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Craig Gorman Craig Gorman is Melbourne’s most experienced and helpful medical expert when it comes to the field of speech therapy and pathology. His empathy and level of care for his patients is unmatched among those in his field. The sheer amount of work Craig Gorman has done for clients requiring speech pathology services speaks volumes – both in terms of his commitment to working hard and his selfless approach to his livelihood. Not only is Craig Gorman the proud owner and operator of several Melbourne Speech Clinics private practices, his career has included founding Speech Pathology departments at various hospitals throughout the Melbourne area. Craig Gorman is proud to have made his professional mark at the Northern Hospital, Epworth Hospital, Preston & Northcote Community Hospital, Knox Private Hospital and Mitcham Hospitals among others. These institutions are proud to count Craig Gorman among their former staff. Craig Gorman is a dedicated family man as well. His three children Laura, Christian and James continue to define his life experiences and make him a better person. The importance of family to Craig carries through to his work, as Melbourne Speech Clinics service patients of all ages. Craig’s work in speech pathology facilitates better family communication and fosters care and love among family members, which is of vital importance to him. It’s rare that you’d ever find a speech therapist in Melbourne who has the years and years of varied expertise that Craig Gorman has. This breadth of experience has enriched his professional career but also made Craig more understanding, empathetic and well-versed in compassion towards people in his personal life. A man’s work tends to define his life, and Craig’s career has been exclusively about helping people communicate and live better. Establishing a series of private practices is no mean feat. Melbourne Speech Clinics’ continuing success is a testament to Craig’s ability to excel and flourish when taking on new and challenging tasks. It shows that he has the ability and drive to succeed. There simply isn’t a more committed and professional medical expert in Melbourne than Craig Gorman – and Melbourne is a big place!

Craig Gorman