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Ketan... I Dashing in handmade clothes cornering the women alcohol on your breath the glittering knife loosely held in your darkened hands raucous laughter echoes in the street as your malicious laugh fills my ears your idle threats still ringing true death to all who cross your path

II Idle threats fall from your lips your knife clatters to the dusty floor the lights flicker darkening your mood pealing away coated layers spilling your secrets as you proclaim the truth

III Troubled breaths escape in puffs of smoke filling the in-between with words best left unsaid... muddled thoughts spilling to the streets

as your sperm coats my lips IV Pavement well-worn covered in snow your footsteps hushed barely there, your fingers graze my lips shushing me once and for all your glittering knife slipping between my ribs voices caught in mid scream my blood splattered against Armani marking the snow V Disharmonized bells rang in the distance as we tumbled along downing the scotch swiped from the cupboard our laughter alit as we emerged unscathed from brambles our hands held high the deed is done our cheeks are red VI Ashes burned in the streets curdling the screams as smoke rose from your lips your hands about my hips pulling me close breathing hard forcing me down bruising my knees ending my life


A jolted memory guided on an image

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