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Missus D WINTER始11

Missus D

I first picked up the crochet hook in 2007 while working as an English teacher in Japan to dispel boredom. Then when we moved to Germany, it became a way to return to my designer roots. The journey since then has been nothing short of fun. Much of my work stems from observations of things that are amusing, humourous, geeky, weird, sureal and generally off-beat. Enjoy!


One Eye Alien Egg Warmers An expedition on the Planet 1BD-i revealed the curious species that exist on that planet and gave inspiration to its name. One of the curious fauna were the One Eye Slugs. Missus D was inspired by these funny creatures and used them as an inspiration to make egg warmers.

One Eye Alien Plants Vegetation from the Planet 1BD-i. This is a prime example of flora on that planet. The species even comes in different eye colours. It loves looking at yuo intently and providing interesting company to you at work.

Cthulhu Egg Warmers Cthulhus are objects of fascination. They have been depicted as fearsome and majestic in some cases, cute and bumbling in others. In this case, all this cthulhu wants to do is warm your eggs on a Sunday morning.

Robot Egg Warmers

They are a few examples of the many robots who helped make the expedition to Planet 1BD-i possible. Now commemorated in the form of egg warmers.

All Missus D’s creations are handmade individually by herself using premium quality yarns with original Missus D patterns. This ensures that each piece is truly one of a kind and a genuine product of her imagination.

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