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Swansea’s waterfront assets brought centre stage

Paxton Street With its stunning elevated views out to sea and landward aspects over the City Centre, this area could be transformed into an iconic destination. New gateway and landmark buildings, mixed-use developments and attractively landscaped public spaces can help fulfil its true potential.

Allied to the European boulevard concept, is the third theme of our vision: to establish new routes that better link the City Centre to the waterfront. Many people see the waterfront as Swansea’s best asset – but its real

Waterfront and city connection

leisure and amenity value

Sailbridge With a prime waterfront position close to the City Centre and the fast-growing SA1 Swansea Waterfront development, the Sailbridge area will become a key pedestrian gateway and meeting place centred on a new public square. The time is right for it to be transformed into a fresh, vibrant lifestyle quarter, offering a diverse range of restaurants and bars, and even small business space, with some retained car parking.

Maritime Quarter

is currently under-utilised. By making it an active part

The Maritime Quarter is already established as a successful

of the wider City Centre,

residential district within the City Centre. And with sensitive

we can go a long way to

development and enhancement, aided by new pedestrian and

making our city the unique

cycle links, it too is poised to become an even more attractive

European waterfront

and distinctive destination and a real asset to Swansea’s

destination we want it to be.


Even more, with new mixed-use developments and environmental enhancements, together with the attraction of new facilities, businesses and residents will make the waterfront a renowned international destination in its own right.

Sailbridge Square

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure  

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure  

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure