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Extra-Curricular Activities

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Cultural Activities Art Debating Kapa haka Music

Performing Arts Activities Dance Drama Other School wide Performing Arts events

Sport Activities School Wide Events Inter-School Exchanges Summer Sport Options Winter Sport Options

Personal & Spiritual Development Camps Term 3 Activities for Years 7-10 The Duke of Edinburgh‘s Hillary Award Spirit of Adventure Outward Bound Student Exchange Programmes Craighead Diocesan School Challenge

Special Interest Groups School Activities & Groups School Committees

INTRODUCTION Accepting challenges, learning new skills and working in teams with different groups of people helps our young women to develop resilience, compassion and a sense of community. This booklet has been designed to inform students new to our school about the many sporting, cultural and special interest extra-curricular activities available for Craighead students. The expectation is that every Craighead girl will participate in the life of the School through sport, culture and service. Extra-curricular activities are excellent in developing skills that classroom work can only introduce. Cultural and sporting talents and skills are developed through training and competition. In addition to this, students will develop their self-management, teamwork and leadership skills. Friendships, which last for years, are made through many of these activities. It is important to note that many of the extra-curricular activities are taken by parents and staff as a voluntary service to our Craighead family. Therefore, it is important that students consider their other commitments before signing up. When a girl signs up for an activity, she makes a commitment. We expect girls to honour their commitments. Students are required to turn up for practice and for games. They will be punctual and reliable, and recognise that correct uniforms and codes of behaviour are expected. Be aware that some activities have significant costs.

ART There are annual local and regional Art competitions and an exhibition that our girls regularly enter. If you are interested in these events please talk with Ms Parry, HOD Art. Artarama: What: This is a regional festival celebrating South Canterbury student art . There is an array of prize sponsored by various community organisations e.g The Aigantighe Friends‘ sponsor a prize and give a free Friends membership to inspire students. Who: This festival is open to all Year levels When: August Where: The Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru Zonta: What:

Who: When: Where:

This is an annual exhibition of artworks from the youth of Mid and South Canterbury. It provides a great opportunity for the creative youth within our community to experience what it is like to enter an exhibition, to have the chance to win awards, recognition and to be encouraged for their artistic achievements. This event is for Senior students September The exhibition is held in Ashburton

Youth Week Art Exhibition: What: Students are invited to get creative and enter the Annual Youth Week Art Exhibition/ Competition. Now in it‘s fifth year, this exhibition and competition is an opportunity for young people to showcase their talents in a competition that caters for every genre of artistic expression. There are great prizes in each of the six categories with students also able to offer their work for sale. Who: Students between the ages of 12 – 24 When: May (9 days) Where: National event with regional events organised


Who: How: When:

This is a group of students who are interested in debating or public speaking, or wish to learn how to debate. Training is given for those who are new to debating. There are inter-house, inter-school, Canterbury Regionals and Summer & Winter Quad Tournament competitions. Also from time-to-time, demonstration debates are held. Debating is available for all Year groups. Anyone interested can contact Mrs Whittington (Teacher in Charge) or Mr Batchelor (Debating coach) Invitations to join are in the daily Form Notices from the start of the year Most groups will meet fortnightly.


Who: How: When:

This group is open to all ages, is growing from strength to strength, and always welcomes new members. The Kapa haka performs at various functions such as official openings, assemblies and prize-givings, and is also looking to perform in the future at the Flava Festival. There are plenty of leadership opportunities within this cultural area. This group is open to all students. Our tutor is Mr Karl Te Raki and teacher in charge is Mrs Sonia Ottley An open invitation will be announced in the Form Notices The Kapa haka group meets every Friday lunchtime in the Auditorium.

MUSIC VOICE: Barbershop What : Who: How: When: Where: Director:

A Cappella (unaccompanied) quartet, each singing their own part Girls from Year 9-13 who love singing in harmony Like-minded people who want to form a quartet with you Anytime you can get together Music Suite/anywhere else No formal director but Mrs McLeod will guide any quartet

In the past, our quartets have qualified and competed at National level. Choir What : Who: How: When: Where: Director: Accompanist:

A choral group of approx 50 Usually girls from Year 9-13, although there are some Year 7 & 8 students An all-comers choir - anyone who likes to sing Wednesday lunchtime in Terms 1, 3 & 4 and Wednesday after school in Term 2 from 3.30 – 4.30pm Music Room Mrs McLeod Mrs Lynne Macfarlane in Term 2

The Choir is often entered in the NZ Secondary Schools‘ Choral festival ―The Big Sing‖ where it has, in the past been selected as one of the top 20 choirs to compete in the National Competition. In 2007 the Choir won a Silver award and more recently, in 2012 the Choir was awarded the John Leslie Trophy for Choral Excellence at the regional festival. This year the Choir was rewarded with a Commended certificate for its performance of a NZ work. Chorale What : Who: How: When: Where: Director: Accompanist:

A small choral group of approx 16-18 Usually girls from Years 9-13, although there have been Year 7 & 8 students By audition or invitation only Usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.30 – 4.30 pm Music Room Mrs McLeod Mrs Lynne Macfarlane

The Chorale is usually entered in the NZ Secondary Schools‘ Choral festival ―The Big Sing‖ where it has been selected as one of the top 24 choirs to compete in the National Competition and has won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. This year the Chorale was awarded a Very Highly Commended certificate for its performance of a NZ work, the Millennium Trophy for best performance of a Classical work and the John Leslie Trophy for best performance of other styles. The Chorale was also awarded the Tarbotton Award for the choir most representative of the spirit of the Festival at the Regional Competition in Dunedin and gained a Silver Award at the National Finale. Junior Choir What: Who: How: When: Where: Directors: Accompanist:

A choral group of approx 20 Girls from Year 7-10 An all-comers choir - anyone who likes to sing Tuesday lunchtime Music Room Year 13 Music students A senior student

The Junior Choir took part in the Regional Big Sing festival this year.

INSTRUMENT: Chamber Music Groups What: Small ensembles of Strings/Woodwind/Piano Who: Girls who play musical instruments and have the ability and talent How: Girls of similar ability wishing to form an ensemble to play chamber music When: Regular practice times that suit all members of the group Where: The Music Suite Director: Mrs McLeod and/or the appropriate Itinerant Music Teachers This year, two of our students, joined by a student from Mountainview High School, formed a trio of three violins called ‗Asplmayr Trio‘ which was Highly Commended at the Regional Chamber Music Contest. The Trio was directed by Tim McLeod. Orchestra What: An instrumental group of approx. 20-25 students Who: Girls from Year 7-13 who play an orchestral instrument How: Girls who have been learning an orchestral instrument through the Itinerant Music Scheme for at least two years are expected to play in the orchestra. Any others who play an instrument are welcome When: Thursday lunchtime Where: Music Room Director: Mrs McLeod Rock band What: A rock group of approx. 3-5 students Who: Girls from Year 10-13 who play guitar, drums, and keyboard How: Like-minded students who are keen to form a rock band with you When: At a time that suits all members of the band Where: Studio 3 in the Music Suite In the past, the Rock band has entered RockQuest and a member has won the Women‘s Musicianship award on a number of occasions, as well as Best Vocalist award, and the Lyric Writer‘s award. This year, two of our students along with two students from other schools, were selected to compete in the semi finals and one of our students went on to win the National Womens Musicianship Award for 2015. String Group What : An instrumental group of approx. 6-8 Who: Girls from Year 7-13 who play violin or ‗cello How: Girls who play at the level required (usually 3-4 year‘s tuition) are invited to join When: Friday lunchtime Where: Music Room Director: Tim McLeod (Itinerant String Teacher) The String Group plays at school functions including Prize-giving.

DANCE Stage Challenge: What:

Who: How:

This is a wonderful opportunity for girls from every Year level to work together and be an Ensemble Company. Stage Challenge is run by students, and is modelled on the National Smokefree Stage Challenge Contest. The competition is held annually in either Dunedin or Christchurch. A team is entered to compete at the regional Stage Challenge performance in Christchurch every May. Many students participate in practices during Term 1 and 2 in preparation for this performance. A group of lead students work during Term 4 to plan the Stage Challenge performance for the next coming year. Open to all Year groups Ashleigh Vaughan and Alexis Townshend are leading the Stage Challenge for 2016 and any girls who are interested and wish to be involved should talk to them or Mr Townshend at the start of the year.

Dance Cup: What: This event is held in Term 4 and runs alongside of the Junior Music Cup. Who: This is an open event. Students who wish to enter for the Dance Cup in Term 4 need to speak with Mr Townshend.


A range of extra-curricular drama activities are available which all make use of the excellent facilities of the Drama suite and Auditorium. Students who are interested in the below activities they should speak to Mrs Towle, Head of Drama, and also listen out for Drama events in the Form Notices. School Productions Major School Productions are held annually, and alternate between a Musical and a Dramatic Play, therefore offering opportunities for all ages and skills. The Otago University Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival in Term I: This competition is for short excerpts of Shakespeare prepared and directed by both teachers and students. Regional winners are sent forward to the national final in Wellington. Craighead has had groups in the finals regularly in recent years and a Year 13 student has, in the past, been selected to travel to England to train and perform at Stratford-upon-Avon. This event is open to all Year groups. Theatresports: The Canterbury Theatre sports in Schools competition has differing age categories and is enormous fun, teaching improvisational skills and the ability to make students think on their feet!

OTHER SCHOOL WIDE ACTIVITIES Junior and Senior Music Cups: This is an annual event held over two evenings; one for the Junior and one for Seniors. These events are open to all year levels, individuals or groups For further information talk to Mrs McLeod, HOD Music and listen for notices from the Year 13 Performing Arts Leader When: A notice of how to enter is announced in the daily Form Notices. The events are held usually in the same week, early in Term 4 Where: School Auditorium. What: Who: How:

Lip Sync: What: This is a very entertaining, fun-filled school-wide event. Groups of students perform to music in front of an audience of families, staff and students. Who: This is open to all Year levels, usually in groups of two or more students, from any year level How: Announcements of the coming event will be made in the daily Form Notices When: This event takes place at the end of Term 3 Where: The evening event is held in the School Auditorium.


Who: How: When:

What: How: Who:

Junior and Senior Speech Cups: For those interested in public speaking/speech making, Junior and Senior Speech Cups are on offer each year. Speech topics are open to the student and information will be given by English Teachers in class. Speeches are performed to an audience and judged. Winners are announced, with Cups presented at Prize-giving Open to Years 9-13. To find out more information speak with your English Teacher or Mrs Foley, HOD English Senior Speech Cup - Term 3, Junior Speech Cup - Term 4.

Junior and Senior Writing Competition: For those interested in creative writing there is a Junior and Senior Writing Competition on offer each year in Term 4. Writing topics are open to the student and information will be given by English Teachers in class. Winners will be announced at Prize-giving To find out more information speak with your English Teacher or Mrs Foley, HOD English Open to Years 9-13.

SPORT AT CRAIGHEAD For all sport‘s information at Craighead we have a sports portal. This portal can be accessed directly by going to: or you can also access the portal from the Home Page of our School Website: Here you will find information on: all the sports currently available at Craighead; online registration; team, coach and practice details; sports draws and results; images and up-to-date sports news. Sport notices are included in our daily Form Notices which are read out at the beginning of each day during Form Time to all classes and can be accessed through your KAMAR app. Notices are also placed on the Sports Notice Board outside the Sports Department Office. So remember to listen and look out for sport updates. WHOLE SCHOOL SPORTING EVENTS: School Athletics and Swimming Championships  Both these events are held early in Term 1, with the whole school being involved. In both cases, there is an inter-House aspect as well as the individual championships.  All girls enter at least two events for each of these competitions, either as an individual or as a team member in the various relay events. Mr Faith, Head of Sport, explains in a special assembly how to enter.  All girls wear either their normal PE uniform or their House coloured t-shirts with PE shorts for Athletics and non-uniform one piece swimming togs for the Swimming sports day. Year 13 girls can wear ‗mufti‘ clothes or get ‗dressed up‘ for these championships, however, they wear PE uniform or House t-shirts when competing. Annual Inter-School Sporting exchanges  The main exchanges are the Term 1 Summer and the Term 3 Winter Quadrangular Tournaments with our sister schools in Christchurch and Dunedin: Rangi Ruru Girl‘s School; St Margaret‘s College; Columba College; and St. Hilda‘s Collegiate.  Exchanges are also held with St. Andrew‘s College in Term 3 and with Rangi Ruru (for Juniors only) in Term 2. Girls are asked to encourage their parents and family to come along to any of the inter-House competitions or inter-School games during the year to support them and the School.

On this page and the next are listed some of the sports offered at Craighead and, where applicable, the contact person, approximate costs for the season, and which day(s) they are played. If you cannot find a sport here that you are interested in playing please refer to our Sports Portal: and/or speak to our friendly Sports staff Mr Allan Faith (HOD PE & Sport) and Mrs Diane Surridge (Sports Co-ordinator): both of who share the Sports Department office on the ground floor at the eastern end (Boarding House end) of the West Watson Building (the main block of classrooms)



Training/Practice Days:

Contact person/Events entered:

Approx. Cost:

Thursday lunchtimes

Mr Wayne Garchow


Wednesday evening Club nights  Saturday competition 


Equestrian 


Morning + weekend training and regattas

Mr Calvin Leen Rowing camps (organised by Craighead Rowing Group) Regattas Maadi Cup Championships

$2000 to $2500 (Cost excluding Maadi)

Terms 1 and 4

Mrs Michelle Kelly Year 7-13 Mr Allan Faith (TIC) Competitions: SISS Sunburst, NZSS Teams Sailing





Tuesday evenings Tennis coaching

Thursday evening

Mr Allan Faith (TIC) Junior Team, Senior Team & Social Team


Friday evenings at SBS Centre

Mr Allan Faith (TIC) Years 9-13 Junior and Senior Teams Inter-school competition Aoraki Junior Volleyball Aoraki Senior Volleyball



Mr Allan Faith (TIC), School Swimming Sports Day Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming Primary Schools Swimming Mrs Surridge (Staff member in Charge) Junior Aoraki Tennis Aoraki Secondary Schools Tennis SISS Tennis


Mr Allan Faith (Teacher in Charge) School Athletics Day Aoraki Athletics Day South Island Secondary Schools Championships National Secondary School Championships Primary Schools Athletics Ms Katie MacKenzie (Staff member in Charge) As events / competitions are scheduled


WINTER OPTIONS Training/Practice Days:

Contact person/Events entered:

Thursday nights at the SBS Centre

Mrs Grace (TIC) Events advertised in the Sports Notices and daily Form Notices. Ms Whelan (TIC) $40 Years 9-13 Juniors and Seniors

Adventure Racing Badminton

Mr Allan Faith (TIC) Inter-school competition Years 7-13 Aoraki Junior Basketball Years 7-13 School Cross Country Aoraki Cross Country Primary Schools Cross Country Mr Alastair Townshend (Manager/TIC) Inter-school competitions Tournament and club competitions


Day depends on the grade  Seniors usually play Saturday afternoon

Mrs Julie McLean (Manager/TIC) Inter-school competitions Tournament and club competitions

$270 (Cost covers all team entry fees + use of turf)

Saturday afternoon  Wednesday evening (Senior A & B teams)

Mrs Sharon McLeay/ Mrs Diane Surridge (Staff member) $85 Netball camps run by Craighead Netball group Inter-school competitions Tournament competitions


Friday evening—games at 3 venues - check draws

Terms 2-3

Sunday afternoon

Cross Country

Football 



Wednesday afternoon


Skiing/ Snowboard 


Table Tennis


Mr Allan Faith (TIC)

Rogaine Rugby

Approx. Cost:

Tuesday afternoon Costs includes all trips away Wednesday competition evenings at the Barry Butler Table Tennis Stadium

Mr Allan Faith (TIC) Inter-school competitions and tournaments Mrs Kirke (TIC) Years 7-13 Aoraki Snow Sports SISS Snow Sports Championships Mrs Barbara Morris (Manager/TIC) Competitions held around the country, North & South Island championships and National Championships


Mrs Diane Surridge (Staff member in Charge) Years 9-13 Aoraki Table Tennis



OUTDOOR EDUCATION For Years 7–10 there are a number of Outdoor Education opportunities available to the girls each year: Camps: Year 7 and 8 What: A camp, in alternate years, to Wainui (Akaroa area) and Queenstown. There is an approximate cost of $250 which is off-set by fund raising How: Organised by Year 7 & 8 teachers - Mrs Ottley and Ms Walker. Information will be sent home in preparation for this event. Any enquiries should be directed to them When: Term 4 each year. Year 9 What:

How: When: Year 10 What: How: When:

A camp to Raincliff with the activities run by Peel Forest Outdoor Pursuits Centre including the Ropes Course at Geraldine High School and Rafting and Water Safety on the Rangitata River. There is an approximate cost of $250 Mr Faith, Head of Outdoor Education, organizes this event. All enquiries should be directed to him. Information on gear, programme and permissions is sent home early Term 1 Term 1. The timing and structure of this camp is to help bond the Year 9‘s as a group.

A camp to Hanmer Springs with activities run by Activity Hanmer including orienteering, initiatives (problem solving activities), bushwalk, mountain biking, climbing and abseiling, and, of course, a relaxing soak in the hot pools! There is an approximate cost of $380 Mr Faith, Head of Outdoor Education, organizes this event. Information on gear, programme and permissions is sent home early Term 4. Any enquiries should be directed to Mr Faith Late in Term 4.

Other activities during Term 3 for Years 7-10: Skiing and Snowboarding What:


Years 7, 8 and 9 ski at Round Hill Ski Field for a day. There is an approx. cost of $80. (Years 7&8 go to Round Hill on a different day from Year 9) Information will be sent home by the Teacher-in-Charge: Years 7&8 - Mrs Ottley, Year 9 - Miss Dawe.

Skate and Soak Trip What: How:

Year 10 travels to Tekapo for their ‗Skate and Soak‘ Trip at Tekapo Springs. There is an approx. cost of $60. Information will be sent home by the Teacher-in-Charge, Miss Dawe

THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH‘S HILLARY AWARD ‘Its all about young people being the best that they can be.’ Engaging with The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award does not mean you will be moulded into being just like everybody else...its all about you! You as an individual, discovering and building on your strengths, your interests and your personality to give you the ability to deal with everything life can throw at you. This is a voluntary, non competitive programme of leisure activities for those aged 14 - 25, designed to offer a personal and individual challenge. It introduces young people to exciting, positive, challenging and enjoyable things to do in their free time. It encourages friendships amongst those taking part, and across the generations with adults who give up time to share skills and help organise the programme. HOW DOES IT WORK? Through a four Section programme at three levels. The levels are:  Bronze - open to all aged 14 and over and lasting at least 6 months  Silver - open to all aged 15 and over and lasting at least 12 months  Gold - open to all aged 16 and over and lasting at least 18 months

  

 

The sections are: Service - giving help in the local community Skills - covering almost any non physical hobby, skill or interest Adventurous Journey - training for, practising, planning and completing a journey on foot, horseback or by boat or cycle Physical Recreation - sport, dance and fitness Residential Project - for the Gold level only - spending 5 or more days on a purposeful project with new companions

WHO CAN DO THIS PROGRAMME? Anyone between the ages of 14 and 24 can take up the Programme, regardless of gender, background or ability. All Awards must be completed by the participant's 25th Birthday. You must fill out a registration form and receive a Record Book before you can count any activities towards The Award. The information above has been supplied from the Duke of Edinburgh‘s Hillary Award website. There is a vast amount of further information on the website. If what is written above takes your interest, please take a visit to:

Craighead has a Duke of Edinburgh Liaison Officer who arranges meetings, supports our students, and assists students with planning and preparation of level tasks. The Liaison Officer can be contacted through the School Office or through the Year 13 DOE Student Liaison.

OTHER EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES & GROUPS As students move through the school, a range of activities outside the school are available to develop life skills and an understanding of the world we live in. The school encourages students to be involved in activities in the local community and in the wider world which help improve the well being of all people and assist the work of social agencies and charity organisations.

Spirit of Adventure: The school facilitates opportunities for senior students to take part in Spirit of Adventure voyages. Want to find out more? Available berths are advertised in the school Form Notices. Interested students should see Mr Pahl, Deputy Principal, to have their names put down on a waiting list. Usually a couple of berths are allocated to Craighead each year, but students could apply themselves outside of the school. The opening of the waiting list is advertised in Assembly for Year 12 students.

Outward Bound at Anakiwa: What is Outward Bound? Learning through Experience - learn by doing! Learn more about yourself and others from challenge, success and failure, self reflection and feedback. All activities are designed to promote learning that can be transferred to home and work. Adventure and Challenge - Our courses are based on real adventure. You will have experiences that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. We will push your limits and help you conquer your fears! Physical Activities in the Outdoors - All activities involve situations where there are consequences. Our highly skilled instructors deliver our courses, which will include activities such as: Sailing, Kayaking, High ropes, Rock climbing, Solo experience, Tramping, Physical training. You don‘t need previous outdoors experience to participate. Safe and Supportive Environment - Clearly maintained boundaries which ensure physical and emotional safety. Supportive relationships and culture. Want to find out more? The school facilitates opportunities for senior students to take part in Outward Bound. Interested students should see Mrs Brehaut, Deputy Principal, for further information.

Student Exchange Programmes: What: How:

A wide range of information is available from the School Library on the more well known Student Exchange Programmes like Rotary and AFS. Ask the school Librarian, Mrs Oliver, for the Exchange Programme information.

Craighead Diocesan School Challenge: The Craighead Challenge is a personal challenge that a student participates in to give back to the community. The opportunity is open to Year 10 students and above. The challenge was designed in 2015 to help support our community and also allow students to extend themselves both mentally and physically. For completing the CDS Challenge, you will not only be rewarded from your own personal sense of achievement, but your efforts will also be acknowledged by the school through the official CDS Challenge badge and certificate. Want to find out more? Please visit our website and scroll down to the last article on this website page. There you will find an application form and details on the current Challenge. Who can I talk to? Faith Turner-Walker is our current senior student managing this programme or you may speak to our Principal, Ms Lindy Graham.

School Committees, Activities and Groups Teen Ag: What:

Who: How: When:

This is a group of students who are interested in farming, agriculture and horticulture - basically a junior Young Farmers. We have a glasshouse and a garden which we plant out each year, and we go to places such as the Wool Scour, Deer Farms, Farmer‘s Mill, dairy sheds etc. Open to all Year groups. Senior Students are the Office holders and Mrs Mulvihill manages the group Students are able to join the group by coming to a meeting. The group meets regularly - meeting venue, date and time will be advertised through the daily Form Notices. Trips take place out of school time. Parent help with travel and arranging trips is always appreciated.

Science Badges: What: Who:

These are individual awards that students can achieve by completing tasks in selected scientific fields. All students who complete a Science Fair project can earn the Investigations badge. Any Year 7-10 student can collect information from Mr Townshend or their Science teacher to complete task/s for a selected Science badge in their own time.

Global Citizens: What:

Who: How:

This is a group of interested Year 13s who meet once a fortnight with the aim of increasing the school's awareness of global issues. This can be through running an activity, having a quiz or competition (with the "GOLDEN GLOBE" as the prize), raising funds or collecting goods for specific situations whatever comes up in lunchtime discussions at our meetings. We have collected boxes of stationery for schools in Vanuatu; had BBQ lunches to raise funds for earthquake victims in Nepal; collected old phones for Starship Hospital; supported lip-sync and the social by running a snack stall and our next major event is a workshop on White Ribbon Day where we hope to get the whole school involved in making stars to show our support for victims of domestic violence. If you would like more information please speak to Mrs McKenzie, Head of Geography Year 13 students are welcome to attend meetings as and when they can. It is an informal structure that means most Year 13s are involved at some stage. Meetings are arranged ahead of time but reminders are also posted in the Form Notices.

Breakfast Club What: How: Who:

This is a group of Year 12 and 13‘s who meet as a group to hold philosophical discussions on academic readings. An event is advertised in the Form Notices detailing time and place, with readings to be collected from Mr Townshend. This group and subsequent events are managed by Mr Townshend.

The French Club: What: Who: How:

This is a group of senior students that meet to enjoy a French cultural experience within school time. This may involve a French style luncheon for example. This group is open to any Year 11-13 students. Miss Mills is Teacher-inCharge and interested students should speak with her. Meetings and venue are advertised in the daily Form Notices and are held approximately twice a term

SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving): What:

How: Who:

This is a group of mainly senior students who are interested in making others aware of the causes and effects of dangerous driving. The group is run by a committee of Year 13 students who, amongst group discussions, organise campaigns or competitions to help raise the awareness of this social problem. There are also national conferences held which students have attended in the past and occasionally activities are organised with likeminded students from other schools. Meetings are on a regular basis and are advertised in the Form Notices. Mr Soper is the Teacher-in-Charge, but the group is mainly student driven once the committee is established. This group is open to all Year groups but mainly Years 11-13 attend.

School Committees: There are a wide range of school committees for students to join covering a wide range of special interest areas within the school community. There will always be announcements in the Form Notices, especially at the beginning of each year, inviting interested students to join up. The announcements will detail the Year groups the committee is open to, venues, days and times of initial meetings with usually the name of the teacher in charge or senior student in charge. Form Notices are usually displayed in Form Classes after they have been read out (in case announcements are missed!) and a copy is always available outside the Library and on the KAMAR app. Some of the committees include: Chapel committee Library Student Council

Sports committee

Tech Angels

Health committee Boarding House committee Literature committee

Student Council: Two form class representatives attend monthly School Council meetings to raise issues for discussion. The Student Board of Trustees Representative can then take recommendations to the Principal or Board of Trustee meetings. Form class representatives are elected by students at the beginning of each term.

CDS - 2016 E-C handbook  
CDS - 2016 E-C handbook