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Sound Equipment Rentals

DJ Equipment

A DJ, or disc jockey, is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. This may take place in a variety of venues. Therefore, the person's exact role may vary, depending on the setting or the purpose of the music. A DJ is a person who plays songs on the Radio and provides chatter, information and other content between them.  Party DJ  Club DJ  Virtual DJ  Internet DJ

Sound Equipment Rentals

Some of the equipment that you may need as a DJ starting out include: turntables, midi controllers, time-coded systems, slipmats, needles/stylus, cartridges and crossfaders. It is important to determine what your budget is before purchasing anything. There are certain specific pieces of equipment needed to start as a DJ, and they can be expensive. However, once you have obtained these pieces of equipment you can build on them as you become more and more skilled at the art of DJing. These components include decks, a mixer with at least 2 channels, an amp, speakers and some sort of media library, be it a large collection of music on your computer or iPod, or crate upon crate of vinyl records.

DJ Equipments  DJ Mixers  DJ CD, MP3 & Media Players  Turntables  PA Speakers  DJ Headphones  DJ Packages  DJ Accessories  DJ Cases & Gig Bags  DJ Controllers & Interfaces

Sound Equipment Rentals

Audio Visual & FX is Australia's premier supplier of specialised entertainment, function and venue equipment and services.  

Over 30 years of experience Australia's largest range of props, special effects, lighting and audio & visual equipment. Access to thousands of products and services from leading Australian and overseas suppliers and manufacturers. Highly trained and experienced staff

With access to Australia's largest range of rental equipment and services, the staff at AudioVisual & FX are able to assist you in providing the right advice to make sure your event is a success. AudioVisual & FX has provided equipment and/or services for thousands of functions, venues and clients including: AudioVisual & FX in association with Crack-A-Jack Fireworks (Australia) is a leading supplier of special effects, pyrotechnics products and "Airotechnics" Air Cannons.    

"Airotechnics" - A range of air assisted streamer and paper launchers Pyrotechnics - Used in theatre, weddings, events, television, film etc... Fireworks - Specifically designed shows to suit your budget and requirements. Special Effects - including snow, smoke, fog, bubbles

Address : 390 St Kilda RoadSt Kilda, Victoria, 3182 Tel : +61 (03) 9525 4316 Fax : +61 (03) 9525 3044 Email : Website :

DJ equipments On Hire  

AVFX provides latest DJ sound and lighting equipment starting from the bubble machine to smoke machine. Our equipments are very affordable.

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