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Final Major  Project    

Craig Kelly  

The four  different  choices     •  •  •  • 

Extra ordinary     It’s  a  small  world   Life  through  a  lens   Try  it  and  see  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •     

Time Age     Skin     Hobbies   Friends,  family,  peers  .     Body  parts   RelaLonships     Celebrity's  iconic  people  

•  •  •  • 

•  Computers •  Toys   •  Important  machinery      

People and   portraits  


•  •  •  • 

Religion and   culture    

Mind map   of  ideas    

Shopping   Jewelry     Makeup   Fashion  designs    


Nature Buildings  

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Iconic buildings     Abandoned  buildings   Train  staLons       Important  locaLons     Streets    districts     markets  

Food/ Drink   CelebraLons     Shopping   Museums  and  galleries  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Rivers   Bridges     Animals/wildlife   Flowers   Plants    mountains    caves    forests    

Images based  on  it’s  a   small  world    

ArLsts used     Pierre  Javelle  and  Akiko  Ida   Naoki  Honjo   Sloane  Tanen  

Pierre Javelle  and  Akiko  Ida    

Pierre Javelle  and  Akiko  Ida,  work   together  to  create  their  own  style  of   photography.  I  find  there  work   interesLng  and  smart,  there  work  is   very  simple  but  the  simplicity  is  what   makes  it  what  it  is  .  There  work  requires   liTle  preparaLon  and  thinking.       They  make  the  small  toys  the  subject  of   the  photo,  and  use  there  camera  to   emphases  their  point  by  having  them   and  what  they  are  doing  the  only  thing   in  focus.     They  create  a  story  with  there  work  in   the  images  which  I  have  selected.  One  is   of  miners  and  there  other  two  is  of   workers      

Naoki Honjo   Naoki  Honjo  work  requires  him  to  take   pictures  of  real  locaLons  and  make  then   look  like  models  /  toys.  He  does  this  by   taking  the  pictures  out  of  focus.  This  makes   the  images  look  like  the  way  he  wants   them.  Also  most  if  not  all  of  his  pictures  are   taken  for  high  locaLons  like  another   building  or  a  helicopter.     I  like  the  top  leV  imager  the  best.  I  think   this  is  the  best  because  it  looks  the  most   like  a  model,  and  the  angle  of  the  photo   looks  to  good.    

My work  

I tock  this  image  in  my  garden.   In  this  image  I  have  mad  it  so  the  solider   is  shouLng  at  the  other  one.  I  have  also   created  a  baTle  scene  to  make  the  image   look  like  something  from  a  war  or  a   baTle.   I  have  edited  the  image  to  make  it  darker   and  look  older.  I  like  this  image  because   this  type  of  situaLon  has  happened  many   Lmes  during  world  wars  where  a  solider   wont  fight    

I have  made  the  two  solders  in  the  front  out  of   focus  to  focus  on  the  dead  solders  on  the   baTle  build.  I  brock  the  boTom  of  the  dead   solders  and  I  have  snapped  small  parts  of  them   to  make  the  image  look  beTer  and  more  real   to  the  Lme.   I  have  not  edited  this  image  because  it  think  it   looks  good  the  way  it  is.  I  like  this  image   because  I  have  pointed  the  solders  to  the  dead   ones  to  make  it  look  like  they  have  shot  them  .  

I tock  this    image  in  my  garden  aVer  the  grass   was  cut  so  I  could  uses  some  of  the  grass  to   cover  the  two  solder  I  the  front  to  make  it  look   like  they  are  aTacking  the  others  in  the  front.   I  have  also  taken  the  shot  to  make  it  look  like   the  solder  in  front  are  going  towards  the  hole   in  the  hedge.  I  have  not  edited  this  image   because  I  wanted  to  keep  the  colours  and   brightness  the  same.    

This is  a  different  view  of  the  image  before  this   slides.  I  prefer  this  one  to  the  one  before   because  it  makes  the  image  look  older  then  it   is.     I  have  hidden  the  two  solders  in  the  back  to   make  it  look  like  they  are  shooLng  at  the   solders  in  the  front.  I  have  also  made  it  look   like  they  are  running  from  them.   I  have  edited  this  to  make  the  image  in  black   and  which  to  create  some  vernaLon  between   my  images  and  also  to  make  the  image  look   older  then  it  is.      

I tock  this  image  in  my  living  room.  I  have   made  it  look  like  the  solders  are  about  to   aTack  the  two  huge  children.  I  took  this   image  like  this  because  it  wanted  to  create   some  venaLon  between  my  work  and  not   just  do  fighLng  with  there  solders.    I  have  cropped  this  image  to  take  out  the   unimportant  background.  But  other  then   that  I  have  not  edited  this  image  because  I     think  they  it  look  good  the  way  it  is  and  it  I   tried  then  I  could  make  it  worse.  



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