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C a n d i d

S t r e e t

C r a i g

P h o t o p g r a p h y

A n d e r s o n

Smokin�Joe - I met him when I was taking some shots of the Old Tramway Building. He was one of the demolition crew. I caught him during one of his many smoke breaks.

Saw this guy at the Ironman 2012.. Always wondered wht was going through his head, seeing all these athletes getting ready to do one of the most grueling races in the world.

One of the many faces you find walking in the CBD.

This guy had the coolest hair weave.

Some things I just can’t walk past. You have to be quick to get the shot.

This young girl was walking down Main Street with her mother. Couldn’t resist. Even with the piercing and the red hair, she still got quite embarrased.

Strand Street - doing alterations and fixing clothes. Everything happens on the street.

Getting the weave done

Hairdresser in Strand Street. Girls in here were such a lot of fun.

These two being checked out.

Downtown can be a scary place.

Mister Huggy Bear from Charlie’s Angels.

Never too far away. The people carriers - much like Russian Roulette.

Boys to Men

The Bead Collector

Always a smile on the street - you just have to look

Cowboy boots in Main Street - couldn’t resist

All the other kid’s with the pumped up kicks

Chillaxing, listening to some tumes.

Some of the Hotties downtown.

So.....I was thinking

This guy was so chiiled.

So as I was saying.... this is a very different Scarface

This colourful character we found in Strand Street

Reminded me of Oliver. These 3 bought 1 hotdog and shared it between them.

And this was Oliver......Not really


....And his Texi

Having a braai downtown Strand Street

Caught this guy sleeping in his slow or what?

Everything is Shup Bra!

Off to support...not sure who tho!

Sometimes you see something different

Yes....saw this at the GRANARY market...

...and these were just outside.

Bicycles....once you start looking for them......they are everywhere

Some random shots in Stanley Street

Some more shots in Stanley Str.

Yesssss....What’s up in Stanley street?

Met this guy at the Dolphin Rally - Made awesome bangles

Sometimes you can catch tthe light and shadows just right.

It says “Open Daily”, but it looked like she was telling him, “We’re Closed!”

One afternoon T Hobie Beach.

Tiny shoes..


Candid Street Photography  

Street portraits

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