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Promises of The Guaranteed Online Income Scam has caused many individuals turning to the internet as a source of income to totally distrust and become skeptical of the overall legitimacy of any web based business. You cannot imagine how many times I have heard during my conversations by those looking for an internet business that they have spent thousands of dollars and numerous hours working an online opportunity that came with a promise, only to lose their entire investment and never come close to breaking even. How can there be so many opportunities that promise, or highly suggest, that if you follow a simple step-by-step process that requires little or no experience or effort allows you to reap a significant income on autopilot if they are just a scam? Well that is the million dollar question and I can assure you that there are many earning a substantial income by creating and marketing these opportunities. Well if you are going to continue reading this article I suggest that you set your ego and hurt feelings aside so you can come to grips with the reality of the situation. First of all let me ask, if you possessed the secret to unlock unfathomable riches on the internet how much would you sell it for? Would you continue earning a substantial income without sharing this well kept secret or would you make it available to everyone and anybody who is willing to pay for it? I can honestly tell you that it would be very honorable and humanitarian of you to share this highly sought after information with those of us who have struggled in this endeavor. If you did possess this, would you sell it at a premium or would you give it away for $49 or even $297, when you are earning $5k per week, or $125K per month with this system. If you are being honest, the answered would be a resounding NO! Corporations and individuals are willing to pay a premium to gain access to information that will grow their market presence and substantially increase their bottom lines. These individuals/consultants who are able to properly market, restructure, increase sales, reduce overhead and corner the market for those desiring this outcome, earn millions or at least high 6 figures per year and they usually don't offer their services pro bono to struggling corporations or individuals. So are you still feeling ripped off, or is this coming into the light for you? Why would somebody offer you the Ultimate Secret or $49 and then charge a $50 per month membership fee to keep you updated on any new vital information that will increase your earnings and then only offer it to the first 1000 folks who sign up?

Do the math my friends. 1000 x $49 = $49,000 and $1,000 x $50 per month = $50,000 per month. Guess what, they now are generating on average $4k per month in direct sales and a whopping $50,000 in residual income. Last time I looked that adds up to $649,000 annually. All the above can be accomplished in less than 60-90 days because these entrepreneurs set a hard, but flexible, stop date on the offer. It comes with the added incentive of receiving bonuses materials worth thousands of dollars for free if you act immediately. This is just marketing, whether you believe it or not, but is not a dishonest statement and this is how they are making the claims of earning the advertised dollar amount on their sites. Now let us take a step back and focus more on you. There are many individuals who are close to desperation in finding a source to earn enough income to pay their bills and eat in our current economic state and don't have a substantial amount of discretionary funds to invest in a business opportunity. I know, because I was there 6 months ago. So they check their common sense at the door and buy into the dream that for $49 they will be given the secret loophole formula with instructions on how to unlock the internet cash vault and begin to earn $5K, $10K or even $128K per month in a short period of time. Unfortunately these are valid strategies and methods to earn online. The low cost programs are a great starting point for those new to online marketing. They provide you with the basic trainings and tools so you can embark on your online journey to income generation. If everyone followed the step by step plan and actually made an effort to study the provided trainings they would have more than likely turned a buck or two. The real issue lies in our need for immediate satisfaction. Instead of treating this like a business, which it is, and expecting that it will take time to set up, work, cultivate and learn how to properly market the venture online, we treat it like an ATM transaction. We deposit our funds, pay for the product, and then expect it to start spitting out dollars tomorrow. Well in most cases it doesn't work that way. To save yourself the headache and frustration of a failed online business attempt, come into the situation with the proper expectations and this is especially true if you are new to online ventures. Expect that it is going to require a slightly more significant investment then $249, it will require a time investment to set up, cultivate, work and learn how to properly marketing online, along with a strong work ethics and patients while the business matures, for it to be successful. I know you wouldn't expect to pay $249 and $49 a month to own and operate a cash cow like a McDonald's would you? I know the example is a little absurd, but so is the expectation of investing $0 or a small amount for a business opportunity that is going to turn out $1,000 per week on auto pilot with little or no effort. The internet is a valid way to make money. It can be fun and rewarding and the best part is the sky is the limit. The internet is creating new millionaires every day. You can be one of these entrepreneurs, but you must overcome the urge to leap in head first without doing your due diligence. To make a sound business decision, speak to someone live. Find out what the total cost of

ownership is and ask them to see the system in action. Most any online business worth its salt will allow the sponsor to give you a live look for free prior to investing a nickel. Then at the very least create a business plan to outline your short and long term financial goals so you can measure your progress. I am sorry if you were truly ripped off, because that is just not right and it gives the 99% honest online entrepreneurs a bad name. It is very hard not to get caught up in the hype, but if you can overcome this first obstacle you will begin to lay the foundation for long term internet success. Good luck and prosper.

Chris is a former sales director with a proven track record of success leading sales teams and organizations. He is a leader and mentor in the internet based business arena. If you want to learn more about Chris or how you can make a legitimate income from a home based business, take a look at Ultimate Wealth

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==== ==== Hello from Craig Stringham, ==== ====

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