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Independent Tour Consultant Overview

About Us Founded in 1997, Collegiate Explorations Inc. (CETOURS or CE) is a travel management company that specializes in educational student travel. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, CE provides allinclusive life changing travel experiences for schools and organizations throughout the world. Our strength- CE’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction is unmatched in the student travel industry. Also, our focus on fair and flexible terms and fair and honest pricing differentiates CE from our top competitors. Our opportunities- with just over 10 years in operation, CE does not boast the level of brand awareness among educators as our top competitors. Also, CE does not possess the level of financial strength for marketing as our top competitors. Our advantages- As a small company, CE is not burdened by a great deal of overhead nor the restrictions of a large bureaucracy; both of which benefit our clients a great deal. Proud members of the following prestigious travel and education organizations:

Our Services Educational Trips- CE provides domestic and international educational trips for secondary schools. CE customizes these all-inclusive trips for school groups to destinations such as:





New York


Washington, D.C.



Great Britain


Costa Rica

San Antonio




Our Services Team and Performance TravelCE arranges travel for music festivals, performances, and competitions for collegiate level and secondary school musical groups and performing groups such as: •Bands •Choir •Orchestras •Cheerleaders •Dance teams CE also provides travel management for collegiate level athletic teams.

Our Services College Tours- CE arranges campus visit trips for high school student groups, offering them the opportunity to explore their options in higher education. CE is the leading provider of College Tours in the country. Some of our most popular tours include: •Northeast College tour (Boston and New York region) •HBCU Tour (Historically Black Colleges in the Southeast) •Mid-Atlantic College Tour (D.C. and Philadelphia region) •California College Tour (Bay Area to San Diego)

Tour Types Open / Consolidated Tours-

Private / Customized Tours-

are tours that are pre-arranged by CE and offered to teachers with a common vacation date. The date of travel, destination, itinerary, and cost are determined by CE.

are tours that are totally customized by the teacher or group leader; each detail is tailored to accommodate the unique needs of that group.

Pros- a large group of students is not required to travel at a reasonable price; the cost is the same if teachers register 6 or 26 students. Cons- teachers have very limited input on the details and/or itinerary of the trip. Ideal for- budget conscious teachers that have less than 30 students traveling and will be open to traveling with other groups from their area.

Pros- teachers have total control in the planning process for the trip. Cons- the cost of the tour depends upon the number of students traveling; the more students participating, the less expensive the cost . Ideal for- groups of 35+ travelers that have very specific travel needs and may not want to share travel with another group .

Potential Clients & CE service •Band, Orchestra, Choir Directors, and Athletic Directors or Coaches

Team and Performance Travel

•Social Studies, U.S. History, Government, Teachers; 8th Grade class Sponsors

Domestic Educational Trips

•HS senior class sponsors; World History, Foreign Language HS teachers / collegiate professors

•High School Principals, Counselors, and AVID teachers

International Educational Trips

College Touring

Tour Consultant Position CE’s Tour Consultant (TC) position has been created to promote CE’s brand and tours to educators nationwide. Each independent TC will be provided a geographic territory made up of counties in your region. Each territory will consist of public and/or private secondary schools. The TC’s objective is to identify and contact all of the following educators at each school in their territory: Principals U.S. History Social Studies Foreign Language Music Directors The TC will develop and maintain a list of the educators names and email addresses, and the schools’ websites, spring / summer break dates.

Our Sales Strategy CE has developed open educational tours for Spring and/or Summer breaks, that are pertinent to each target subject (i.e. a trip to Paris, or Montreal, for French teachers). In most cases, CE has developed 2 options; a more costly overseas destination and less expensive North American alternative. While marketing these open trips to educators in their territory, TC’s will also prospect for customized tour opportunities.

Our Sales Strategy How CE Sells Company Features

Service Benefits



A Local Presence

SERVICE- Our TC’s visit your school to assist you every step of the way.

All-Inclusive planning

Liability Protection Policy

PROTECTION- Districts and schools are covered in the unlikely event of a mishap by CE.

CONVENIENCE- CE is a one-stop shop; educators don’t have to make any travel related arrangements.

Overnight Hotel Security

SAFETY- CE provides additional security dedicated to groups at the hotel.

Over a Decade of Industry Experience

EXPERTISE- CE has extensive knowledge and experience in educational student travel management.

Student Travel Insurance

PROTECTION- CE offers this comprehensive plan that covers unforeseen events and accidents.

Professional Affiliations

CREDIBILITY- CE has stability and credibility in the travel and education industries.

Professional Tour Director

CUSTOMER CARE- A CE rep. travels with your group to ensure quality control.

High Vendor Standards

QUALITY- CE only partners with high quality hotel, meal, and transportation providers.

All-Inclusive Pricing

HONESTY- CE doesn’t publish “bait” pricing. True cost is provided upfront with no hidden or additional fees.

Our Sales Strategy Educator Incentives CE offers great travel incentives to educators for working with or recommending us. These attractive incentives will prove to be useful tools for winning clients. • Educators travel free after registering only 8 paying participants. • Educators are automatically enrolled in our travel rewards program and begin earning points for each registered student. • Educators earn cash rewards after any colleague whom they refer books a trip with CE… Up to $1000 for each referral.

Our Sales Strategy Referrals CE believes that the single most effective method of mastering your territory is asking the following question: “Do you have any colleagues that have taken their students on trips in the past, or might be interested in doing so in the future? … Can you give me their names and contact information?” Contacting an educator with a recommendation from someone that they know and trust is the easiest way of getting your foot in the door.


Our Sales Process Populate your territory list- CE will provide you with a list of every school in your territory. You will need to do a good amount of research in order to prepare your territory list. This will entail visiting the website of every school in your territory and collecting the names, subjects taught, and email addresses of every 6th-12th grade: • Principal • Social studies teacher • College guidance counselors • History teacher • Government teacher • Foreign language teacher • Band, Choir, and Orchestra instructors You will also need to determine the spring and summer vacation dates for your districts. When your list is complete, CE will email the appropriate trip information for the corresponding teacher.


Our Sales Process Following up on the email campaign and setting appointments- In this stage, you will make your initial contact with educators to follow up on the information that was sent to them via email. Here, you will mainly follow up on leads that have expressed interest, and contact principals to set appointments.

Meeting with educators to register their groups- In this stage, you will visit with educators that you have made contact with to discuss the details of a particular trip, provide information about other CE trips and services, and last but not certainly not least, get referrals; as many as you possibly can.



CE Tours Overview  

CE Tours services explained

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