Hop






ing. Here you will find everything



comfortably. Taking an excursion for a stunning Sunset Cruise, Dolphin

Tour, Booze Cruise or a

great way to spend a few hours expe-

ready to take you on a boat-

and special-request tours are also avail-

day of fun on the water.

Whether you are looking for a lei-

surely cruise, an exciting sightseeing

trip, a private island tour, nature tour

or a fishing charter, The Marina offers them all.

The Marina’s team of Master Cap-

tains Jim Moose, Newton “Cookie” Boykin, Daniel Seyle, R.T. Haithcock 3702 Docksite Road

Edisto Beach, SC

Ship Store: 843.631.5055 Charters: 843.631.5065

and Richard Barrepo (and

sometimes Brian Bell)

are amazing guides with a lifetime of experience on the water. On our tour with Captain Cookie, a

past DNR agent and avid outdoors-

man, we were provided amazing infor-

mation and interesting facts about the

ecological system and the wildlife that


trip to Otter Island is a

he revamped Marina at Ed-

for guests to enjoy, you are sure to have a

Drop by the ship store and be

fully cushioned with carry

ing adventure. Featuring two new boats

the boating schedule or to book a trip. sure to say hello to Steve, Larry and

dual canopies and can


visit The Marina’s ship store to check

25-foot-extra-wide Carolina Skiff that is

isto Beach is geared up and

what you want to eat and drink. Come

riencing Edisto from the water. Private

able for longer trips, such as circum-

navigating the whole island, day trips

to Beaufort or to a secluded island for

Milton and to find out what’s bit-

you need to catch anything from a blue crab to a blue marlin. The full-

service store carries a wide variety

of inshore and offshore tackle, bait, beer, wine, snacks, sunscreen, ice, non-ethanol gas and diesel. Browse

the redesigned store and check out their new clothing line, including new South Carolina Governor’s Cup

apparel. The Marina has the beach’s only public boat ramp with nightly slip rentals and trailer parking.

On weekends during the summer,

a picnic and an afternoon of discovery.

enjoy live music on the dock with a

to all private tour and event requests.

serves food upstairs and downstairs,

The Marina at Edisto Beach is open

Looking for a grand entrance or exit

for a wedding? The Marina can handle

cold beverage. Pressley’s Restaurant so come by, grab a bite and cut a rug.

This summer is sure to be an ex-


citing one. The Marina will host five

ter, book a trip on the “Thirsty Fish.”

the 2016 Edisto Billfish Invitational

If chasing fish is what you’re af-

The center console T-Top with pol-

ing platform can take you back in

the creek for spottail, trout, flounder, whiting, shark and stingray. Going

out a little farther on a nearshore trip will land you sea bass, cobia, Spanish

mackerel, king mackerel, vermillion snapper and many other species. The

boat provides everything you need, including a fishing license. Just bring

tournaments, including the return of Tournament, which is the final leg of the South Carolina Governor’s Cup Series.



marine artist Steve Goione will return this year as the featured artist and creator of the Edisto Governor’s Cup design. The Marina has a lot of

activities available, so make sure to call or check out their website for more information!—Check our site for tournament updates! | 3702 Docksite Road

Join us for a boat tour or a fishing charter on the... or the


Ship’s Store

843-631-5055 Bait & Tackle Marine Supplies Shirts & Hats Souvenirs Drinks & Beer Snacks & Ice



2016 EVENT SCHEDULE saturday, april 30

Edisto vs. Bohicket Dolphin Slam

saturday, may 14

Edisto Beach Cobia Tournament

june 11

Jim Bost Memorial Tournament

july 20 - 23

Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament august -Tournament TBA september - Tournament TBA


Boat Tours & Fishing Charters 843-631-5065

• Dolphin Tours • Sunset Cruises • Booze Cruises • Otter Island Excursions • Plantation Tours • Custom Tours

Inshore and Offshore Fishing Charters! Give us a call today to plan your next fishing adventure!


food & drink | Edisto Beach McConkey’s Jungle Shack

A Beach Restaurant with Spunk daughters died of diphtheria within a single week and all of this occurred

before the McConkey’s lived here! After the Civil War the Edings family never returned to Locksley Hall and

the plantation was taken over by a car-

petbagger named Wright, who had his workers destroy the gravesites of four

generations of the Edings family buried on the plantation grounds.

The tragedies continued with the

McConkeys. James McConkey died under “mysterious circumstances” in 1892. Erina McConkey, according to

legend, committed suicide in 1904. Jane McConkey burned to death in a

kitchen fire in 1912 and John McCon-


n Edisto Story … Long ago,

The history of this plantation was

Edisto Beach was known as

already a sad one. William Edings had

“main drag,” now named Palmetto Bou-

three-story federal-style stucco home

McConkey’s Beach and the

levard, was called McConkey Boulevard. A Canadian family, the McConk-

eys, moved to Edisto Island in the late

Edisto Beach, SC


designed as a “single house,” which architecturally means the floor plan is

der was never solved, although many

Edistonians from previous generations have offered their opinions, and it is

commonly believed the killer is known but was never prosecuted.

The place was then owned by another

one room deep.

family and ultimately bought by Navy

named Locksley Hall, en-

many disastrous events in and around

family to this day. Even though every

2,000 acres including the

known as “the house of tragedy.” Ed-

1800s and bought a plantation originally 108 Jungle Rd.

built the mansion in the early 1800s, a

key was murdered in 1915. His mur-

compassing approximately present-day Edisto Beach State Park, as well as all of

the land which is now Edisto Beach. The

plantation soon became known simply as the McConkey Place.

The Edings family experienced so

the home that the place became ings’s first wife died in childbirth and is

buried at the foot of the veranda stairs. The son she bore committed suicide; an adopted son accidentally killed his

nanny and then himself; two young

Admiral Murphy and remains in that self-respecting family on this island em-

braces its residential ghosts, the present owner of the plantation (now known as Seaside) reports no “unusual” events.

Story compiled by Marie of the Pink Van Tour 843-603-0967.

You can be certain that you will eat delicious food and drink ice cold tea and beer at McConkey’s year-round, but you will also get a dose of

Edisto’s colorful history when you learn about the restaurant’s namesake. And for the record … no one at McConkey’s is related to the family. The owners were brainstorming a name while reading some Edisto history and thought the name would be a fun throwback to a century past.


McConkey’s Cheeseburgers Chili Dogs Quesadillas Fried Seafood Wings & Fingers Greek Pitas Fried Mushrooms Onion Rings Wraps & Salads Cold Beer & Wine Homemade Desserts & More!

Jungle Shack

843-869-0097 108 Jungle Road (Next to Bi-Lo)

Hours: 11am - Until find us on...

view our menu online at :

Real Estate on Edisto? I’ve got your back!

Newton “Cookie” Boykin

Newton “Cookie” Boykin I’ll guide you all the way home!


495 Hwy 174 | Edisto Island | SC |

Come drink in our view.



J. Michael Havird DMD, PC

51 Station Court Suite C Edisto Island, SC 843.869.3368 Located across from the Edisto Beach Civic Center.

THE COFFEE SHOP @ EDISTO BEACH The Coffee Shop @ Edisto Beach_2016_TPSQ.indd 1

3731 DOCKSITE ROAD EDISTO BEACH 843.869.3000 Open Daily call for seasonal hours FREE Wi-Fi

4/1/16 1:10 PM



Profiles of the island’s abundance and way of life

EDISTO IS AND HAS BEEN LARGELY AN AGRICULTURAL ISLAND SINCE THE ARRIVAL OF THE FIRST NATIVE AMERICANS THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. Harvesting shellfish and seafood from the abundant rivers and streams, the only remaining traces of their culture are the shell mounds visible in the State Park and a shell ring located off Botany Island in the North Edisto River. The European settlement of the island brought rice, the fabled Sea Island Cotton and farming as we currently know it. The farming and fishing families on Edisto today still raise cattle, grow a wide variety of produce and harvest shellfish, each following in their ancestors’ footsteps. Explore Edisto spent time with three of the families who still work the land and waterways to experience how it’s done today. These three families are just a small portion of the population of working families and farms on Edisto.>>>

RANCHING WITH JAMIE KING Upon hearing the rumbling of his

200 acres. For Jamie and his wife,

ily’s King’s Farm Market on Highway

Tapley, who teaches Special Educa-

ists and the locals for fresh produce,

cattle is a family affair and everyone

pickup slowly driving up the dirt

174 is wildly popular with the tour-

from their grazing. The mixed herd

flowers, boiled peanuts and local beef.

pitches in. Jamie adamantly insists

and farm, Jamie is keeping the art of

the help of his wife and his father,

road, twenty shaggy heads perk up

tion at the local high school, raising

of cows, mostly black and white but

Dividing his time between the market

varying shapes, hustle into motion.

cattle ranching, that he learned from

Rett King. Each year they grow and

males bump and knock into each

well. Jamie currently cares for 54 head

winter time; about 300 bales were

excited bellow. They show as much

bull, Radar, who is just short of the

just cut the hay when massive rains

a few with interesting colors and

Darting for a front position, the feother, tongues lolling out with each

his grandfather and father, alive and of cattle, including the baby Brahma

eagerness for Jamie King getting out

cutest thing on Edisto.

its owner.

tion of Hollywood movies; it is ex-

his hands in the farming and ranching

just keeping a herd of cows alive on

of his truck as a family dog greeting Jamie King, you could say, has had


business since he was born. His fam-

he couldn’t get it all done without

harvest hay to feed the cattle in the

put up last year. This year they had came, ruining the whole harvest.

Ranching isn’t the romantic no-

While the business has its difficulties

hausting work that goes far beyond

ing anything else. The cows mature

and dangers, Jamie can’t imagine do-

to around 900 pounds, and baby

Radar will be close to 2000 pounds

collie, Sophie. She looks as lovingly

her a family favorite. Jamie laughs at

Grass-fed beef like Jamie’s is highly

ness and care given to the animals

hands clean. As the sun sets at the

comes more attuned to the quality

with them. It seems to be a trait

beef sold at King’s Farm Market is

particularly loud cow that is insis-

farming and ranching by the King

She doesn’t have a tag on her ear, as

great produce and meat. This family

is Bell, and her outgoing personality

thing right.

when he grows up.

sought at market as the public be-

of their diet and food selections. The

100 percent local from the start; Jamie even uses a local butcher based in

is apparent when witnessing Jamie

passed down. Jamie points to one

tent on getting all of the attention.

Ravenel to cut and package the meat.

Rett King won’t allow it. Her name

accompanied by his devoted border

and deafening set of pipes has made

As Jamie checks on his herd, he is


at Jamie as the herd does. The kind-

her while she licks the bucket in his farm, Sophie and her owner climb

back into the truck. The cows watch

as they pull away. Generations of

family has generated more than just

clearly knows how to raise every-


edisto beach, south carolina

Plan your stay now!

Check our website for events/visitor info or contact the Edisto Chamber of Commerce

Only one hour from • 843.869.3867





In the peak season we deliver throughout the day. Call ahead for reservations to ensure availability for bikes and linens during the summer months. In the off season, we have set delivery times.

Call early to ensure the availability! Edisto Essentials HPH 2016.indd 1

Bike Rentals & More

843-869-0951 Edisto Island • Edisto Beach

4/1/16 1:13 PM

The True Southern Plantation Experience

Edisto Plantation Weddings & Events

Bailey House Plantation

Cassina Point Plantation

Brenda Morris • 843-869-3560

Tecla Earnshaw • 843-869-2535

FONTAINE’S OYSTERS AND EDISTO HARVEST On an oyster bank parked in a side

creek, not too far from Edisto Beach, Ashley Fontaine and longtime friend

Jimmy Skinner are picking through

oysters, filling their multicolored baskets with clusters they will take back

and sell at Edisto Seafood. Oyster harvesting is hard work. Harvest-

ers are bent over in slippery terrain

covered in sharp oyster clusters; one bad fall would result in a multitude of deep cuts full of pluff mud.

Dressed in protective chaps, boots

and gloves, Ashley and Jimmy sort through the banks looking for clus-

ters that fit the Department of Natural Resource’s guidelines for oyster

harvesting: one oyster on each cluster harvested must be at least three


inches long. Ashley and Jimmy are

Edisto with fresh local oysters. They

ters based on the size of their culture

fish and shellfish habitat very seri-

required by the DNR to reseed oys-

area. They go a step beyond the government requirements and reseed

throughout the whole oyster season. Their dedication to protect, preserve

take their duty to preserve Edisto’s ously. Their entire livelihoods come from these waters. If they don’t replenish and protect it, who will?

With their baskets full of bivalves,

and restore the natural resources

they load into their flat-bottom boat

in them since youth. Ashley and his

There they will spend hours pressure

around them is something instilled brother Barry Fontaine both come

from a long line of fishermen on Edisto. They both started harvesting with their father at age 12; Jimmy

started tagging along when he was 14. Ashley has turned oyster harvesting into a thriving part of the family

business that helps them get through the winter months. Ashley and Jimmy begin gathering oysters when the

season opens in the late fall to supply

and head back to the fish house. cleaning the oysters before bagging

them up and tagging them for sale. Edisto Seafood is well known for

offering some of the best oysters to

their customers. All of the oysters

they sell are harvested by Ashley and Jimmy, right here on Edisto. So

come in and buy a bushel or just a

few pounds and try a little of their Edisto harvest.

THE BROWN FAMILY AND FARMING EDISTO Few dirt roads are as iconic and

recognizable as the beautiful oak-

tree-lined Edingsville Beach Road. Situated about a quarter of a mile down you will find the George &

Pink Farm Market, owned and operated by the Brown family. The

Browns' farm has been cultivated

and pest control as well as finding

built the location was dominated by

without chemicals. He still honors

Long before the dirt-floor store was a giant tree locals called the Sugar Stone Tree, which had metal bins

and baskets attached to it and scattered around. Here locals would bring their produce to sell or trade for something they didn’t grow.

Today Robert practices a skill

new ways to protect and grow crops

the age-old tradition of crop rota-

tion for healthy soil management, and grows a large variety throughout the year. Collard greens and strawberries are grown through the

fall and winter; and tomatoes, wa-

termelons, squash, corn and beans in

for over 50 years. Today most of

taught to him by his father George,

Robert Brown. With the help of

and so on. A practice and skill

markets and vendors, but today he

for hundreds of years, Robert loves

family and friends with produce.

the farming is done by George’s son

George and the rest of the family together they cultivate over 25 acres all year long.

The location of George & Pink

Farmers Market has been a location to buy, sell or trade produce and wares longer than anyone in


the Brown family can remember.

whose family before him farmed passed down in the same family

farming despite its difficult times. He acknowledges it has changed a lot since he first started helping his

father as a boy. Now there are book-

keeping tasks, licenses for herbicides

the spring and summer time.

In the past Robert sold to various

farms only to supply the market and Robert professes his love of the art of farming, watching the crops grow and knowing the hard work that he

and his father’s hands put into it produce something wonderful.


event planning | Edisto Island

Mossy Oaks Farm 2986 Hwy 174

Edisto Island, SC 803.414.2898


electing the wedding venue can

enchanting footbridges that cross the

Dean understands how stressful event

couple getting married. The

oak limbs casts a truly romantic reflec-

his opinions on style or which vendors

be the biggest decision for any

Charleston, South Carolina area has been ranked as one of the top wedding

tion as the sun sets on the grounds.

Dean and Joyce offer many op-

destinations in America, with wedding

tions to couples inquiring about host-

joy the beauty and history that abounds

the most unique aspects is that Mossy

parties coming from all corners to en-

in the Lowcountry. Edisto has seen a particular rise in weddings and events ranging from the close and intimate to

massive multi-day affairs with hundreds

of guests. Finding that perfect place to

host an event on Edisto can be a chal-

lenge; venues are limited, book years in advance and very few estates are open to the public.

Mossy Oaks Planation was pur-

chased in 2012 by Dean and Joyce Hyatt. Situated on deep water and pre-

viously used as a working horse farm, Dean and Joyce, both horse lovers, de-

ing their wedding on Edisto. One of Oaks offers a destination-event facil-

ity, where wedding parties can stay for

planning can be. He doesn’t dictate couples should use, but is happy to offer suggestions if the planners need

help with their big day. Mossy Oaks

can provide just the venue or create an all-inclusive wedding package to make planning easy.

Equestrians and casual horse lovers

a day or a whole week. There’s a grand

will adore the barn and horse facilities.

available together or separate for the

barn, Mossy Oaks Equestrian Center

main house and a quaint carriage house wedding parties to use. In addition to

the houses, guests will have access to

the many fabulous amenities at Mossy

Oaks, including the pool and hot tub, pier for fishing, deep water dock and

outdoor kitchen. Mossy Oaks provides

an unforgettable destination for guests and hosts.

Mossy Oaks Farm is much more

Centered on a stunning brick-floor offers a brand new lighted jumping

arena, multiple pastures, turn outs and run-ins. Many guests come back and

bring their equine family members for

vacation as well. When the wedding schedule has an opening, one or both

houses can be rented, along with shortterm horse boarding for riders looking

to spend multiple days exploring the

cided to call it home. The estate covers

than just an amazing venue. Dean can

driveway takes guests through the pas-

established in the Edisto area. They also

mosphere for any affair, wedding, week-

expense the day of the event. Offer-

sure to visit their website at mossy-oaks.

a picturesque 28 acres. The winding

tures and past the equestrian facilities. Saltwater ponds wrap their way around

sweeping grand oaks that shade the


ponds. Spanish moss draping from the

provide couples with vendors who are provide tables and chairs at no extra ing no-pressure tours of Mossy Oaks,

many miles of trails Edisto has to offer.

Mossy Oaks offers a truly elegant at-

end getaway or family reunion. Make com for booking information.


Weddings Receptions Photo Shoots Corporate Events Reunions Special Events

2986 Highway 174 • Edisto Island, SC 29438 • 803.414.2898 •

outdoors | Edisto Island Edisto Palmetto Charters

“A Fisher of Men” Matthew 4:19


aptain Buddy B. is a man on

awoke a changed man, gifted with his

and spread the gospel: in Af-

come to pass he will continue to serve

a mission to serve the Lord

rica and on the boat, sharing his tes-

timony every single day to lost souls. Captain Buddy B. found his spiritual calling May of 2012 and received two

visions: to be a disciple in Africa and to Edisto Island, SC 803.603.2781

two visions. Now that his visions have

the Lord on his boat and in Africa. Captain Buddy B. plans to go on mis-

sion trips to Africa every two years for the next twenty years!

Captain Buddy’s slogan is “Being

be a captain of the Edisto

on the water is a blessing; catch-

compelling account of his

isto Palmetto Charters in 2014 af-

Palmetto Charters. His

life’s journey recounts like

an uplifting screenplay. Captain Buddy B. found his salvation while on a fishing trip to Scannawah Island , S.C. For six hours he fought a spiritual battle

for his eternal soul. It was a night he would never forget. The next day he

Baptist Church of Swansea, South Carolina.

On this mission trip Captain

ing fish is a bonus!” He started Ed-

Buddy B. and the others helped over

ter realizing his vision of becoming

medical care, medicine and food, as

a captain. His second vision was to become a missionary in Africa. He

1,400 people receive much-needed well as sharing the word of the bible.

In addition to the charter trips, Cap-

accomplished this in September of

tain Buddy B. speaks at group meetings,

medical mission trip to Kenya with

has a CD of his full testimony available

2015 when he completed a successful 11 other missionaries from the First

halfway houses and churches. He also upon request. The CD was recorded

during an interview with Pastor Steve

Hall on the Christian radio station 99.9 WUCC. If you would like for Buddy to

speak to your group, please contact him. He also gives his personal testimony on each of his charters.

To contribute to the African Mission

Fund for Buddy Bizzell, donations can

be sent to: Bethany Baptist Church, ATTN: African Missions (Captain

Buddy), 125 Bethany Rd. , Orangeburg, SC 29115. The 2017 medical mission is scheduled for September. All funds raised

will go to support mission travels, orphan schools and church organizations founded in the name of Jesus Christ. To God be the glory and God bless.


charters, llc "Being on the water is a blessing; catching fish is a bonus!� -Captain Buddy Bizzell

Call Today! 803.603.2781 |

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Come shrimpin’ with Cap’n Corley on a real working shrimp boat replica. Pull in and sort your catch, drop a line in the water, or watch the dolphins circle the boat; but most of all, enjoy a day on the water! Our tours are fun, scenic, kid friendly, and educational. Call for tour options and pricing.




Shrimp Boat ARTE

843-729-2687 • Edisto Shrimp Boat Charters HPH.indd 1

5/6/16 10:08 AM

Edisto Jinx


Edisto Jinx “Stow it, Sophie,” Sheriff Seabrook said with a fa-

therly chastisement, though the yoga instructor was two years his senior.

She stuck out her chin, undeterred. “I know what

I’m talking about. I’ve lived here much longer than you, Mike. They visit me. Move my things. God help them

She struck a pose. “I pay attention to the signs of the

universe, and if you don’t, you’ll experience more of this,” she said, swinging her other arm wide. “I’m a voice delivering the messages y’all can’t hear.”

Callie headed to the door. “We hear you.”

Sophie jerked her ringed thumb at the officer. “He

all, but they’re occupying my house!”


tained most days, but on occasion, a hint of reality gave

A gurney rolled out, Brea’s face and body covered. The

oddball view of humanity, and her way of being right

gold-beaded purse clutched to his belly.

Sophie’s metaphysical rants kept Edisto natives enter-

substance to her beliefs. Callie had adapted to Sophie’s about human behavior in spite of her naiveté.

Callie frowned. “So your house is haunted?”

Sophie’s long earrings brushed across her collarbone.

The screen door squeaked. The screen door squeaked.

husband dragged his feet behind them, his dead wife’s

A lump filled Callie’s throat, and she stepped closer to

Seabrook. “Where’d they find her purse?”

Grant clutched the purse tighter and paused. “Some-

“No, the beach. The deaths happened in several houses,

one found it under the sofa,” he said to her. “Under the

here.” She rubbed the porch railing. “I keep telling you

Callie, Sophie, and Seabrook stared silently at the

and along the water. All within a five-block radius of

damn sofa.”

people that there’s another world with a conduit to ours.

poor man.

disrupting other souls with it.”

and joined the EMTs at the bottom of the stairs.

right now, and neither does this crowd. Neither does the

how a split second or a cruel shift of fate could alter

keep your soothsaying to yourself, please. We’ll inter-

she’d wished she’d been with Jogn to save his life, or died

Some spirit’s pissed, and it rears its head every August, Seabrook blew out hard. “We don’t need your hoodoo

tourism of Edisto Beach, so collect your Tarot cards and

view you and let you go home earlier than the others. That suit you?”

Grant dragged himself around, each step falling tired, “I’m sorry,” Callie whispered. She fully understood

life forever. In the days following her husband’s death, alongside him. Two hard years of self-doubt taught her that fate did whatever it damn well pleased.

C. Hope Clark deems herself a regular on Edisto Beach, having visited since she was a teen. Some of her best

friends are here, and she returns regularly to sign her books at the Edisto Bookstore. Someday she hopes to build on a piece of Edisto she still marvels is hers. Hope is editor of The Edisto Island Mysteries as well as

the award-winning Carolina Slade Mysteries, both set in her home state of SC. When she’s not making appearances or strolling the beach, she’s on the banks of Lake Murray in central SC.





from anywhere. Simply visit where you’ll find up-to-date events, up-to-the-minute weather, fishing and tide information, interactive maps of the island and videos and bonus material that just wouldn’t fit in the printed magazine. So whether you’re at home, the local café, or taking a break at work, your Edisto is waiting. (Tablet and authentic Southern drawl not included.)

The backing you need for the future you deserve! 300 Robertson Blvd. Walterboro, SC 29488 (843) 549-2526

428 Highway 174 Edisto Island, SC 29438 (843) 869-9734

When you are looking to buy, build, renovate or refinance a home, look to 1st Federal. Our door is always open to share over 50 years of financial knowledge that will help you open doors of your own!

INGREDIENTS 1 Pie Shell pre baked 5-6 tomatos Salt and pepper Fresh Basil

Tasty Tomato Pie

Fresh Garlic 3 TBS Mayo Sharp Cheddar Cheese

DIRECTIONS 1. Pre-bake pie crust until golden brown to directions on package 2. Slice tomatoes and apply salt and pepper to taste. Drain 5 minutes to remove excess moisture and absorb salt and pepper flavor. 3. Start layering the tomatoes, fresh basil, and garlic in precooked pie crust until all tomatoes are gone. Layer with the basil and garlic to taste. 4. Once the Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic are layered, spread 3 tables spoons of Mayonnaise over the top of the tomatoes. 5. Sprinkle Sharp Cheddar Cheese over the top. 6. Bake 40-50 minutes on 350°F. 7. Make sure to bake on a large baking sheet to catch any spills while cooking. 8. Let stand for 20 minutes before serving.

by Bonnie King


Real Estate on Edisto? I’m on top of it!

Julie Gyselinck Let us help you plan an unforgettable trail ride that will live in your memories for many years to come! CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING Multi-rider Discounts Available (All horses are beginner safe) Like us on Facebook for more information on trail rides, pony parties and petting zoo parties!

Julie Gyselinck Dreams make all the difference!


495 Hwy 174 | Edisto Island | SC |

Te Funny Farm

(843) 303-1294 4824 Storage Road • Hollywood, SC Just 15 minutes from Edisto Island

The Funny Farm SIXTH.indd 1

4/28/16 12:19 PM

Green Boat Liquor HPW 2016.indd 1

Edisto Island


4/12/16 2:36 PM

2016 Season March 24 – May 28

Thursday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

Reptile Zoo • Gift Shop • Visitors Center Come see “Junior” our 7-foot Cobra born and raised at the Serpentarium

May 30 – September 3 Monday – Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

September 8 – October 15 Thursday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

DAILY SHOW TIMES Reptile Shows: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Alligator Shows: 12pm & 4pm

Outdoor Exhibits are open with shows.

1374 Hwy 174 • Edisto Island • SC • 29438 • 843-869-1171

Please check our website for Fall hours: Serpentarium HPH 2016.indd 1

Present your ATWOOD Key for 15% off admission! 4/1/16 2:40 PM

140 Jungle Road Edisto Beach, SC


by land or by sea, we’ve got what you need!




Golf Carts, Bikes, Chairs, Umbrellas, Kayaks, Surf & Skim Boards, Paddle boards and more!

Bikes & Accessories, Fishing Tackle, Kayaks, Canoes & Accessories, Golf Cart Sales and more!

T-shirts, Hats, Jewelry, Souvenirs, Toys & Games, Surf, Skim & Boogie Boards and more!

The ACE Basin: 350,000 acres

of pristine estuaries and wetlands. Home to the bald eagle, wood stork and osprey.

Bay Creek Villas The Marina at Edisto Beach Pressley’s Restaurant

Bay Creek Park

• Scenic Tour of the Ace Basin • Offshore Deep Sea Fishing • Beach Combing Excursions • Sunset Cruises

Edisto Watersports & Tackle The Coffee Shop @ Edisto Beach

SC P Inter

Robert Sarco Antiques (23.2 miles) Edisto Historical Museum (6.2 miles) Edisto Serpentarium (2.8 miles) True Value Hardware (0.3 miles) Post Office (0.2 miles) With These Hands Gallery (0.2 miles)

495 Highway 174, Edisto Island, SC ACE Hardware CT Lowndes

Edisto Dental

Parks & Recreation rpretive Center

True Value Garden Center

Green Boat Discount Liquor 1st Federal Bank

Burley Lyons Park

The SeaCOW

Edislow Java Finn’s Island Grill BiLo

shopping | Hollywood Robert Sarco Antiques

Hidden Treasures Abound item’s past and origin with the enthusiasm of a true collector. The inventory

is forever changing and each visit will feel like walking into a new store. Most

items have price tags, some do not, but Robert prides himself on being ready

to make a reasonable deal with his customers so they get a fair price and he will accept payments toward big ticket items. This quaint shop does not accept credit or debit cards. Robert’s response

to questions about accepting cards is al-

ways, “They want 4 percent of my hard earned money, and they aren’t going to


idden in the small town of

Governor’s Mansion and hundreds

utes from Edisto Island,

vast workshop located in the back

Hollywood, just 20 min-

South Carolina, is a wondrous shop of antiquity. Robert Sarco has been an established antique dealer for over

30 years. The large storefront is easy to spot. With a 10-foot tall 19th century 6317 Highway 162

Hollywood, SC 843.452.7358

figurehead from an English ship peeking out from

the double garage doors, its color and detail attracts

more than just the eye.

If the warehouse doors are up and the flags are out, proprietor Robert Sarco is at work welcoming customers and curiosity seekers alike.

In addition to his antique store,

Robert is a master woodworker and furniture maker, and is highly regarded


The sheer magnitude of inventory

of fine homes across the country. His

Robert has will awaken your imagi-

of the cavernous warehouse is a tin-

of retail space, Robert Sarco Antiques

ker’s dream. Hunched over the many

woodworking tables, the large vats for

stripping or one of the countless tools, you will find two or three apprentices working under the tutelage of Robert

on custom pieces or refinishing items bought from the store. Robert is qui-

etly passing along his craft as a master carpenter. The caliber of work and art-

istry that springs forth from his hands is shocking to our modern eyes, used to

mass productions and cheap materials. This workshop is where antiques and

heirlooms are born and where a true master artist lives and works.

This repository of antiquity is breath-

in the Lowcountry as one of the south’s

ing with the stories of the past. Every

His work graces the South Carolina

assured that Robert will detail each

finest furniture restoration specialists.

get it!”

piece has its own history. You can be

nation. With over 5,000 square feet boasts one of the largest collections in

the Lowcountry. Winding paths take you through an endless assortment of

antique furniture, nautical items, glass-

ware, military relics, and objects d’art, baubles of all sorts and endless charts and plats. Glass display cases feature everything from Asian artifacts to

hand-carved trinkets made by slaves. Exploring each nook and cranny or

opening a box can lead to the discovery of a handwritten letter over 200 years

old, a box of records from Motown’s heyday or old photographs with patina

from age. Whether you are addicted

to antiquing or just looking for something unique, Robert at Sarco An-

tiques has just what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Unique Antiques & Collectables that bring the Lowcountry past to

“We have just what you


didn’t know you were looking for.”

Robert Sarco — ANTIQUES Shop (843) 889-1432 • Cell (843) 452-7358

6317 Highway 162 Hollywood • South Carolina Just 15 minutes from Edisto Island

food & drink | Edisto Beach The Sea Cow

Moo-re Than Breakfast with their children Athena and John, started serving dinner in the summer

months. The Mixed Grill is a Lowcountry stir-fry with shrimp, chicken

and smoked sausage and is still a bestseller on the menu.

Today The Sea Cow is owned and

operated by Lisa and Doug White. They purchased The Sea Cow in 2007. On their first visit to Edisto and The Sea Cow, they knew it was the place for

them! Soon they renovated the kitchens so they could better serve a full dinner

menu. They kept much of the items the same but added things like the black-


he Sea Cow Eatery is a crowd

have a snorkel. This logo and others are

and residents alike. World fa-

ployees and sold to patrons.

baked on premises by Martha, the in-

little establishment is frequently filled

recipes still served today. The mustard

and Tammy’s original recipes along

anyone who frequents Edisto loves the

Toast, curry chicken salad, Cobb salad

favorite for Edisto visitors

mous for its stellar breakfast menu, this to capacity inside and out. It seems like Sea Cow. The Sea Cow might surprise

you with their delicious Lowcountryinspired lunch and dinner menus. You’ll

be sure to find a new favorite among their homemade specialties!

still on the T-shirts worn by the emLori was the creator of many of the

tarragon dressing, Moo La La French

and John’s Omelet (a tribute to her brother-in-law who always ordered a

huge omelet with all the fillings) are just a few examples.

Kontinos. They expanded the menu


and her then nine-year-

old daughter decorated

the diner using fabric

with whimsical cows on it. Lori designed the logo, and being so close to

the sea, she decided the cow should

with some of her own creations. They regularly feature cheesecakes, giant cookies, key lime pie, peanut butter silk

pie, and almond joy and bourbon pecan pie. Make sure to save room for dessert!

The Sea Cow Eatery is open sev-

Please stop in and join us for break-

originally located where

the liquor store is. Lori

house dessert chef, using some of Lori's

sold The Sea Cow to Tammy and Tom

145 A Jungle Rd.

Edisto Beach, SC

All of the pies and desserts are still

en days a week and features a pet-

to its present location. In 2001 Lori

March of 1996, it was

country boil and shrimp and grits.

In 2001 The Sea Cow was relocated

Established by Lori Fowlkes in


ened tuna, tilapia, Mahi Mahi, Low-

to include the Rueben, Philly chees-

friendly deck for alfresco dining. fast, lunch or dinner!

esteaks and burgers. They were the first

to run The Sea Cow seven days a week, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a schedule that is still in effect

today (except for a few renovation days each winter). Tammy and Tom, along

20 YEAR S!

SEACOW Full-page Ad

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Local Produce and Seafood | Beer and Wine | Full To-Go Menu

145 A Jungle Road, Edisto Beach, SC Open at 7am daily! 843-869-3222



Suzi Elledge

Intuitive Life Coach Edisto Island, SC

Pressley's at the Marina TPSQ.indd 1

4/12/16 1:50 PM


My soul calling is to inspire and guide individuals to awaken and live their authentic “Highest Soul Self” My offerings include: • Coaching sessions (in person and phone) • Guided Meditation Workshops • Meditation Circles & Retreats For more information and upcoming events visit Email: Phone: 843.869.3505

Licensed for commercial & residential construction River City Constructors is here for all of your building needs. Call today to schedule your appointment to view our model home on Edisto Island. We can’t wait to hear about what you are planning! | (843) 814-4321

I believe there is nothing more important in this world than manifesting the true power that lies within you.




Our current state of technology only

isto. Telephone service didn’t arrive on

keeps us moving faster. Everything is

S.C. There lies our occasional fix for

the island until around 1911–1912 and

wants or needs in two days with Prime

macies and the almighty Mexican res-

on the whole of Edisto, spaced out so

at our fingertips. Amazon gets us our

items not found, or medical visits, phar-

it only serviced four plantation homes

shipping. Food is delivered to our doors.

taurants. Living on Edisto is made easy

that anyone could reach a phone within

picked up to save time. Thanks to social

forget the good old phone.

Phone service was extremely expensive.

who with every moment of the day.

think about Edisto if you took it all

versity of South Carolina’s library show

ing through our air, allowing you to con-

phones on the whole island), no Inter-

franchises, and no hotel, and we like it

delicious omelets and pancakes . . . No

Even groceries are ordered online and media we know when, where, what, and

Edisto has a smattering of 4G float-

nect, work and stream, but we have no like that. In reality it is a rural island. We

today with cars, the Internet, and don’t Now reverse your imagination and

away. No cars, no phones (or only four

Contracts for phone service at the Unia subscriber in Meggett, S.C. paid $5

per month for phone service in 1909.

The conversion of $5 in today’s market

immediate way to access your current

would have provided a far different

ing pretty loud right now.

tomed to today. No documentation of

logical advances are pretty new to Ed-

could be uncovered. Meggett is one of

want or need. Those crickets are chirp-

the island was first settled by Europeans.

In the scheme of things our techno-

Most importantly we are a 45-minute

an hour in case of a major emergency.

net, no grocery store, no restaurants for

have working farms, lots of them. We have families that have been here since


car ride to the big city of Charleston,

is a $119 per month phone bill, which

quality of service than we are accus-

the rates for the early Edisto phones

our neighboring towns, so assumptions


are being made the price would have been similar here on Edisto.

With extremely limited telephone ser-


vice on Edisto, and electricity far behind,

Edisto saw few technological advances. Electricity didn’t reach Edisto until the

late 1940s and very few homes had it.

The 1950s saw a large majority of homes

still without running water, electricity or

a telephone, while the rest of America

was rocking and rolling to “The Ed Sul-

livan Show” and “American Bandstand”

EDISTO BEACH, S.C. 843-869-3441

on home television sets.

The post office was centrally located

on the island at Highway 174 and Point of Pines Road, serving as a general store

and post office, as well as a meeting place.

They probably had one of the few radios

Julie Gyselinck TPSQ.indd 1

4/12/16 1:53 PM

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on the island that the public could gather around to hear music, announcements

and radio shows. This was where you

came to learn about current events, news

and gossip. There was a community well

there, where people came from all over

the island as late as the 1970s to get fresh, clean drinking water. These trips to the

watering hole and post office would have

been few and far between, perhaps once

every few days for the lucky folks that

lived close by.

Traveling would have been by foot or

horse, either riding or by wagon. A short

trip that would take just a few minutes by

car would have been hours long, an allday affair. Going to visit or having visi-

tors was a big occasion and cause for celebration. The winter and fall, after crops

were harvested, were popular times for gatherings. It was common practice to

light a torch or fire in a metal cauldron

ing that lifestyle sounds romantic, laid-

to indicate you were open to welcom-

often wish for days gone by without

placed at the entrance of the property ing visitors. Sundays year-round were

back and simple is common. People

while having the time of our lives. It is

ever having actually experienced them.

job. In past years we’ve kayaked around

same sentiment. What if we took a

once we paddle boarded up the Com-

spent at the church. One of our locals,

Explore Edisto was caught up in that

on Edisto for hundreds of years, re-

trip to visit a few friends, just a couple

ing him that her family would leave

back? It sounded like a great idea . . .

Skip Sanders, whose family has been

members his great-grandmother tell-

the house at 7:30 a.m. by horse-drawn

of miles away, over two days by horse-

Presbyterian Church. Two and a half


buggy, traveling from the Jenkins Hill

venture every year to showcase the

With travel taking that much effort

spire others to get out and explore for

wagon for a 10:00 a.m. service at the

hours in a slow-moving, bouncing

Road Plantation, where they lived.

round us, and get satisfyingly exhausted

possibly one of our favorite parts of the

the island and beach for three days, and

bahee River, camping on the riverbanks,

totally surrounded by wilderness. These

trips certainly tested our physical abilities, at the end we were muscle sore, slightly sunburned and tired. Those two

trips based on the water gave me anxiety.

EXPLORE Edisto plans a big ad-

I was nervous about the tides, falling in

natural beauty of our island and to in-

thousands of types of accidents that can

the water and getting stuck. Any of the

befall someone in the water haunted me.

and time, we see the reason there are

themselves. We always spend a few

I can’t speak for my fellow travelers, but

to be within walking distance. Think-

the sun, the beautiful vistas that sur-

isto and pluff mud is in their DNA, I

so many churches on Edisto; they had

days in the great outdoors, soaking up

given that they were all native to Eddoubted they were scared, so I kept my

feelings to myself. I must add that we

took guide Meg Hoyle with us on these

trips. She followed us in her big skiff, a

protective shadow should we encounter

any issues. She was our safety blanket.

Venturing out on this new trip without her seemed OK until the first trouble

hit, and then we suddenly felt like little

kids who just realized they had ven-

tured too far from mom.

Our plan for this trip wasn’t to totally

recreate an 1880s travel experience. We

were not wearing period clothing, using

antique gear or leaving our phones or

cameras behind. We were keeping this Thousands of black birds swarmed a freshly tilled field. The clatter of their voices and whirl of their wings was deafening. The energy was overwhelming, and their numbers were so immense, it was a shocking visual experience.


simple and to the point. We purchased

maps that showed the old plantation

roads and back roads and searched for a

route that would take us from point A to

evening, we decided to put in a half day

in biblical proportions! They swarmed

The maps revealed there were old roads

trail. We arrived at Botany Bay Planta-

their ears and covering their whole bod-

Plantation all the way to Steamboat

Jupiter and Chance, ready to get started.

quitoes and they were huge! Like tiny

would travel through Botany Bay, fol-

closure of the details and situation that

tiple layers of clothing. My pants had

ging roads to reach Point of Pines Road.

my two horses we were riding. I love

from the countless bites, an experience

point B with a stop or two in the middle. and trails that went from Botany Bay

Landing, approximately 20 miles. We

low Rabbit Road and cross through log-

tion with our bags and reluctant mounts,

I’m writing this story with full dis-

unfolded. I am a horse person; these are

all over us and the horses, digging into

ies and faces. There were so many mos-

pterodactyls biting us through our mul-

tiny pinpoints of blood seeping through

From Point of Pines Road we headed

them both dearly, but hard-living work

I’ve never had before. Stopping for

ing toward our first stop, Cassina Point

scrappy horse, light in color, and about

get (literally) carried away. The trip was

north and turned up Clark Road, head-

Plantation, where we would visit with

horses they are not. Jupiter is a small, six years old. His personality is truly one

some good friends and spend the night.

only a mother could love, but he is brave

heading out Indigo Hill Road and up

He was selected to be Caroline’s mount

much as we tried to keep the journey to

perienced rider. Chance is an extremely

Day two of our journey would have us

and closer to the ground than Chance.

photos was nearly impossible, lest we gearing up to be a real experience.

As we finally made our way over the

dike and past the Beehive Well, we

turned left onto Rabbit Road. Dusk

for the trip since she wasn’t a very ex-

was rapidly settling in when we ap-

old roads, the cut through from Indigo

tall brown Thoroughbred, around six-

turn onto — only there was a problem, a

land and it was too dangerous to ride

and he and I have ridden many hours

flooding from a few months before had

as Jupiter, but tends to keep his cool

narrow and shallow ditches lining the

and water the horses was at Freeman’s

dogs. Both horses are ridden regularly

ditch, about three feet deep and half full

the trip at Steamboat Landing.

health; the length of the trip would not

Highway 174 to Oak Island Road. (As

to Oak Island was part of active hunting

teen years old. He’s a very stoic fellow,

through; the detour was less than five

together on the trails. He is not as brave

Hill Road, where our next stop to rest

around things, such as passing cars and

minutes.) Oak Island turns into Jenkins

Farm. From Freeman’s, we would finish

TWENTY MILES & TWO DAYS TO VISIT TWO FRIENDS We were excited to get started, and

and are in good shape and excellent

proached the logging road we would big wide problem. The extreme rain and

resulted in the need to dig out the once road. In our path was a four-foot-wide

of freezing December water. I hopped

down off Chance and told Caroline we

be an issue for them.

would have to jump across, then coach

on the way around three thirty on a

ropes. I attached Chance’s lead rope

Caroline and I were tacked up and

cloudy and brisk December day. Since

them over while holding onto their lead and jumped across the ditch. He stayed

knowing the fast pace of a horse’s walk,

we were a little late getting started, we

firmly on the other side. I tugged on his

We knew from looking at the map that

Botany Bay and ride straight toward

me into the water. I ignored the chilly

we didn’t anticipate it taking too long.

decided to cut out the long loop around

rope a little; he yanked backward pulling

the first leg of the ride would be the

Rabbit Road. Never in my life did I

water flooding my boots and continued

so quick on day one, and our host was

cember. Bugs were not accounted for in

at me like I was officially off my rocker.

fastest. Since the trip was going to be

planning a little get-together for the


at the office before heading out on the

expect the mosquitoes to be out in Deall of our planning and they were out

to try and coax him across. He looked

Jupiter stood off to the side pushing and


harassing Caroline for the fun of it. We

their pace. A light mist had started to

way upstairs, almost too tired to sleep.

again. Horses are herd animals, and I

ing through the dusk cast a purple hue.

and cold with a heavy wind blowing in

swapped horses, and I crossed the creek

swirl over the pastures. The moon glow-

The following morning rang in clear

knew if Jupiter crossed the ditch and

As we rounded the bend in the road, the

gusts across the farm. We got out of bed

follow. Jupiter leaped over on the second

out of the barn windows and doors was

cited to be on the way. We fed the hors-

with a fresh flood of freezing water in

beautiful, and we halted our journey just

back to the house for a warm breakfast

went on down the road, Chance would try. Back across the creek I went again

barn came into view. The light pouring

a fiery gold. The sight was stunningly

stiff from the ride the day before but ex-

es first in the morning, then we headed

my boots. Caroline crossed over and

to absorb the view. As we proceeded

while we waited for the temperature to

Chance to make the leap. It took exactly

the barn yard, we were greeted with a

the barn to get ready to go. Our hustled

get Chance to jump the ditch. I was out

experience we were searching for. The

the horses excited. The other horses at

trip would be ditchless.

hosts, and warm greetings. Wearily, we

began calling out and pacing around.

the trail, enjoying the beautiful expanses

the warmth of the barn. We settled Ju- around, ready to start.

evening brought the deer to life and

for the night with fresh water and hay

took Jupiter. Now I just had to convince

two cookies and Jupiter walking away to of cookies and praying the rest of the

We chatted as we headed on down

of marsh as it spread out around us. The

up the drive and made our way into

chorus of welcome calls. This was the

expected visitors finally arriving, excited

rise. After we ate, we headed down to

movements in and out of the barn got

the farm picked up on the energy and

climbed down and led our mounts into

Chance was on his toes, bouncing

piter and Chance into their paddocks

We mounted up and started out

of the barn yard, finally on our way. A

they occasionally sprang across the path

to munch on. They were relieved to be

horse off in the distance neighed loudly

herd came out one at a time in front of

new surroundings.

lose whatever sense of self-control he

We made it onto Point of Pines Road

the towering plantation house, and we

tion under Caroline. He left her sitting

the sun dropped at an equally rapid pace. Glorious, cozy, warm air scented with

crashed to the ground. For dramatic ef-

in front of us. At one crossing a small

us, and we counted them like train cars.

done for the day and to explore their As a group we made our way up to

and took off running, causing Jupiter to

had. He spun around, vacating his posi-

without incident. The temperature and

were greeted with a blast of warm air.

I’m sure the horses found the breeze

the delicious smell of dinner cooking

thin layers. My toes had gone numb in

the plantation, Tecla Earnshaw, guided

miles away from Cassina Point.

glasses of wine and discussed our trip

Our trip plodded along. We were passed

ful evening of laughter, stories and a

goat, but otherwise our trip was quiet.

in our experience, and the surround- composure and stayed next to Caroline

to Cassina Point, excitement radiated

wound down, and guests trickled away

cooling, but it made quick work of our my wet boots, but we were just a few

in midair for a split second before she

fect the yellow demon pony reared up on

on the stove. Our host and owner of

his hind feet, eliciting a surprised gasp

us into the kitchen, where we enjoyed

pranced in place like he was taking part

from everyone in the group. Chance

in some hypnotic Jazzercise class. We

A deep dusk had settled around us. with the other guests. It was a wonder- had not been in the saddle for ten min-

by a few cars and encountered one giant

When we finally reached the entrance

through us, and the horses picked up


utes, yet today was getting off to a rough

delicious meal. We felt fully immersed

start. Thankfully, Jupiter regained some

ings certainly helped out. The evening

as she got to her feet. There were a few

for the night. We eventually made our

choice words and concerned questions.

We decided that it might be best to lead

Jupiter away down the lane and then

remount out of sight of the other horses.

With the horses mostly settled down,

and Caroline back in the saddle, we

headed for Indigo Hill Road. Jupiter continued to fuss, stopping for bites of

grass as he pleased. Our motley crew approached the corner of Indigo Hill

and Clark Road. “BLEEEEEEHHH!”

Giant goat saw us coming. His deep

bellow sounded like a machine gun

firing at us. Chance went weak in the knees with fear, and I heard Caroline

cursing Jupiter behind me. Calm voices

… Good boys … It’s OK … it’s just a

goat … I could feel Caroline getting frustrated behind me, but I was too ashamed of my chicken-horses to turn around and look at her. We rounded the

corner, unmolested by the giant goat.

We continued on down Indigo Hill

Road and Caroline told me she had a

feeling we were going to get attacked by

dogs. I silently cursed her for jinxing us.

We plodded on down the road. Jupiter had taken a real fancy to aggravating

Caroline. Cars were whizzing past us

Never trust a pony. Caroline back on her feet, and walking down the drive of Cassina Point at the start of day two after an unscheduled equine-assisted gravity check. Her

like we didn’t exist. One more aspect we

bruised tail bone from the fall pained her for weeks after the ride.

horses stayed steady, unfazed by them.

ing the dogs snarling and snapping at

readily obeyed in rural areas. The dogs

her, surprised at how fast she could walk. the horses and a quick rest. We used her

didn’t account for, rude drivers, but the

As most of you know, leash laws aren’t

saw us coming and they charged toward

us from their yard. I stayed close beside

Sara, we accepted her offer of water for

The rabid dogs faded away behind us.

big picnic table to remount and headed

their property line, barking and growl- A familiar house appeared. Miss Sara

ing wildly. Caroline dismounted off Ju- Burnell must have been watching out

piter so fast it made a cartoon noise! She

toward her house. Always glad to see

of her window, because she bounded

on down the road. We made it to High-

way 174 and decided to walk the horses

up the short stretch of highway to Oak

marched forward down the road, drag- out the front door, clapping with excite- Island Road.

ging her rotten pony behind her, leav- ment about the sad parade marching


Our journey down Oak Island was


uneventful, yet long, and we greeted the

end of the pavement and the start of the

dirt road at Jenkins Hill as a milestone.

The woods and homes melted away into

vast farm lands bordered by thick woods.

Off in the distance we heard a highpitched clatter. We emerged from a canopy of oak trees to the deafening beat of

wings and screeching from tens of thousands of crows. They swarmed overhead

in a black mass, swooping and turning in unison. It was an unbelievable sight. We

decided our bums needed a break from

the saddle and sat on the side of the road.

Jupiter stepped on Caroline’s toes, twice, for good measure. We trekked on down

the road. We were approaching hour four of riding, and the walk felt good.

Feb 2016 AD.indd 1

2/19/16 3:07 PM

At some point we managed to get back

on. Our bodies protested, not used to

this much riding. Caroline’s tailbone was

paining her severely, but she was a trooper,

dealing with a brat pony and pain. Nei-

ther of us remembered Jenkins Hill Road ever being this long … .

As if we had conjured it by starting to

wonder when we would reach our next stop, we saw the driveway to the Freemans

and Elaine Freeman waiting for us at the

entrance. In the farm yard she had a water

trough full of clean water for the horses

and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us. The horses drank their fill and Chance

rested his head in Elaine’s arms and closed

his eyes. Jupiter contented himself with

knocking things over between bites of grass. He really had reached his limit on

good behavior and was fully dedicated to being just horrible. I offered for Caroline

to switch horses, but she turned me down.

Edisto Island Museum TPSQ 2016.indd 1

4/12/16 1:57 PM

coastal insurance services | property and casualty Auto • Homeowners • Boats • Condominiums • Commercial Property After a few more restful moments we got

back on and headed down the long drive-

way out to Jenkins Hill Road. I heard Caroline arguing with Jupiter behind me. As

soon as we reached the dirt road, Jupiter

put it in reverse; it seemed like he might

walk backward all the way back to Cassina

Point, and Caroline was helpless to stop

him. Frustrated, exhausted and in agony

from her fall earlier, Caroline threw up her

hands in disgust and frustration and got off Jupiter. If he understood what she was






saying, it didn’t seem to bother him. Caro-


her. Elaine offered her sympathies and

SINCE 1850

line was done, and I honestly didn’t blame

understanding. She suggested we untack,


your local independent agents

Bill Hackett & William Hackett 487 highway 174, edisto beach, sc 29438 office: (843) 869-2141 direct: (843) 513-1174

leave the horses at her farm and ride in her

pickup to get our truck and trailer.

Call it quits? We were so close. I

couldn’t do it. Not that I wasn’t exhausted and beat up as well, but I wasn’t ready to

throw in the towel just yet. We agreed

I’d ride on ahead the last few miles, load

Chance into our waiting trailer at Steamboat Landing and come back to pick up

my evil pony and sweet Caroline.

Chance and I left our bag with Elaine

and took off down the road at a quick

trot. He seemed to know we had a job

to do and was eager to get to the end of this trip. We carried on like that for a

good while; it was almost peaceful. Far ahead in the distance I could see a tiny

figure off to the left of the road. I could tell Chance saw it too by the perk of his

ears. Neither of us was able to distinguish

what it was. Sometimes it looked like a

person standing next to a large rectanguFREE ESTIMATES • 843-889-2999 6408 Savannah Highway • Ravenel • SC Licensed and insured.

continued on page 78

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FANTASTIC FINDS Prehistoric treasures on Edisto Beach Words and photos by Ashby Gale


Deep estuaries were host to myriad

anges, purples, yellows and blue-grays

puffer fish, sea robins, and drum fish

small nuggets of black gold are the fos-

species: sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, – all filled the waters of this ancient

land known today as … Edisto Island. Walking along the shores of Edisto,

the eyes are met with a wide array of

colors from the broken shells of various

mollusks. But, hidden among these or-


With the crash of every wave and the

are infrequent specks of black. These

surge of every tide, new fossil material

silized remains of animals from the last

but the main question is — why?

Ice Age, dating approximately 11,000

is constantly deposited on our shores, Turning the clock back 50,000

to 50,000 years old!

years, we find North America be-


ice sheets, reaching their maximum

coming increasingly covered with extent approximately 25,000 years


ago. The global increase of glaciers

known as the continental shelf. The

many avenues, but here we’ll primar-

compared to 10 percent today) re-

60 miles offshore of South Carolina’s

tion, a fancy term to indicate that the

(30 percent coverage on land masses

sulted in a decrease in ocean levels, since glacial ice was composed of

ocean water precipitated out as snow. Though South Carolina never saw

any glacial coverage, summer temperatures were cooler by 13 degrees

Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures were 32 degrees cooler!

The increase in land from lowered

current coastline, was a vast grassland savannah with occasional clumps of

dense shrubs and scattered estuaries. These habitats allowed the diverse Pleistocene megafauna to thrive

without overcompeting for resources, and to spread across much of the continent.

As the last period of glaciation

sea levels resulted in land bridges that

slowly began to end, the planet

asia and South America, via the Ber-

bined with the changing climate and

connected North America with Euring and Pan American Land Bridges, respectively. Such bridges allowed

an exchange of animal and plant life across the continents that resulted in the migration of the Pleistocene

megafauna. With a minimum weight

classification of 97 lbs (44 kg), the Pleistocene



mammoths and their elephant relatives, ground

sloths, armadillos,

saber-tooth cats, dire wolves, short-

faced bears, camelids (camel and

llama-like creatures), bison, horses, tapirs, peccaries and giant beavers

and rodents. Some of these creatures

warmed, and the oceans rose. Com-

food availability, rising ocean levels, and the potential spread of disease, the Pleistocene megafauna faced one

groundwater within the surrounding sediments, leaving an inorganic copy

that we call a “fossil.” The first step in

this process is the death of an individual — bones and teeth must be pres-

ent before they can fossilize. Second, rapid burial shortly after death and before significant decay occurs is crucial in preserving most, if not all, bones from an individual. The most accepted

minimum timespan for permineralization to occur is 10,000 years.

The color of the surrounding sedi-

DETERMINE AGE! The color of a

from paleohumans, and even one

instance where the figure of a mammoth was carved into a limb bone

preserved by fossilization! Though still open to some debate, scientists

are convinced that one or all of these factors caused the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna.

We can understand now why fossils

ate these land bridges, they also ex-

ing in from the ocean, but what pre-

extended oceanward, to what is

over time by minerals present in the

show direct evidence of butchering

Fossilized bones from mammoths

the Columbian mammoth!

posed vast expanses of land which

organic bone material was replaced

ment is then responsible for the color


Not only did the lowered seas cre-

ily cover the process of permineraliza-

more daunting adversary: humans.

could attain weights as heavy as sev-

eral tons – up to 10 tons in the case of


uncovered land, approximately 50 –

from extinct giant creatures are washserved them for thousands of years?

The process of fossilization has

of the fossil. COLOR DOES NOT

fossil only comes from the sediment in which it was buried. Minerals such

as silica and calcite are common re-

placements to the original organic tissues.

After becoming permineralized,

the bones and teeth are dense and durable enough to withstand most

abrasion from the ocean waves and sand grains. Then, it is only a mat-

ter of time until a fossil specimen is

churned up from ocean floor layers and washes ashore for searching eyes to discover!

Another form of fossil commonly

found on Edisto is a trace fossil. These

The anticipation ends SUMMER 2016!

1084 Hwy 174 Edisto Island, SC

What animals are present in the Edisto fossil assemblage? The Pleistocene Epoch, which preceded our current Holocene age, is unique since many of the animal species found in its fossil layers are still alive to date. Further, if a particular species did become extinct, chances are, its descendants live on. The following is a general list of the animals found in the Edisto assemblage.

Beautiful Armadillo (Dasypus bellus) Vertebra

Saber-tooth Cat (Smilodon fatalis) Medial Phalanx Jefferson’s Ground Sloth (Megalonyx jeffersonii) Claw Core

Armadillos and their Relatives Some people get annoyed with today’s nine-banded armadillo rooting around in their yards, but imagine having the seven foot long Giant Armadillo digging up your lawn for grubs! Related to the armadillos was the glyptodont; clocking in at 12 feet long and 4,000 pounds, the glyptodonts truly were the armored tanks of the Pleistocene! The most common fossils from this group are their osteoderms – bony plates that made up the shells of these creatures.


Giant Ground Sloths While dodging a 7 – 12 foot long armadillo, beware of any hairy “tree trunks” as these legs belong to a giant ground sloth, the largest of which (Eremotherium) could reach heights of 20 feet! Ground sloths ate leaves and twigs off of the numerous shrubs scattered across the Pleistocene savannah, using their claws (ranging as large as 17-21 inches) to grasp the tree trunks and branches.

Canids, Felids, and their Relatives Any reader of A Game of Thrones can appreciate the existence of dire wolves on Edisto Island. These wolves were much stockier than the modern grey and red wolves, and the perfect predators of the horses, bison, and even sloths and mammoths living during the Pleistocene. Other predators joining them were the American lion, one of the largest felids ever to have lived – 25% larger than the current African lion. Of course, everyone’s favorite predator from the Ice Age is the saber-tooth cat, with saber teeth up to 11 inches long!

Sharks and Marine Fauna While the Pleistocene megafauna get much of the attention, our grassland savannah was segmented with numerous estuaries, playing host to various shark species and fishes, many of which are still alive today. Below are some of the more abundant fossil animals represented: • Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) • Modern Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) • Longtooth Tiger Shark (Physogaleus contortus) • Requiem Sharks (Carcharhinus sp.) • Lemon Shark (Negaprion brevirostris) • Sand Tiger Shark (Carcharias taurus) • Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) • Whales (Order Cetacea)

• Puffer, Burr, and Porcupine Fish (Diodontidae Family) • Atlantic Stingray (Dasyatis sabina) • Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera sp.) • Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari) • Sturgeon (Acipenser sp.) • Drum Fish (Pogonias sp.) • Gar Fish (Lepisosteus sp. and Atractosteus sp.)

Megalodon Shark (Carcharodon megalodon) Lower Tooth

Modern Horse (Equus sp.) Upper Cheek Tooth

Rodents and their Relatives While many of our modern species of rodents and lagomorphs (which include rabbits) existed during the Pleistocene, larger individuals, such as the giant beaver, were also present. How large you ask? The giant beaver, Castoroides, grew up to seven feet long and 275 pounds! Remember, these creatures grew larger to insulate their bodies from the colder climate that existed during the Ice Age. Giant beavers had front incisors that stuck out six inches from their faces; talk about buck teeth! 2016-2017

Camels, Horses, Bison, and their Relatives Believe it or not, camels and horses actually first evolved in North America, prior to their migrations to other continents. Some of the earliest ancestors of horses (dating back to the Eocene) were only two feet long! By the Pleistocene however, horses attained the current size of modern Equus species bred today. Scientists are still unsure what caused the North American extinction of horses, while other populations lived on in Europe and Asia.

Elephants and their Relatives Of the herbivores, perhaps the most famous group includes the proboscideans. In fact, in April 2014, an eight-year-old girl proposed that the Columbian mammoth be named the South Carolina State Fossil. This bill ultimately passed, and one of the first fossil discoveries in North America became our state’s fossil! A molar belonging to a Columbian mammoth was discovered on a plantation, and while the property owner could not identify the molar, slaves on the property correctly identified it as belonging to an elephant, an animal they were familiar with in their native Africa.


are signs of prehistoric animals, sig-

density; like-sized items congregate

(steinkerns) of various mollusks and

likely to find a ½ inch shark tooth

nified by burrow casts, internal casts

external casts of fossil shells. While these fossils did not preserve the or-

ganism itself, solidified sediments show the form of the organism, or its habits.

HOW DO YOU FIND FOSSILS AND SHARK TEETH ON EDISTO? Black and shiny. Ask most fossil hunters how to find fossils, and these

two words are likely to be mentioned.

with like-sized items. You are more in smaller shell materials the size of

oatmeal flakes than you are among

fossils on the beach is that it doesn’t

line. Similarly, items with like densi-

ashore along every stretch of Edisto!

large oyster shells at the high tide ties are found together; small dense

fish mouth plates and shark teeth are

in the same material (low tide line

areas), while larger bone fragments, teeth, and turtle shell are more often

Indeed, the fossils on Edisto are pri-

or have a better fossil coverage, but

every section of the island holds potential for fossil material.


to search the shore for fossil treasures

ber, color does not determine age!

Dolpin Inner Ear (Periotic)

However, general color variations do fossil hunter’s searching method. It

found along the high-tide line.

difference between a dark gray oyster

direct result of water dynamics. Even

shell and a black fossilized bone, but

Some areas may be more plentiful,

doesn’t take a degree in paleontology

deposit where they formed. Remem-

takes training the eyes to spot the

matter where you are — fossils wash

Anyone can be a fossil hunter! It

marily black from the phosphate-rich

become the driving factor behind a

Black Bear Canine

Most importantly, this sorting is a

if searchers are not aware of water

or gain the eye for identification. As

with anything in life, all it takes is an inquiring mind and a passion for dis-

covery to unearth these riches! So put

on those sandals or waders, grab a collection container, and hit the beach!

patterns, they are actually unknow-

ing experts on fluid dynamics! By searching in rivulets and gullies, fossil hunters display their understanding Tiger Shark Tooth

once trained, beachcombers become

expert in their ability to spot the black fossil treasures along our coast.

In addition to paying attention to

color, the average beachcomber must

also be aware of how beach material is sorted on the beach by size and


of how important water is in classifying and uncovering small fossils and

shark teeth. Even after tidally driven waves retreat to their farthest point

at low tide, groundwater continues to

seep out of the sand and down to the

Ashby Gale is a photographer and the

shells, including shark teeth and

tures, leading guided fossil hunts in the

ocean, creating gullies where small small fossils, accumulate.

The bottom line behind finding

owner of Charleston Fossil Adven-

area. More information can be found at

Geechie Boy Mill HPW 2016.indd 1

4/12/16 2:10 PM

outdoors | Edisto Island Single Shot Guide Services

Bringing the Outdoors to You


f you have been a long-time visi-

family-owned-and-operated business,

riety of wildlife hunting. In addition

noticed the abundance of wildlife

and fishing adventures.

trips, they also offer dolphin watch-

tor of Edisto, you have no doubt

and marine life our island paradise has

Owners Charles and Laura Yeo-

to offer. You have watched the fisher-

mans take the hassle out of planning

plentiful catch from the rivers, creeks

Seasoned outdoorsmen and women

men come into the docks with their and ocean, or spotted the locals cast

netting in the rivers and tidal creeks

for shrimp and bait. Perhaps hiking through Botany Bay, you came

across one of the numer-

Edisto Island, SC 843.869.3022

ous flocks of wild turkey that roam the island or

noticed that the park is

and executing your outdoor adventure. will appreciate the highly skilled and

professional guide and enjoy their trip

without worrying about the logistics

of planning. If you are new to angling or pursuing game, Single Shot Guide Services offers equipment rental and unparalleled instruction.

Single Shot Guide Services of-

to offering day hunting and fishing

ing cruises, sunset cruises and many unique packages. For example, begin your weekend package with inshore

saltwater fishing for redfish, followed

up with a classic Lowcountry cookout. Wake up the next morning for

an unforgettable duck hunt and end the day with another great meal and

evening catfish trip! Packages can be customized to suit your individual interests and preferences.

Single Shot Guide Services offers

closed on certain days for

fers over 30 years of experience in

the widest variety of hunting and fish-

If you have ever wanted to experi-

hunting-and-fishing industry. What

diverse South Carolina Lowcountry.

deer and dove hunts.

ence the Lowcountry life of fish-

ing and hunting all day, followed by a scrumptious meal from your fresh catch, Single Shot Guide Services is just what you are looking for. A local


they are ready to plan your hunting

the South Carolina Lowcountry

sets them apart is that they can com-

bine any number of different types of hunting and fishing trips to cater to

your needs. They offer freshwater and

saltwater fishing as well as a wide va-

ing trips throughout the beautiful and Not to mention, the talented cooks will

satisfy any taste buds on your package trips. Single Shot Guide Services truly

is “Your single source for all of your outdoor gaming adventure needs.�

Your single source for all of your outdoor gaming adventure needs.

Inshore Trips

Hunting Trips

Wide variety of seasonal inshore fishing trips including freshwater and saltwater adventures.

Choose from a wide variety of game hunting in the great outdoors of South Carolina.



Offshore Trips

Experience the thrill of offshore fishing with a highly experienced and successful captain.

lifestyle | Edisto Island Walter Construction Company

Your Dream Home is Waiting




Company has had a

long and storied pres-

ence on Edisto, with over 30 years’ experience. That longevity has estab-

lished Fisher Walter as one of the

premier custom home builders in the area. Fisher is the third generation of

the Walter family to work on Edisto, and he remains true to his Lowcoun-

try upbringing with his dedication to not only the customer, but also to the craftsmanship seen in every home he puts his stamp on.

Fisher’s ability to take a client’s

ideas and turn those ideas into their

dream home may be. As a builder

for many years to come.

sonalized home-building experience.

home-building process is not nearly

new dream house or renovate your

product. Fisher truly embraces see-

Company can provide an unparal-

dream home makes for a truly per-

Having built many differing styles

of homes, Fisher has the expertise 806 Oyster Factory Rd.

Edisto Island, SC 843.869.2777


to efficiently guide his clients throughout the entire


process, regardless of what the vision of their

and contractor, the journey of the as satisfying as seeing the finished

ing the end result, knowing he and his team of craftsmen have created not only a quality built house, but

have fulfilled his clients’ dreams in the creation of a home to be enjoyed

If you are looking to build your

existing home, Walter Construction leled experience. Integrity, honesty and quality — words Fisher Walter strives to not only live by, but build by as well.

806 Oyster Factory Rd., #1 • Edisto Island, SC | 843.869.2777 •

food & drink | Edisto Beach The Waterfront Restaurant

Light(house), Food, Action dinner menu is delightful and fea-

tures a decadent array of inspired seafood dishes and appetizers, such

as Crab and Artichoke Dip with

House Made Pita Chips and Co-

conut Fried Shrimp with a Chilled Coconut Lime Dipping Sauce. The variety at The Waterfront is sure to please everyone in your group.

For large groups that don’t feel like

dining out but still want to enjoy The Waterfront’s food, make sure to order


cot Flowers, Edisto native and

her mark as well. With wildly popu-

taurant, has been feeding Ed-

all-you-can-eat specials, dinner, and a

owner of The Waterfront Res-

isto since opening the original location

in 2001. Born and raised on Edisto, the Flowers have been shrimping and

harvesting seafood on Edisto for generations. Scot is married to Susan

King Flowers, whose family is widely renowned as local

family-style to-go choice, The Water-

front offers dining options for everyone, seven days a week, no matter the size of

your party. All year The Waterfront offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet on Sunday, featuring southern cooking.

operate the King’s

is gaining in popularity among visi-



taurant proudly serves King’s Farm fruits, vegetables and desserts throughout the year.

The favorites and staples on the menu,

such as the Shrimp & Grits and Fried

Oysters, are a tribute to Scot’s mother, who was a fabulous cook. Since 2011

Head Chef Bethany Pankey is making

Farm Fresh Vegetables or savory She

Crab Soup helps you keep your group

fed and happy and takes the stress out of cooking. Make sure to call your orders in before 3 p.m.

In the summertime an all-you-can-

mornings. Heaping with early morn-


Farm Market. The

Shrimp, Creamy Stone Ground Grits,, The Waterfront

rant in Colleton County 2016 by

such as the Lowcountry Boil, Fried

eat breakfast buffet and brunch menu

farmers and ranchers. They own and

Large platters of Waterfront favorites,

Recently voted Best Restau-

136 Jungle Road

Edisto Beach, SC


lar menu options for brunch, lunch,

from the family-style to-go menu.

tors and locals alike, and it’s not hard to see why. Lunchtime offers a fabulous and fresh salad bar and a wide

selection of sandwiches and burgers,

are served Friday, Saturday and Sunday ing favorites, breakfast and brunch

have rapidly become a crowd favorite on Edisto. For off-season breakfast and brunch hours, call ahead.

Make sure to visit A Shore Thing

as well as traditional seafood fare.

gift shop located inside The Water-

Sous Chef Scott Paschal are working

fashionable shoes, home décor, gift

This year, Head Chef Bethany and

to unveil an updated dinner menu, including some of the most request-

ed dinner-special items. The updated

front, which offers unique jewelry, items, hand bags, beach accessories and apparel. You are sure to find a delightful way to treat yourself!

Locally Owned and Operated! 136 Jungle Road • 843.869.1400

Monday - Sunday Lunch: 11am - 3pm | Dinner: 5pm - Until Be sure to check out our



browse the collection at

A Shore Thing Gift Shop

located inside the waterfront

Family Atmosphere Nightly Fish Specials Steak, Pasta and Salads Kid’s Menu Large Groups Welcome Open Late During Summer Full Service Bar Take-Out Call for Breakfast & Sunday Brunch Hours

food & drink | Edisto Beach Whaley’s

The Best ‘Dive’ on Edisto


ostalgia blooms in the

spot of fabulous food. In May of 2007,

1950s, or beat the heat inside in a

cluding old gas stations.

nition of being voted one of the Top 25

the menu frequently, keeping it fresh

strangest of places, in-

Whaley’s blossomed in just such a place, taking an abandoned gas station

and transforming it into quite possibly the most quintessential beach dive on the East Coast. First opened as a

convenience store in 1948 by Marion Whaley and operated until his death

in 1995, the building maintains much

of its original character, including vintage gas pumps.

Owner Van Maxwell created his es-

tablishment from scratch in 2003, and

bit by bit, Whaley’s has become a staple 2801 Myrtle St.

Edisto Beach, SC



Whaley’s received the prestigious recog-

Seafood Dives in the country by Coastal Living magazine. It was a true testament to the dedication and devotion of the

owners, Van Maxwell and Lytle Prich-

ard, to provide great tasting and quality

food on this tiny barrier island. More recently in September of 2012, Southern Living magazine featured Whaley’s as one of South Carolina’s 10 Best Seafood

Spots and the Charleston City Paper

voted the establishment as the #1 reason to come to Edisto Beach.

Whaley’s offers visitors a tiny

booth or at the bar. The owners update and exciting while maintaining the staples and quality that people have come to expect. Traditional Lowcountry fare such as shrimp and grits or crab cakes will never disappoint. Patrons

can now choose between three differ-

ent “steamed pots” or create their own. The local shrimp, fried or steamed, can’t be beat. For the land lovers, the

Big Ugly Burger is an unbeatable favorite. Paired with the fabulous, fresh “raw fries” (think thin sliced and fried

to order potato chips), you will be de-

for locals and visitors alike.

glimpse into true island life, featuring

quirky atmosphere and

oke in the off-season (call for times).

great vibe and fabulous food, no trip to

the flowers and gas pumps from the

ing at Whaley’s.

Known for its casual but fresh local seafood, you

won’t want to miss this hot

live music from local artists and kara-

Sit outside at the picnic tables around

lighted you stopped in.

A wonderful establishment with a

Edisto Beach is complete without din-


TIMES LOCAL LUNCH 11:30 am - 2 pm

| DINNER 5 pm - 10 pm | TAKEOUT 843-869-2161 | 2801 Myrtle St. | Edisto Beach |

shopping | Edisto Island With These Hands

Paintings, Pottery, and a Passion for Art


ith These Hands Gallery has been charming guests

and residents of Edisto for

over 32 years with their unique handmade American crafts. Recently relocated to a

new storefront at the Edisto Center, 547

Highway 174, next to the Edisto Island U.S. Post Office, With These Hands Gallery is better than ever! Meander through

the exciting new store, and browse the walls and displays of wonderful art and

crafts. New artists are arriving all the time, handpicked by owner Carolyn Kelsey Wilson. As one of the top 100 retailers of

American crafts, the variety of local and

which make a perfect gift for any special

Southern Sass Spice, delicious dips, and

with the perfect piece to take home.

bies, etc. A rainbow of Blenko vases and

buy one for yourself and a friend! In addi-

handmade art is sure to provide patrons Offering paintings and giclées from

renowned artists, such as Doug Grier or 547 Hwy. 174

Edisto Island, SC 843.869.3509

the up-and-coming, superbly talented Beth Williams, to name just two of the local

artists whose work adorns the

walls of the gallery. Anyone

who is looking for art to display in their

glassware are ready to turn every home

into a gallery of its own. Those looking for whimsical décor or an interesting gift idea will be enthralled with the stained glass

kaleidoscopes. Handmade with vibrant stained glass, in a multitude of color com-

binations and selections, these gadgets are

Sweet Tea or Wine Jellies. You’ll want to

tion to the beautiful artwork, Carolyn offers all natural baby gifts, including heir-

loom rattles, wooden toys, one-of-a-kind

crocheted teddy bears and other animals, quilts and smocked clothing for those special arrivals.

Each artist featured in With These

sure to entertain and delight all ages.

Hands Gallery is not sold anywhere else

thing that matches their tastes and style.

wish for a little memento of Edisto to take

artists’ individual style to shine. While

perspective of Edisto, rendered in an indi-

jewelry made from beach glass, seashells

home or business is sure to find someAround each corner you will find a new

vidual and creative design. The numerous

artisans featured in the gallery capture the very essence of the Lowcountry.

The exceptional paintings hanging on

the walls are kept company by a won-

derment of jewelry, glassware, pottery,

clothing and wood and metal sculptures,


occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, ba-

Patrons and visitors to the gallery who

with them will cherish the one-of-a-kind and gem stones. Wind chimes and picture

frames adorned with oyster shells bring

the beach to you. Locally crafted soaps and natural skin care, including the must

have Flip Flop Heel Helper, sugar scrubs and lotions, soothe. Also make sure to

try their specialty food items, such as the

on Edisto. Carolyn strives to allow her

she features many different pottery lines, each is distinguishable from the other. At With These Hands Gallery, you are

sure to get an individual piece of artwork to give, wear or proudly display in your

home. Make sure to stop in and look for

that special gift or artistic piece. You will be delighted you did.

Top 100 Retailer of American Crafts

With These Hands is a collection of hand made crafts by professional American Craftsmen from all over the United States.

Come see us at our new location!

547 Hwy 174 • Edisto Island, SC




Flavored Coffees Regular Coffee Decaf Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Iced Coffee Fresh Pastries Bagels Muffins & Croissants Breakfast Sandwiches

Waffle Bar:

Blueberries, Strawberries, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, Whipped Cream, Fresh Butter, Maple Syrup

Hot Dog Bar:

Gourmet Franks, Sausages, Chili, Cheese, Onions, Relish

continued from page 57

7 Days a Week!

7am - 3pm

(in-season) At the Ocean Room on the pier behind Finn’s

lar shape; I couldn’t tell if it was moving.

Minutes went by and the image seemed

just as far away, no matter how much ground we covered. I brought Chance

Nacho Bar:

Cheese, Chili, Peppers

down to a walk when the shape suddenly

708.289.5654 |

appeared closer. It was definitely a person, but something seemed strange. I got a

tingling feeling down my back.

Like coming into focus out of a haze,

we were suddenly sharing the road with a woman wearing what I can only describe

as a buffalo skin coat with three Rottwei-

lers next to her on a leash. They were not

barking but surging against their teth-

ers with a silent violence. The dogs we

encountered earlier in the day crossed my mind. They were loud, but Chance

Duffy & Basha BC 2016-SIXTH-WIDE.indd 1

4/12/16 2:15 PM

Proudly Serving Edisto for Over 10 years! now at 2 locations!

Hours: Monday-Saturday 8AM-6PM | Sunday 2PM-5PM

didn’t blink an eye at them. These dogs

made one too many silent promises and

Chance’s stoic resolve broke. In a fit of

self-preservation, he wheeled around. I

tried changing his focus and direction.

827-B Oyster Park Dr. (Behind Enterprise Bank) Phone: 843-869-4420

438 Highway 174 (Beside Green Boat Liquors) Phone: 843-631-5059

He came up off the ground, his body

Hardware Trailer Parts Paint & Sundries Plumbing Supplies Electrical Supplies Automotive, RV, and Marine Supplies

Cleaning Supplies Lawn & Garden Beach Supplies Camping Goods Home Goods Grills, Coolers, and Fishing Supplies

as he continued to try and scramble

suddenly soaked with sweat. I hung on

away. We were going nowhere fast and I

was obviously no longer in control. I got

down and pulled the reins over his head.

I patted him and told him everything

was going to be OK. I was praying buf-



in business 20 years • licensed and insured Specializing in washing houses, windows and painting—no window is too high!

LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Call Chris and Ellen Hiott today for a FREE ESTIMATE! 843-814-0246

falo lady had control of her hellhounds; I didn’t look her way as I walked Chance

by. Grateful we both escaped with all of

our body parts, I didn’t even bother look-

ing for a place to climb back on. We were

walking the rest of the way. Another hour went by in quiet, with me occasionally

striking up a one-sided conversation. I

dwelled on our decision to make this trip;

it was all my idea. Perhaps not the best

one I’d ever had.

We finally reached the entrance to the


landing. No sweeter sight than my old

pickup waiting there for us. We were done. Finally. I felt like we had been gone

for two weeks. My brain was devoid of

thoughts as I went through the motions

of untacking and loading Chance into

the trailer. The crank of the engine was

like a modern symphony to my ears. I

Call 843.869.2151 ext. 5 to advertise in our 2017 edition!

sent Caroline a text that we were on our

way to get her. I flipped the seat heaters

on as we rambled down the road, back to

today, back toward comforts, and warm

beds and soft seats. I don’t regret the ex-

perience and I’d do it again, but I understood what those travelers felt, and their

reasons for staying so close to home. Rid-

4915 Savannah Hwy.


ing horses is fun. Traveling by horseback

… not so much. Keep Exploring.

Antiques • Consignments • Vendors



EVADA-BUG: Naturally derived from plants, this bug repellent is safe for the entire family. Works great on gnats, mosquitoes and all other insects. Takes care of fire ant stings too! COOL REX: Soothes skin stressed by the sun or wind with just one application.

HOT REX: Luxurious blend of 8 essential oils for an all natural skin moisturizer and tanning enhancer RUDY’S REPELLENT: Formulated for your dog’s delicate nose, Rudy’s keeps your pet free of flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Fleas hate it too! AVAILABLE ONLINE AND LOCALLY AT BI-LO • Edistonian • Edisto Marina • Edisto Watersports King’s Farm Market • Seacow Eatery • Serpentarium True Value • Wyndham Resorts • Whole Foods Naturally Charleston HPW 2016.indd 1

4/28/16 12:13 PM

edisto’s only full service marina

Including: Gas (non-ethanol), diesel, public boat ramp, nightly & weekly dockage.

fuel , fishing & fun .

Join us for the 2016 Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament

July 20th - 23rd

www . themarinaeb . com

3702 Docksite Road, Edisto Beach, SC 29438 |

Be adventurous, discover Edisto with

Fishing 101 !




Growing up Gullah Ecotours A tour with Botany Bay Ecotours will make your visit to Edisto Island, SC in the ACE Basin an unforgettable event as you explore the rivers, marshes and beaches.

Also offering private tours of the: • ACE Basin • Morgan/Monkey Island • Harriet Tubman’s Raid Or go on an Island Safari (to your own private beach!)

Dolphin Ecotours

Sunset Cruises

Advance purchase required! OR call

at (888) 505-3680

Mention this ad for a discount! Discount Code: ATW

Profile for mclaughlin design

EXPLORE edisto 2016  

Explore Edisto Island, SC and all the gorgeousness that abounds. The path is unknown, but the journey is calling.

EXPLORE edisto 2016  

Explore Edisto Island, SC and all the gorgeousness that abounds. The path is unknown, but the journey is calling.