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Safer, easier movement between City Centre and seafront

Oystermouth Road / Victoria Road / Quay Parade The Oystermouth Road corridor will properly link the City Centre to the waterfront, rather than acting as a partial barrier between them.

The second theme of our vision is to transform the current highway corridor that runs from Oystermouth Road to Quay Parade into a true European-style boulevard.

A European boulevard

Our vision for this area also involves expanding City Centre facilities to the south of Oystermouth Road, and improving the environment and appearance of the corridor. We will do this by creating new public spaces and buildings, and by enhancing existing spaces to encourage street-level activity. By moving building frontages forward onto the rear edge of the

We plan to create an urban

pavement, and by building high quality new developments in

route alive with movement

keeping with Swansea’s architectural heritage, we will create

and activity, that’s as

a more attractive welcome to Swansea – and encourage

pleasing to look at as it is to

pedestrians to walk from the City Centre to the waterfront.

use. Improved signal controls will help keep traffic flowing, and a This new boulevard will be

proposed new Metro route along the boulevard will further

an important link between

improve the movement of people across the City Centre.

the City Centre, waterfront and River Tawe. Pedestrians

Striking new public spaces and high quality landscape,

will have equal priority with

similar to that introduced at Museum Green, which will itself

other road users along

be enhanced, will improve the street-level environment and

this boulevard, and we will

complement the attractive new building frontages.

introduce attractive new crossing squares at key locations along its entire length.

European Boulevard - Quay Parade

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure  

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure  

City Centre Strategic Framework Lauch Brochure